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A Company Display module is a page where you can add information on sponsors or exhibitors which are relevant to the event. The profiles will appear on one page as a list, with a picture for each – usually their logo, which when clicked takes you to a page dedicated solely to that company with further information.

To add a company profile you can either add them one by one manually or do a bulk upload. This will need to be done through the library section – companies, rather than builder.

We usually recommend adding most of the companies through an import and then making smaller edits through the CMS manually.

Companies List  #

This lists the current Companies added to the CMS. Here you can add a new company, export the companies spreadsheet and remove companies. The video below explains this in a little more detail. 


Company Import & Export #

The companies can be bulk imported via the spreadsheet. Here is a video on how to do this along with guidelines below.

Download the Example Template and the Excel file will appear in your downloads

Open up the file and you will see a whole list of columns with fields which can be populated with various bits of information on the companies. Anything with an asterisk is a required field. 

Make sure you leave the ID field blank as the CMS will automatically generate a unique ID for each company.

The Company name field is the name of the sponsor/exhibitor. This is limited to 128 characters.

The About column is where further information about each company can be added.

The email column is for any email address which is linked to the company. Don’t add individual’s email addresses here without their consent because everyone on the app will be able to see it! A generic email address is much better.

The address column is for the address of the company. 

The phone number column is for any phone number associated with the company. Again, this is better to keep generic if possible. 

The Location column can be the name of a place or linked to a pindropped area on a map. The map must be pindropped before it can be added here.             

The Logo Image Url is where logos relating to the company can be added. Either the company logo can be added to the CMS and the url pasted into this column, or drag and dropped into the individual profiles within the CMS. The dimensions should be around 600 px (w) by 338 px (h) and can be resized in photoshop.

The website column is where the company website url can be added. You’ll need to include either http:// or https://             

The representatives column is where you can link individuals to the company profile. They must be added to the people profile first and then their unique alias can be downloaded from the CMS and pasted into this column to link up.

Documents can be linked to companies but must be added to the documents library on the CMS manually first. You can do this by Libraries – Documents and then dragging and dropping the right documents in. You can link these to companies on your spreadsheet by clicking the clipboard button next to the document in the document library. This will copy the ID which you can then paste into the spreadsheet.

Company Groups Fields & Customs Fields #

You also have the ability to group the company profiles. The group must be added in the CMS first but can then be copied and pasted into the right column on the spreadsheet. Each company can be added to multiple groups as long as there is a comma between them.

Here is a video on how to add company groups and custom fields via the spreadsheet.


To add a group, go to libraries – companies – group – add a group. 

There are also various social media links which can be added to the profiles. These are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google plus. You will need the user handle rather than the whole url.

Once the spreadsheet is populated you can upload it to the CMS via the import/export tab within the Company Display module and dragging and dropping your file into it. If the CMS cannot upload it for any reason it will tell you the particular cell(s) which have the error. 

Once uploaded, all of your data will appear in the Company Display module and you are able to amend profiles using the edit pencil icon or delete by clicking the rubbish bin icon. 

If you need to export your data then you can do this by clicking the export button in the import/export tab. Remember if you made edits to this data to keep the ID as the same so that the CMS knows which data to override. 

You also have the option to hide fields so they don’t appear on the front end if they aren’t relevant or add custom fields if needed. 

To hide fields, go to libraries – companies – fields. You can then click on the eye icon to hide any you don’t want to show. Remember this only needs to be done if the field is populated as empty fields won’t show anyway! 

To add a custom field, go to libraries – companies – custom fields. You can then add a field and it gives you a few different options of fields to choose from. Text is for short text fields. Paragraph can be used for longer information. Url is for websites. Within the visibility sections you can choose who can see this field. You also have the option to add various colours to the field. 

Once all of your companies are added through the library section you can then link which ones you would like to show on the company display module. 

Within the builder section, navigate to your company profile. Within the layout section you have the choice of showing which companies show. You can also choose which order they display in. 

Also within the Company Display module you can navigate to the list tab and choose from two options of how the companies display on the front end. 

Company Exhibitor Self Edit Portal #

Our self edit exhibitor portal allows you to invite people to edit their own Company booth assets. Below is a video on how to implement this.

Updated on July 18, 2024
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Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.

Request Pricing and Features Brochure

Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.