Event Tech Case Studies

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If CrowdComms are in the running to support you in delivering your next event (which, we really hope we are), you might find it useful to see why event, marketing, HR and communications professionals love working with us, and what it is that keeps our clients coming back year after year.

If you’ve got an upcoming event on the horizon, you’ll need a suite of event technology to:

  • Enhance the attendee experience,
  • Make your job as an organiser a whole lot easier and
  • Provide analytics to share with key stakeholders.

You may be looking to switch to alternative provider, or this may be the first time that you’ve sourced event tech.

Either way, once you’ve found possible event tech partners, how can you decide whether they really will be the best fit for your event objectives and whether their team ethos will merge seamlessly with yours?

If CrowdComms are in the running to support you in delivering your next event (which we really hope we are), you might find it useful to see why event, marketing, HR and communications professionals love working with us and what it is that keeps our clients coming back year after year.

You’re very welcome to check out our individual event tech case studies on this page. Alternatively, for more of an at-a-glance overview, have a read below to find the case study that best aligns with your event and event needs.

Single Tech Solutions

Event App

CrowdComms In-Person Event App

CrowdComms’ event app provides event planners and attendees with a smart and intuitive mobile app that delivers a personalised event experience for every user.

These are some of our recent client experiences with our Mobile Event App:

1. Memcom Annual Conference

The Event: attended by 350 delegates onsite at London’s Bishopgate, the Memcom annual conference brought together senior leaders from the professional membership sector.

The Requirement: a custom solution that would provide attendees with access to key event information, but without overwhelming them with too many features.

The Solution:  CrowdComm’s Mobile Event App supported by a dedicated onsite team. We customised our flexible event app to support the key aim of peer collaboration. A centralised agenda with links to event information and modules ensured attendees had a clear focal point from which to explore event content.

Memcom Feedback: “The CrowdComms app simplified the experience for our attendees and us.”

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2. IoIC Festival

The Event: an intimate and vibrant onsite event with 120 attendees, held at Goosedale in Nottingham. The Institute of Internal Communications is a professional body that promotes and supports the highest standards of internal comms. 

The Requirement: the IoIC needed a reliable mobile app with the flexibility to respond to any last-minute changes and updates.  With great communication as the central theme, the app had to be easy to navigate via an intuitive user interface.

The Solution:  supported by a dedicated onsite team Crowdcomms provided a custom-designed mobile app, with stunning event branding, that was available to download prior to the event. The app accommodated last-minute speaker changes and notified attendees in real-time via in-app notifications.

IoIC Feedback: “The team in the lead-up to the event were amazing. We almost didn’t need the onsite support as the back-end build was fantastic (although, we were glad CrowdComms were there, just in case)!”

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3. INSOL Europe Annual Congress

The Event: held in Dublin and attended by nearly 500 delegates, the INSOL annual conference brought together professionals from around the world who specialise, or have a vested interest in, insolvency and business reconstruction and recovery.

The Requirement:  accessibility and sustainability were key to every element of the event. INSOL were looking for an event app that would reduce the event’s carbon footprint and be accessible across both mobile and desktop devices.

The Solution:  CrowdComms delivered a comprehensive Progressive Web App that enabled every attendee to access event info from any device. From event agendas to networking sessions, the app provided attendees with everything they needed – which reduced waste by removing the need for printed material.

IoIC Feedback: “Everyone loved the app. We’ll be using it again for our next event.”

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4. Insomnia Gaming Festival

The Event: a community focused event, the Insomnia Gaming Festival has been delivering immersive and engaging experiences to the gaming community for 23 years.  Attended by over 2,000 gaming enthusiasts, the event has grown to include an expo, live competitions and cosplay. The 2022 event was held over four days in Birmingham’s premier events and entertainment venue, The NEC.

The Requirement: with a technological savvy attendee base, a fast, reliable and beautifully branded event app was a must. The event’s size and scale meant attendees needed a comprehensive mapping feature, plus a flexible CMS, that could accommodate an agenda that was guaranteed to evolve as competitions and games completed early or late.

