The Turner Agency & Shine Cancer Support: A Virtual Event Designed to Bring People Together

"Everyone loved the platform. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive!"

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About The Turner Agency

TTA are specialists in delivering full-service in-person, hybrid and virtual events. They work with forward-thinking global organisations across the healthcare, corporate and non-profit sectors, with the aim of changing minds and lives through immersive events and experiences. With more than thirty years in the industry, TTA’s wide range of skills and talents are relied upon by all manner of national and global corporates, associations and non-profits. With each event, they ensure that both the organisations and participants gain maximum impact through human connection. 

The Event

Shine Cancer Support is the UK’s only non-profit dedicated to building a supportive, empowered community of people in their twenties, thirties and forties living with cancer diagnoses. Together with TTA, they designed and delivered Shine Connect: a national one-day conference, open to any young adult with cancer, plus their family, partners, carers and healthcare professionals. This important flagship conference gives attendees a unique chance to meet and talk candidly with their peers about life, cancer and everything in between.  

During these post-pandemic times, with many of Shine’s community immuno-compromised, the event organisers delivered the conference virtually to ensure that all attendees could safely access the valuable content and network confidently. 

This was the first time that TTA had partnered with CrowdComms to manage the delivery of a virtual event. This partnership was quickly cemented after a few initial conversations with our team and their confidence in our people and ethos.  

A Virtual Platform with Community at the Centre

“The on-demand content library was a big seller for us – attendees who couldn’t make a particular session could watch when it was convenient.”

With community being the event’s primary focus, ease of use, flexibility, and accessibility for attendees were crucial factors. The event organisers required Zoom integration, which easily allows people to raise their hands and engage at any point during a session, enhancing the feeling of connectedness and encouraging open communication. As Zoom is baked into the CrowdComms Virtual and Hybrid Event Platform, there’s no need for attendees to venture beyond the security of our technology. By having everything under one roof, sessions flow seamlessly from one to the other with no dip in user experience, which can often be the case with other providers who rely on outside, third-party solutions.  

Giving attendees control over which sessions they would like to attend live and which to enjoy later results in engaged, empowered delegates and an event with greater reach and longevity. Shine Connect’s versatile agenda had dual sessions running for most of the event: attendees were encouraged to register for sessions of interest in advance, but they also had the freedom to change their agendas once the event was running. Any missed sessions or ones that really piqued interest and needed a re-watch could all be found in the library in the content-on-demand section of the platform.  

Self-Build with the Reassurance of Great Support

The CrowdComms Event Platform is renowned for its simple and intuitive CMS, and many of our clients enjoy customising and building out the platform with the features that best suit their event. We never get tired of hearing how effortless it is to import content and the delight at how quickly the changes are reflected in the front end.  

TTA have extensive in-house technical knowledge and felt at ease building their event platform. This gave them valuable insight into the back end of their event and allowed them to tailor the tech to best deliver on their event objectives. While the organisers of Shine Connect had the know-how for the build, it was wonderful to hear how much they valued the support that was available. Our support specialists were on hand throughout to guide the organising team through the CMS and demonstrate the functionality of every feature.  

“Every time we had a question, you had an exceptionally quick response time. We love that you gave us recommendations and were there to guide us.” 

Thank you to The Turner Agency for providing us with their feedback for this case study. To find out more about them, you can check out their website here

"The sense of community and level of online engagement was very positive for Shine Connect 2022, and the platform helped to create a truly seamless experience. We will definitely continue to incorporate virtual elements and digital content into Shine Connect going forward to increase accessibility and extend the impact long after the conference itself.”

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