Exciting New Feature Release: Video-On-Demand Streaming Service

An elegant, responsive, and ultra-organised way to display on-demand video content for attendees to access before, during and after events.

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Virtual event platforms have come a long way in the last two years; the ability to stream live speakers across the world and place them in front of large groups of delegates, interactivity tools that encourage audience participation and enabling attendees to connect with each other through virtual meeting tools are features that we’re all familiar with.

However, if you’ve been looking for a longer-term solution for content accessibility and management, with the ability for delegates to enjoy and interact with video content outside of an event’s streaming times, the options have been seriously lacking.

We’re here to tell you that times are changing.

Let us introduce you to the CrowdComms Video-On-Demand Streaming Service

Our innovative Video-On-Demand Streaming Service brings the functionality and familiarity of video streaming technology alongside real-time session viewing to provide users with an engaging and accessible content hub.

There is the flexibility to choose between two distinct library options, either single scrolling with a main hero video or a more curated tiled option, allowing you to organise and feature videos precisely as you need to. Both formats are designed to promote attendee engagement and provide a high-quality user experience, with a front-end interface that’s seriously eye-catching.

As attendees interact with the library’s media through views and likes, this is reflected in the thumbnails, highlighting popularity and promoting discussion. Along with reporting analytics, this engagement data will provide valuable insight into the type of content that is resonating with your attendees.

The CrowdComms Video-On-Demand Streaming Service will add a whole new level of intuitive navigation to your event, with easily discoverable content, the ability for attendees to engage and the potential for longevity of content after the event has concluded.


We all know that pre-recording your sessions creates great-quality, error-free video content and gives you the option of dropping in post-production, video-enhancing effects.

Our new Simulive feature enables you to pre-record your live stream ahead of time and schedule it to play so that all of your delegates can watch it at the same time, regardless of when they have joined the session and without the need of a tech support team.

Another big bonus of using the Simulive feature is that video content automatically becomes on-demand and available for your attendees to watch (or re-watch!) as soon as the session finishes.

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