The Solution: CrowdComms’ Mobile Event App delivered interactive mapping that gave attendees access to a virtual event floor that they could navigate at the touch of a button. The event app’s speedy processing meant the raft of exciting updates could be communicated to attendees in real-time via in-app notifications.

Insomnia Gaming Feedback: “‘The CrowdComms support is amazing. You’re always quick to jump on and sort out any problems.  You’re all absolutely lovely people to work with.”

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Badge-Printing Kiosks

The CrowdComms’ badge printing kiosks provide quick and contactless badging for events. Compact, lightning-fast and brandable, registering attendees and printing badges couldn’t be any smoother.

These are some of our recent client experiences with our award-winning kiosk and badge-printing solutions.

1. AntiConLXGlobal

The Event: LXA (Learning Experience Alliance) specialise in delivering innovative educational experiences for the sales, marketing and tech industries. Their London AntiConLX Global took a playful approach to this industry event by creating a dynamic and engaging environment for attendees to upskill, network, knowledge share, and explore career and business opportunities

The Requirement:  with event branding incredibly important to LXA, they needed a stress-free registration and badge-printing solution that could be custom designed to mirror AntiConLXGlobal’s unique event brand, and capable of processing over 1,000 attendees’ arrival – without breaking a sweat! 

The Solution:  our super-efficient kiosks printed event badges in moments, while our onsite team provided additional support to attendees who needed a bit of extra help. We worked closely with LXA to ensure every piece of hardware and software carried the event’s branding.

LXA Feedback: “”We curate a recommended supplier list after each event, and you have been at the top of the list every year!”  

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Hybrid Events

Our Event Platform is geared for all event formats from the get-go. With our truly hybrid-ready software, you can relax in the knowledge that your virtual and in-person event audiences are both having a great experience.

These are some of our recent client experiences with our Hybrid Event Platform:

1. British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy Winter Staff Day

The Event: The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) holds an annual Winter Staff Day to bring its people together to celebrate the year’s achievements.

The Requirement:  held after the pandemic, BACP wanted an event that would include in-person attendees and people who couldn’t travel, or who were unable to travel due to ongoing COVID concerns.  With an emphasis on celebration, the event needed to be fun and engaging for every attendee.

The Solution:  CrowdComms created a hybrid event that included high-quality streaming to enhance remote attendees’ experience. Interactive breakout rooms, live chat and real-time Q&A meant in-person and remote attendees could engage with each other in a lively and dynamic online environment.

BCAP Feedback: “We decided to bring in industry professionals [CrowdComms] to show everyone what hybrid events could really offer.” 

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2. The Green Party Autumn Conference

The Event: The UK’s Green Party Conference was held in Harrogate and attended by over 800 in-person and virtual delegates.

The Requirement:  as the Party’s key annual event the Autumn Conference includes the AGM. The organisers therefore needed an engaging and reliable hybrid platform that would not only deliver a seamless experience to in-person and remote attendees, but also support an intuitive and secure voting platform.

The Solution:  CrowdComms delivered a hybrid event platform that supported accessible event content for every attendee. The platform included a bespoke and secure proxy voting feature that meant attendees could easily vote from within the platform.  

The Green Party Feedback: “Voting was brilliant. The user experience was fantastic and allowed us to be very inclusive.” 

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3. Peatland Pavilion at COP26

The Event: co-hosted by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), as a key element of UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), the Peatland Pavilion was held in Glasgow Scotland to provide focus on peatland policy, research, practice, and innovation.

The Requirement:  wanting to make the event accessible to as many people as possible from around the world, the IUCN made the Peatland Pavilion a 12-day hybrid event. As it was their first time delivering a high profile hybrid event, the event organisers needed a robust and reliable platform that would also deliver content-on-demand post event.

The Solution:  with our extensive virtual and on-site experience, CrowdComms’ hybrid solution included an expert on-site team that managed the live stream for the event’s entirety. Our remote team managed the event platform to provide timely content updates and attendee support.

IUCN Feedback: “We wouldn’t have tackled COP26 in the same way without the support provided. CrowdComms has the winning formula.” 

