Badge Printing & Registration

Quick and contactless badging for events.

Get your in-person events off to a flying start. Compact, lightning-fast and brandable, registering attendees and printing badges couldn’t be any smoother.

Professional event registration

Positive first impression: sorted.

Tall, elegant and futuristic, our kiosks look fantastic and offer extra space for event or sponsor branding.

Our onsite support team will be there with you at registration to ensure that everything runs smoothly and provide a friendly face to welcome your delegates.

On-demand badge printing

With self-service, on-demand printing, attendees can quickly and effortlessly print their badges when they arrive at your event. It’s time to say goodbye to the days of badges displayed on trestle tables and the 10-minute name hunt.

CrowdComms-On-demand badge printing

Customisable badges

Badge design can be fully tailored to your event. Coupled with branded lanyards, the sight of sponsors and attendees wearing your event’s branding as they walk the floor looks incredible and provides the perfect set-up for your professional event photographer. 

contactless badging solution from CrowdComms

Sustainable badging

Looking to reduce plastic? So are we. Our pouchless badge options remove the need for unnecessary plastic (and cost!), whilst still retaining the professional look and feel of quality event badging.

CrowdComms-Sustainable badging

Contactless registration

Reduce plastic and paper wastage with our contactless registration technology. Using our QR code tech, badge printing is 100% on-demand and touch-free.

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Supporting our clients

Key Features

Infinite badge logic

Whatever flexibility and badging elements you require, we can design and deliver. Multiple designs, colours, fields and personalised agendas, triggered by delegate profile type, enables you to provide an even more customised attendee experience.

Fully customised screen display

Whether you are looking to display key sponsor information, an attendee welcome message or represent your event’s brand, our kiosk screens can be designed as you wish.

Seamless App integration

See your event unfold at the push of a button. Our QR code technology is fully integrated with the CrowdComms Event App functionality. Attendance tracking, lead capture, and real-time data give event organisers a bird's eye view of what’s happening, wherever their location.

CrowdComms-On the day

On the day

Specialist tech support

We know the kiosks (and events!) inside and out. With our onsite teams supporting the registration process at your event, you can relax knowing that we’ve got everything in hand.

Badge amendments on-the-go

Last-minute attendee updates are easily accommodated at the door. Our onsite team can make changes to attendee profiles and badge information while registration is taking place, without the need for unnecessary hold-ups!

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