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Take your employees, members or customers and turn them into a community. Keep your audience informed, give them a voice and create dynamic virtual working spaces for inclusive, remote collaboration. 

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Some of the best communities choose CrowdComms

One platform for your audience community, collaboration and events.

Individual & Group Meetings

Unlimited 1-2-1, group and organisation meetings all housed within a branded and secure platform.

Remote Working & Collaboration

Re-create the serendipitous water-cooler moments with dynamic virtual working and collaboration environments.

Townhalls, Webinars & Events

Stream your webinars and events and make the content available on-demand for those that missed it.

Community platforms for better engagement and collaboration for your audience

Segment & Personalise

Tailor accessible content based on user types such as seniority, department or region. Allow the audience to personalise their experience.

Branding & Customisation

Change the colour palette, upload your fonts and brand imagery to make the platform a true extension of your organisation.

Resources & Collateral

Upload as much content as you need for your audience – whether it’s HR policies, the latest sales collateral or the brand guidelines they ask about.

News & Announcements

Keep people informed on everything they need to know about what’s going on in the organisation or community.

Security & SSO

ISO27001 certified by the British Standards Institute so you know your audience data is safe. Utilise Single Sign-On for ease of access.

Desktop & Mobile-ready

With access via mobile and desktop native apps and across web browsers, the community is with you wherever you go.

Whether it’s for events, remote collaboration or content provision, we’ve got the perfect solution for you to engage with your community.

The platform was designed to fit our branding, it was easy to use for both users and in the back-end and had some fantastic features.

Institute of Internal Communications

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