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Virtual Events

The CrowdComms’ Virtual Event Platform really does offer limitless possibilities. Fully customisable, robust and secure with accessibility woven into every element, create memorable experiences that your audiences will thank you for.

These are some of our recent client experiences with our Virtual Event Platform:

1. Shine Connect: Shine Cancer Support and The Turner Agency

The Event:  created by Shine Cancer Support, the UK’s only non-profit dedicated to supporting young adults with cancer, Shine Connect is a one-day conference attended by young adults with cancer – their families, carers, partners and healthcare professionals. The event was managed by The Turner Agency (TTA), event organisers who specialise in staging events for clients in the corporate, healthcare and non-profit sectors.

The Requirement: as many of the people supported by Shine are immuno-compromised, the charity and TTA needed a comprehensive and high-quality virtual event solution that would engage attendees while keeping them safe.

The Solution:  with Zoom embedded into our virtual event platform, attendees could enjoy a fully interactive event experience that supported active participation. The content-on-demand library gave attendees post-event access to catch-up on missed sessions or revisit their favourites.  CrowdComms’ flexible and simple CMS meant TTA and Shine Connect could adapt the platform to create custom content and features, with our support team on-hand to deliver any additional help and guidance.

TTA Feedback: “Every time we had a question, you had an exceptionally quick response time. We love that you gave us recommendations and were there to guide us.” 

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2. Stonewater’s Annual Virtual Colleague Event

The Event:  a leading social housing provider, Stonewater’s annual colleague event brings together 700 of its people to celebrate achievement and share plans for the organisation’s strategic direction.

The Requirement: with many of its people working remotely, Stonewater needed a virtual event solution that would support a flexible event experience where attendees could move between sessions and enjoy a high level of engagement. As celebration was a key element, Stonewater also wanted to be able to hide specific content to reveal and surprise and attendees during the event!

The Solution: CrowdComms created a bespoke virtual event solution that met Stonewater’s specific requirements.

Stonewater’s Feedback: “The CrowdComms platform is so user-friendly. The rating from our attendees was much higher than last year’s event with a different provider!”.

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3. Global Trade Review

The Event: Global Trade Review (GTR) provides in-depth news, analysis, events and services to over 90 countries across a range of sectors including, trade, export, financial risk and insurance. Their Global Trade Review virtual event would engage trade investors from around the world.

The Requirement: while attendees participated remotely, the speakers would broadcast from a single location in London.  GTR, therefore not only needed a world-class virtual event platform, but they also required a provider who could manage the AV and broadcasting from the speakers’ studio. 

The Solution: working closely with the GTR team, CrowdComms created a broadcast-quality streaming solution that delivered an exceptional event experience to remote attendees.  With the speakers present in the same room, there was a lively and dynamic energy to the presentations that helped engage attendees from start to finish.

Global Trade Review’s Feedback: “The set-up and technical expertise were outstanding. CrowdComms managed everything – lighting, cameras and production. It felt like such a smooth process with such great communication.”.

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4. Glasshouse Fragrances Product Launch

The Event: international fragrance house, Glasshouse, were scheduled to launch a new eau de parfum to its retailers and resellers. Ordinarily this would take place via a series of in-person events, however, as the launch took place in the middle of the pandemic Glasshouse needed an alternative solution. 

The Requirement:  a virtual event launch was the safest and most practical option for Glasshouse. However, with scent being key to the launch success the team needed a virtual event solution that could overcome a significant sensory barrier.

The Solution: CrowdComms worked with Glasshouse to produce a vibrant and dynamic virtual event that could convey the spirit of the fragrance. We also created a virtual stream that allowed Glasshouse to mix live content with pre-recorded video for a seamless presentation that was broadcast without any technical hitches.

Glasshouse’s Feedback: “Working with CrowdComms was fantastic.  We’ve done a couple of events now and I’ve given them different scenarios each time.  They’ve always been able to adapt the platform to meet our needs”

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Multi-Tech Solutions

CrowdComms Event Technology SuiteFor over a decade we have developed and delivered innovative, intuitive and cost-effective event tech solutions that are trusted by thousands of event planners around the globe. Our suite of end-to-end technology works seamlessly together, meaning you have one less thing to worry about on event day.

