The 10 Commandments Of Event App Games (Part 2)

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Read on for The 10 Commandments Of Event App Games, tips 6-10…

6. Choose Prizes Carefully 

We find that prizes participants can use personally tend to provide the most motivation. Something that appeals to the majority is a must. A voucher for a restaurant is a good example and one you could ask the restaurant to donate in return for promotion to your valuable attendees.

If you are running an exhibition game consider asking participating exhibitors to contribute a prize each. If you can’t secure donations good wine or champagne will have mass appeal. You can notify your attendees of any changes via the event app.

Prizes that deliver business value can be cost effective for you offer. For example, if you are an association a year’s membership or a free ticket to next year’s conference could be worth including in your prize list. Whichever prizes you choose, always ask a few people from your target audience if the prizes would motivate them to complete the number of challenges you are planning on including.

7. Give Kudos

The fun of the game for many people is to see their name and photo in lights at the top of the leader board. Your event app will collect and make data available for live display. Make the most of this by displaying the leader board in high traffic areas around the venue or on screen during in the session during walk-ins.

8. Tell Them How It Ends

When running an event app game think about the best time to close it and make sure to communicate the end time to your attendees. If you have more than one participant who finishes on top points, use a draw to pick a winner. The most common approach is to close the game at end of the lunch break on the last day and then do the draw in the exhibition area during the final afternoon tea break.

9. Give Exhibitors Options

If your event app game includes “visit the exhibitor” challenges, give your exhibitors the choice of either displaying the code on their stand or keeping it out of view. A simple way to do this is to have the codes pre-printed with an easy way to attach them to the stands. Then it’s up to the exhibitor to choose. If the code is out of view the attendees will need to ask for it giving the exhibitor the opportunity to engage in conversation with them. If the stand is really busy the exhibitor may prefer to display the code allowing them to continue conversations already in progress with other attendees.

10. Use The Data

Your event app will generate a lot valuable data and will help you measure the success of event outcomes that are often difficult to measure. If you are looking encourage networking for example, the game will give you data on how many interactions between attendees took place. Event organisers are always looking for ways to measure value for exhibitors and the game will provide a measure of how many attendees visited each stand. If your privacy policy allows, give each exhibitor the details of the attendees that visited their stand as an extra value add.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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