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Wow Sponsors and Exhibitors With Event Lead Capture

Attracting exhibitors and sponsors to your event means providing great ROI.  A major incentive for exhibitors to participate in your event is the opportunity to collect quality leads.

CrowdComms digitally enabled lead capture is the perfect way to gather qualified leads.  Easy to use, our intuitive platform turns any mobile device into an effective lead capture tool.

Believe your sponsors and exhibitors want to covert connections into powerful leads?  Are they keen to ditch cumbersome business card collection? Do they need to spend less time inputting data?

Here’s the low-down:

Mobile Ready & Cost Effective

Our event lead capture app sits neatly on exhibitors’ mobile device, which means no additional hardware to wrangle or purchase.  As attendees visit stands and booths a quick scan of their badge (from any smart device) is all that’s required to gather data.

Quality Qualified

We know all leads are not created equal. It’s why our platform allows companies to include qualifying questions, star ratings and notes to ensure lead information is always meaningful and consistent.

Real-Time Access

Once collated, information is immediately available to view, manage and export by any member of the exhibitor team. And if the Wi-Fi drops out, there’s no panic; the system functions without a connection and will sync when Wi-Fi is available again.

Custom Branding

Our lead capture platform will always look like a part your event. Custom design ensures brand continuity and a strong exhibitor/sponsor profile.

Powerful Data

The event lead capture also delivers powerful benefits for event organisers.  Real-time data allows exhibitors to manage attendee traffic throughout the event, e.g. if their booth needs a visitor boost they can take immediate steps (such as promote a scheduled demo or donut giveaway in the activity feed) to increase attendee traffic.

Incentive Compatible

While general attendee traffic will deliver a percentage of leads, incentives, gamification and achievements will really get the lead capture humming.

CrowdComms digital platform supports digital passports (replacing the old stamp and cardboard), games and competitions. All of which encourage participation, booth visitors and engagement for exhibitors and attendees alike.

If you’re incentivising attendees to visit every exhibitor booth or a series of key stands, make it easy for attendees with a progress bar at the top of their digital passport.

Takeaway:  our digitally enabled event lead capture is the smart way to offer exhibitors and sponsors a powerful ROI that will make your event a must-attend year after year.                   


The Event App Features You Need Right Now!

Is your event app primed for a year of great events? Like any technology event apps are constantly evolving. What was innovative and forward thinking in 2015 may not be as fresh and effective in 2018.

While your tried and tested event app may do a perfectly adequate job, are you getting the ROI you deserve?

Here are the event app features you should expect right now:

Smart and Easy Experiential

Check out any of the 2018 event trend lists in circulation and experiential is up there as a major focus for event organisers. It may feel like a term that is hard to define, but in short it means creating a more immersive and exciting experience for event goers.

Yes, that can include the spectacular and jaw-dropping (which is often the focus of experiential marketing) but it can also extend to a simple exchange of ideas between speakers and attendees.

Forget static sessions where speakers deliver a didactic talk on a given topic to a passive audience. Think about turning audience members into participants.

Q&A sessions or polling via your event app gives attendees a voice. They enable a dynamic learning environment where attendees can actively shape session content and outcomes.

It may not make create a social media storm, but offering attendees the chance to actively engage with your event content delivers meaningful outcomes for event organisers, sponsors and attendees.

Gamification With Impact

Gamification has been around for a while now but it’s moved on from the novelty status it once had.

Gamification is now a hard-working stalwart feature of forward thinking events. In its infancy gamification was a neat way to inject a bit of fun into events via emerging technology. Now, it’s an important tool to deliver a whole range of event metrics including attendee engagement, sponsor ROI and networking.

While gamification is an event app must have, success depends on smart deployment. Linking activities to tangible outcomes, e.g. quality lead generation, will ensure efforts are targeted and measurable.

In addition to gaming specific features, utilise other event app capabilities (such as social media feeds) in your strategy. Photo or wordplay challenges can have a viral effect that delivers widespread results.

End-to-End Communication

How well does your event app communicate with the rest of your event tech? Event apps can now exist as part of a suite or family of services.

Where providers once focused on specific platforms, such as registration or event app or lead generation, it’s now possible to work with end-to-end solutions that can help manage your event from ticket sales and promotion right through to post event data analysis.

The benefits of an end-to-end solution include streamlined processes that minimises downloads and log-ins for attendees.   Data transfer between systems (e.g. registration to event app) also reduces data entry for organisers and ensures information passed through the event tech chain remains consistent.

Even if your event app doesn’t exist as part of an end-to-end solution, having the capability to communicate effectively and securely with the rest of your event tech is important so ask your provider about compatibility and reporting capabilities.

Next Gen Branding

Of course, a decent event app will offer a level of custom branding. Event apps at the cheaper end of the scale may offer custom options in combination with the provider’s own branding.