These are some recent client experiences using a range of CrowdComms technology:

1. The UK Stroke Forum

The Event: an in-person event organised by the Stroke Association and attended by 1600 delegates at the ACC in Liverpool, UK.  As a professional education conference, the UK Stroke Forum brought together stroke care professionals from around the country to network and hear from expert speakers.

The Requirement: UK Stroke Forum organisers needed an event tech solution that could process a large number of attendee badges on arrival and seamlessly link with an interactive app to deliver all the event information needed.

The Solution:  CrowdComm’s Mobile Event App and badge printing kiosks. Our seamless kiosk and event app technology was supported by CrowdComms’ onsite team who were able to help UK Stroke Forum organisers by assisting attendees with kiosk and app queries.

Stroke Association Feedback: “The kiosks worked brilliantly, and the CrowdComms team quickly became part of our team.”

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2. Advancing Prefabrication

The Event: managed by event and research experts Hanson Wade, the Advancing Prefabrication conference was a four-day event attended by over 1,000 in-person attendees at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona, US.  This thought leadership conference focused on the architecture, engineering and construction supply chain.

The Requirement: having previously worked with printed event information material, Hanson Wade wanted to deliver a digital version that could be updated in real-time and give attendees a more interactive and flexible event agenda.  

The Solution: CrowdComms delivered a beautiful-looking event app with a personalised agenda, networking and interactive sessions. The app had a seamless connection to our fully branded registration and badge-printing kiosks, ensuring each attendee’s event access was smooth and fast!

Hanson Wade’s Feedback: “We needed to give 1000+ attendees real-time updates and have the flexibility to make changes. The app gives us this functionality while being a great eco-friendly solution.”  

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3. SimplySUMMIT

The Event: Organised by internal communications experts, simplycommunicate, the simplySUMMIT event has a 15-year history of helping organisations develop more effective internal communications, including how to best utilise relevant technology and systems.

The Requirement: with simplycommunicate having a global membership, a key objective for the summit was accessibility and inclusivity. A hybrid event that would bring in-person and remote attendees together for discussion and debate.  It was also important that the in-person event was as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

The Solution:  CrowdComms’ reliable and flexible Hybrid Event Platform connected the global and in-person attendees, enabling them to participate together through platform features such as live polling and real-time Q&A. Onsite, our badge-printing kiosks delivered plastic-free badges with minimal waste.

simplycommunicate’s Feedback: “Engagement built easily – everyone was able to participate on a level playing field.”

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4. Executive Leaders’ Network – Conference Series

The Event: providing a wide range of events for sales, marketing and operations professionals, the Executive Leaders’ Network (ELN), helps organisations engage with client needs and objectives. The ELN’s conference series was a set of events dedicated to specific areas of expertise such as tech, finance and procurement.

The Requirement: while the event comprised a series of individual events, there needed to be commonalities in function, features, and attendee experience. ELN were looking for a provider who could deliver a comprehensive event app that could be updated easily and quickly for each event, plus a slick and eco-friendly onsite badge-printing solution that would process check-in for 250 attendees each day.

The Solution:  CrowdComms’ flexible Mobile Event App was perfect for this unique series of events. Supporting the necessary adjustments across each event, the app was also able to easily accommodate last-minute changes and notify attendees via real-time pop-ups. A seamless link to our onsite badge-printing kiosks ensured data flowed to the event app, removing the need for separate log-ins and dual information entry.

ELN’s Feedback: “We could make changes off-site and be in control, not having to leave it down to the on-site team who had other things to focus on.”

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In Summary

Our bite-sized case study library shows you how our single-solution and multi-solution event tech can be utilised across a wide range of events, both local and international. Our award-winning technology is backed by exceptional service that delivers the support you need, whether onsite or online.

Our friendly team are always available to talk to you about your next event and how CrowdComms can help you achieve an outstanding event experience for your attendees and stakeholders.

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