Executive PA Conference and Miss Jones Expo: One Mobile Event App Facilitating Two Distinct Event Agendas

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"Using the CrowdComms Event App was like having our own event website."

About Executive PA Forum

Executive PA Forum champions and empowers Executive and Personal Assistants and business support professionals through training and networking opportunities. It brings together thought leaders and knowledgeable trainers who offer uplifting, inspiring and compelling learning experiences to ensure its community members can reach their fullest potential and thrive.  

About the Events

The Executive PA Summit and Miss Jones Expo, while being two separate events, were both designed for Executive and Personal Assistants and therefore were the perfect partnership to deliver training and development as well as providing an expo for attendees to discover new and exciting venues and suppliers.  

The CPD-accredited Executive PA Summit is the flagship annual two-day event focused on training, development and networking opportunities. It draws a huge crowd owing, in part, to the fact that it is the only event of its kind held in Ireland. With over 10,000 members in its LinkedIn network, this high-profile event creates the perfect opportunity for Executive PAs to come together, network and enjoy the wide range of compelling sessions on offer.  

The Miss Jones Expo was launched in Ireland in 2023 by Executive PA Forum & Miss Jones as a response to demand for an event centred around venue and suppliers and to help Executive and Personal Assistants grow their ‘Little Black Books’. The expo, held during the evening, had an upbeat feel with networking opportunities woven amongst competitions, prize-giving, and of course, the opportunity for attendees to visit exhibitor stands in order to make connections with potential new solutions and suppliers.  

As the organisers of the two events needed a robust and easy-to-use Event App that catered for both audiences in the same platform, they chose to partner with CrowdComms, and we’re thrilled that they did! As well as key features such as Meeting Booking and Business Card Exchange, the CrowdComms Mobile Event App offers module privacy and personalised agendas, which easily paved the way for the two events to keep their own identities while at the same time, allowing attendees to access all the event information in one place.   

The decision to partner with CrowdComms was influenced by an initial experience, at an earlier event, with our sleek and efficient registration kiosks. With their lightning-fast printing capabilities and branding options, we often find that these are real head-turners and get the conversations flowing from the very beginning of the event.  

Executive PA Conference and Miss Jones Expo Powered by the CrowdComms Mobile Event App

Two Distinct Events, One Mobile Event App

“The app is amazing for engagement and connectivity.”  

Having two events in one fully branded event app transformed complexity into simplicity for attendees and organisers alike. With user-friendly features and an intuitive design, navigating the platform and accessing both event agendas was a smooth experience. During the conference, Q&A was used to good effect, allowing attendees to submit their questions directly to the speakers anonymously. This contributed to the flow of the presentation and encouraged lively discussion and connection between the audience and those presenting. Similarly, Polling was utilised to quickly gain opinions, which were delivered back to the audience in real-time to fuel further conversation.   

All of this culminated in a competition run through the platform’s Gamification module. Participants could keep track of their scores on the public leaderboard and complete their various challenges to stay ahead of the pack and ultimately win the coveted prizes! 

Not only did the exhibitors attending the Miss Jones Expo have a physical stand, but they also had a virtual presence in the Event App in the form of personalised exhibitor booths. Self-serve booths offer branded exhibitor and sponsor spaces for attendees to visit and engage with. Virtual business cards can be swapped within the app and left at exhibitor booths to be downloaded after the event, enabling a seamless way of managing those important connections.  

CrowdComms Registration and Badging Kiosks
Credit: ARMedia

Registration and Badging Kiosks – The Ultimate Time Saver 

As it was our well-renowned Registration and Badging kiosks that first led the event organisers to CrowdComms, it seemed only fitting that the kiosks supported both the Executive PA Forum and Miss Jones Expo to ensure that registration was a smooth, sleek and seamless experience for all involved.  

Having a hassle-free solution to cater for last-minute registrations and to give event organisers the ability to move beyond the days of trestle tables of badges and the pressure of the 10-minute name hunt is always a game changer – both in terms of initial experience for attendees and the lowering of stress levels for the event team. Not to mention, the futuristic design and branding options available serve to elevate the overall aesthetic of the event, leaving a lasting impression for all attendees.  

Award-Winning Support

“The support was invaluable, and as a first-time app user, I might have otherwise been overwhelmed.” 

At CrowdComms, we understand the significance of providing unwavering support to our clients throughout their event journey, something that was greatly appreciated by the organising team behind the Executive PA Forum and Miss Jones Expo.  

To ensure the event organisers felt extra-confident in using the technology, we created a library of concise video tutorials for each platform feature that they wanted to incorporate into their event. We pride ourselves on the intuitive nature of our CMS and how easy it is for even the least tech-savvy to have an enjoyable experience building out the back end of their event platform. We appreciate that as an organiser, you are keeping a lot of plates spinning and anything we can do to take the pressure off, we will!  

Our support doesn’t end in the virtual realm; we also have a dedicated onsite team available to welcome your attendees and to address any registration, login or technical challenges that may present themselves during the event.  

“Onsite support was fantastic. The CrowdComms team were immediately available to help with whatever we needed.” 

Thank you so much to the organisers of the Executive PA Forum and Miss Jones Expo for providing us with their feedback for this case study.  

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