Where Should Your Event App Sponsorship Go?

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Your event app gives lots of opportunities for sponsors to showcase their brand. But choosing the right spaces within the app can be tricky. Here’s our guide to help you find the ideal event app sponsorship spot:

  1. The Home Screen

Every event app will have a customisable home screen and this is the most important position within the app for your sponsor’s brand. And  thanks to clever widgets these ads no longer need to be static images.

  1. The Main Menu

The event app main menu is high traffic area, so you will often see a sponsor’s banner ad in this position, either rotating or static. Also, as there are no other visuals in this area your sponsor’s ad has a great opportunity to stand out.

  1. Within The Modules

You can choose to include banner ads at set points throughout your event app through lists of sessions, attendees, speakers and exhibitors.

  1. Sponsored Notifications

As mentioned above, give your sponsors the opportunity to send out their own notifications through the event app. Your attendees can be organised into groups within the app so you can offer your sponsor the opportunity to communicate with different groups via notifications tailored to their interests.

If your event app allows images to be included within notifications, include one. Plain text is so 1999! Remember to preschedule these alerts ahead of time and give yourself one less thing to remember during the event.

  1. The Exhibition Floor Plan

If your event includes a large exhibition, your floor plan will be in high demand. Add your sponsor’s branding close to the title of the floor plan, although make sure it doesn’t interfere with usability.

  1. Live Audience Polling Display

If you are using an event app you are probably utilising the live audience polling within it.  When it comes to sponsorship, adding your event app sponsor’s branding to the results screen is a great way to deliver exposure. All eyes in the room are will be on that screen as they watch the results come in in real time!

  1. Live Display

Does your event app include a Live Display screen feed where app content such as the latest tweets, what’s on now etc. is available for display in on big screens around the venue? If it does this is a golden opportunity for you to include large format sponsor advertising and increase sponsorship revenue in return.

  1. Emails

The uptake of your event app hinges on a few things including the communication strategy to promote it. No doubt an email or a series of emails pre-event will be part of your plan. Take this opportunity to introduce your event app sponsor to attendees.

At the end of the conference attendees can export their session notes, favourite session details, speakers etc. and send the data to themselves as an email. Consider including your event app sponsor within this email template.

  1. Attendee To Attendee Messaging

Most event apps include attendee-to-attendee messaging. This section is usually reserved for attendees’ exclusive use. However as networking is often top priority for sponsors, add sponsorship value by granting your app sponsor’s staff access to this area. An event app allows them to create attendee profiles and send messages to individual attendees.

  1. Event App Games

Event app games are becoming popular as they offer a fun way facilitate learning encourage certain behaviours such as networking with attendees or exhibitors. If you are running a game why not give your event app sponsor the exclusive opportunity to be part of it.

Create check-in style challenges where contestants earn bonus points for visiting your app sponsor’s stand or for attending the sponsor’s presentation.

  1. App Analytics

Give your event app sponsor a well-presented report detailing key statistics post event. If their sponsorship includes a sponsored session you can also give them access to the list of attendees who favourited that session within the event app.

A word of warning though, only do this if you communicate clearly to attendees that their data will be passed on this way and it’s in line with your published privacy policy.

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Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.