CrowdComms Update: Revamped Event App Reporting

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Event analytics are a critical part of an event organiser’s planning process. Event data can be gathered during and after an event. It can include post-event surveys, event app usage, and speaker/information session feedback.

Event app reporting tells event planners what worked and what didn’t. It provides the template to improve future events and respond to the things attendees want and need.

Because we know how important event analytics are to our customers, we’ve been working hard to deliver comprehensive reports that tell planners and organisers what they need to know.

You can now benefit from CrowdComms’ improved event app reporting generated from the Polls and Feedback modules.

This means you now have access to beautifully designed Live Polls, Ask a Question, Session Feedback, and Event Survey reports. The new layout and presentation means the reports are easier to read, digest, and share with key stakeholders.

You can also generate session feedback for a single session, making it easier to share the results with your speakers.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from the PDF Reports:

Creating a New Report

While the new reports are more comprehensive and easier to read, generating them is still easy.

Simply head to the Polls & Feedback Module.  Select the type of report you want to generate (e.g. Session Feedback) and choose from three options: PDF Report, Excel Report, and Excel Data.

Attendee Specific Feedback 

Obtaining attendee specific feedback without compromising personal privacy can be tricky. However, you can now isolate attendee comments from their personal details.

With PDF reports, you now have the option of excluding your attendee or respondent details in the text responses by selecting ‘Anonymise Attendees’. This means is you can share your session feedback with a speaker, including the verbatim comments, without attributing the comments to the attendee who made them.


CrowdComms’ new and improved event app reporting will deliver comprehensive data to event planners and organisers. It will give even more data about event successes and failures and help with future event planning.

If you have any suggestions regarding reports you would like to see added, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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