An experienced & reassuring pair of hands.

Bring us on board to handle the technical side of your event, and we’ll become an extension of your onsite team before you know it.

Our success manager, Sarah, showed us how to set up the features to our liking, customised the home page to our brand perfectly, and their development team made the tiniest adjustments in the platform that no other virtual event platform would do for any client! 11/10 overall experience.

K. Kocinski

Endless Events 

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Onsite technical support

Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Our approach to onsite support is always ‘above and beyond’. We’ll take the tech responsibility off your shoulders, leaving you to focus entirely on your event.

CrowdComms-Onsite Technical

Hybrid Platform & Event App

Our onsite platform and event app specialists will assist you with all the updates that you want to make live during the show. Whether it’s adding a new speaker or sending out an alert, let us handle it for you.

Hybrid Platform & Event App


Our onsite kiosk teams are event support gold! They will ensure your badge printing kiosks are set up and ready to go before doors open and will give your attendees a warm welcome while getting them registered.



We’ll support you with delegate registration and any last-minute attendee changes. As the event organiser, you’re spinning all the plates, and it’s a relief to know that you’ve got back up to deal with the unforeseen.

Registration with CrowdComms Support

Live Polling & Q+A

Let us handle elements such as live polling and Q+A to guarantee session interaction between your speakers and attendees. We’ll work with your AV team to ensure that audience questions and poll results can be shared when required.

CrowdComms-Live Polling & Q+A


“Which WiFi network do I connect to?”

“How do I download the app?”

“I can’t login, can you help?”…

The inevitable set of questions that your attendees will come to you with onsite, that, let’s be honest, you could really do without. We’ll be there to help your attendees get connected, access the content and interact with your event as smoothly as can be.

We’ll also assist your sponsors and exhibitors with lead capture queries, ensuring they can maximise their ROI and focus on conversations with leads and prospects.

The technology worked perfectly, and it was really helpful to have the CC team on hand to answer any user questions. We loved working with the whole team; they were so friendly and quickly became part of the family.

J. Maybour


Attendance Tracking

Our onsite support teams can help you with your session and attendance tracking, enabling you to quickly check what’s happening on the floor. Whatever you need to know, we can ensure you’re aware of all the stats and facts.

CrowdComms-Attendance Tracking

Just let us know when and where, and we’ll be there, making sure you and your attendees are properly supported.

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