Stonewater’s Annual Virtual Colleague Event

“The CrowdComms platform is so user-friendly. The rating from our attendees was much higher than last year’s event with a different provider!”

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About Stonewater

Stonewater is a leading social housing provider. Their mission centres around delivering good quality, affordable homes to people who need them most. Currently, Stonewater manages around 34,000 homes in England for over 76,000 customers. Not only are they committed to building a minimum of 1,500 new homes a year from 2022/23 but they also stand by their pledge to provide housing that is energy efficient and are pro-actively working towards Government’s targets for carbon neutrality.

The Event

Every year, Stonewater delivers an internal event to showcase their achievements over the last 12-months and to present staff with the organisation’s future and direction of travel. The importance of this event revolves around bringing over 700 colleagues together, many of whom work virtually, to celebrate efforts and clarify aims moving forward.

This was the first time that Stonewater had brought CrowdComms in to manage the delivery of their virtual event and this collaboration came about after significant platform research on their part. Having worked with us previously for an in-person event where features such as live polling and a bespoke platform had won over the crowds, this was a great opportunity to work together again.

“We used a different provider for our last virtual event. CrowdComms trumped it in every way.”

Stonewater virtual event platform powered by CrowdComms

Boosting Engagement through Technology

Due to platform restrictions with their previous event software provider, which hampered attendee movement during the event, Stonewater were keen to see a significant improvement in terms of attendee engagement and fluidity between the different virtual experiences.

By using the CrowdComms platform, not only were delegates able to move around the sessions, but attendees were also able to have early access to the event agenda and pre-event features. Opening registration in advance allowed for any user-related, technical queries to be dealt with promptly and enabled the event to run smoothly and without any difficulties.

The Stonewater event needed to emulate a feeling of collectiveness, family and celebration. The ability to hide certain features and content, in order to provide surprises, was high on their list of must-haves and a component that can be easily configured into the platform.

The CrowdComms’ Difference

The flexibility and adaptability of the CrowdComms platform enabled Stonewater to build out the event that they had in their mind. Problems that they encountered previously with other suppliers were solved due to our ever-evolving innovative technology. We have client experience at the forefront of our minds, and it was heartening to hear how successfully, from a customer and attendee perspective, the event was received.

…and of course, the CrowdComms’ special brand of we’ve-got-your-back-support was heavily appreciated.

“We felt 100% supported. We could tell it was a busy time for you guys as well, but the service we received didn’t suffer at all. We felt the service was great.”

A massive thank you to Stonewater for providing us with their feedback for this case study. To find out more about them, you can check out their website, here.

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