INSOL Europe Annual Congress: Sustainability and Accessibility at the Forefront with the CrowdComms In-Person Event App

“We’ve eliminated 95% of our printed materials and have moved all of the event information over to the CrowdComms app.”

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INSOL Europe is an organisation of professionals specialising in insolvency and business reconstruction and recovery. With over 1,250 members across 50 countries made up of lawyers, accountants, judges, regulators, academics and bankers, INSOL Europe makes a significant contribution to the work of European and international official bodies on insolvency, bankruptcy and business recovery.  

The INSOL Europe Annual Congress is primarily held to bring members together. Just under 500 attendees descend upon a designated location each year to absorb key content relating to their sector and, most importantly, to meet up, network and share experiences.   

Although their virtual events during the pandemic were well-attended, it was clear that members were eager to get back to in-person experiences. The 2022 Annual Congress in Dublin took place just as lockdown restrictions were eased, and attendees flocked in to take full advantage of face-to-face meetings and to soak up the atmosphere of the sessions.   

Supporting Sustainability & Accessibility

“The alerts are very useful to update people in real-time.  

 ‘Don’t forget the gala dinner tonight!’”    

After thirty previous events, many of which relied upon large amounts of printed materials, INSOL Europe’s move to the CrowdComms event app quickly allowed them to transfer information over to a digital, more flexible format. Alongside the considerable savings in cost and carbon footprint is the ability to allow the agenda and final details to remain fluid for as long as necessary. Last-minute changes can easily be accommodated within the app, with push notifications sent out to delegates who might have been otherwise unaware of alterations in their schedules.   

“80% of the delegates used the app. They didn’t have to download it from the app store, which made it easy to access.”

The organisers at INSOL Europe made good use of this year’s feature releases, including our Progressive Web App (PWA). This feature enables attendees to install your event app directly onto their mobile devices or desktops, ensuring they have everything they need to experience the event at the touch of a button. From the event organiser’s perspective, it also negates the need for lengthy app submissions, which makes it a streamlined and cost-effective way to get your event app straight into your delegates’ hands.    

Easy, Intuitive Back-End  

The event organisers at INSOL Europe were confident to build out the back-end of their event app themselves. The intuitive layout made it easy for them to make changes as necessary, and they appreciated how these were reflected instantly in the front-end. Last-minute alterations to programming and presentations caused no panic as updates were rolled out to attendees as needed, without any lag in timing.   

The CrowdComms Support Team were on hand to implement the customised home page and ensure that the front-end appearance was branded correctly and had all the functionality required.   

The CrowdComms’ Difference

“Everyone loved the app. We’ll be using it again for our next event.”

Despite being very tech-savvy and capable of setting up the back-end of the app themselves, the event organisers still had high expectations and required a tech company that provided a sturdy and robust platform with support always available. It was wonderful to hear that the organisers appreciated the reliability of not only our tech but also our team.  

“CrowdComms are trusty and dependable. The tech doesn’t go offline. It just works.” 

Thank you to INSOL Europe for providing us with their feedback for this case study. Please check out their website if you’d like to learn more about them.

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