But for sophisticated and high profile events it’s reasonable to expect that the event app design will be highly flexible, beautiful and customised.

Forward thinking event apps offer organisers a range of creative options that allow the event and sponsor branding to shine. An organiser’s graphic design team should have the same flexibility as a web designer. From animated graphics to pop-up banners, a modern event app will deliver sophisticated branding options that meet aesthetic objectives and wow attendees.

What Does A Great Event Registration System Look Like?

First impressions count. When attendees arrive at your event, the first interaction they will have is at the registration point.

The registration process will set expectations for the event itself. It needs to process attendees’ sign-in quickly, efficiently but with flair and an alignment to the event brand.

So what should you look for in a registration system:

Early Sign-In

Reduce attendee queuing time by providing online sign-up and payment ahead of the event. Online integrated ticketing and registration means guests can create their event profile and buy their ticket at their convenience.

It also allows attendees to start receiving key event information before doors open.

Pro Tip: Offer special promos codes and discounts to encourage early registration.


Your event should have recognisable and consistent branding at every attendee interaction point. Your registration system should therefore be customisable and flexible.

In addition to registration site branding it’s important that communications also mirror the event branding. If your registration site will send email or SMS confirmations make sure these can also be customised.

On-Site Check-In

Although pre-event registration can alleviate some of the processing time at the start of your event, attendees will still need to check-in when they arrive.

Integration between your registration system and additional check-in systems will get people into your event faster. Printing badges or lanyards? Look for a registration system that links to an on-site printing kiosk. Even better if the attendee can check-in and print all from the same web-site or app.

Digitally enabled registration lists means your staff can easily process pre-paid/registered arrivals.

Seamless Integration

The optimal registration system is one that not only integrates at check-in time, but across the event’s lifecycle.

Seamless integration with your event app allows attendees to access and update their profiles at any time. They can start networking and personalising their agenda immediately.

A seamless flow of information means no more laborious transfer of data from registration spreadsheets to the event app.   Plus, the single data source allows a more accurate and reliable analysis of attendee interactions and engagement.


An event registration platform needs to be so much more than a sign-in system. Although your registration needs will vary depending on complexity and size of event, your registration system should still deliver a professional and efficient experience for your attendees.

Does Your Event Start On The Right Note?

The start of your event sets the tone for the whole event. First impressions count. From the moment attendees purchase their ticket, interactions with your event must be efficient, effective and impressive!

So what does a great event start look like?

For starters your brand needs to be present and consistent at each contact point, including copy and graphics. Whether your technology is integrated or not, integrated branding will create a seamless visual link for attendees:


Event ticketing needs to be quick and easy. Online purchasing is clearly a must-have. Look to ticketing platforms like EventBrite that have the scale to support events of all sizes.

Whether it’s a small non-profit fundraiser or a large trade conference, your ticketing option must provide secure, credit card payments and a range of ticketing options (e.g. print-at-home, app-wallet and traditional paper tickets via mail).


Event registration can be marked by long queues, cumbersome paper forms and manually generated name-tags. A frustrating and time-consuming registration process will at best, irritate attendees, and at worst create poor word-of-mouth.

Streamlining your ticketing and registration process will save huge amounts of time – which means your attendees can get more from the event itself. Easy data transfer ensures attendees don’t have re-enter information they already submitted during the ticketing process.

Even with separate ticketing and registration systems, you can keep attendees moving with digital registration platforms that deliver online registration forms in a variety of places. Give your attendees flexibility and choice by offering auto login and forms via the event app, web or registration kiosks.

A Warm Welcome

Your registration point should be warm and welcoming. It should be comfortable but not so comfortable that it encourages attendees to linger there!

One of the final processes attendees often have to undertake before they can get started is the allocation of name-tags or id badges. When you’re itching to get stuck into an event, it can be frustrating to wait in line to collect your name-tag (which is one of hundreds sitting on a designated table).

Make your badge printing as fast and easy as your ticketing and registration. Badge printing kiosks allow attendees to scan their info in via a QR code or SMS/email code (think along the lines of airline auto check-in kiosks). Auto print badges that support double-sided printing and event branding look great.

Once attendees have printed their badge they can dive into your event (which obviously lives up to its great start!).

Free Event App Or Paid Event App: What’s Right For You?

Nothing comes for free in life, or so the saying goes. However, if you’re looking for an event app there are plenty of ‘free’ options available to choose from.

But should ‘free’ be treated as a red flag or an unmissable opportunity? Well, it depends on what you need and what’s critical to your event experience.

Let’s take a look at how free event apps compare to event apps that attract a fee.


Free Apps the clue here is very much in the title! Yep, you pay zero, nada, zilch for an event app. Free apps tend to be one-size-fits-all, so regardless of event size and scope you still won’t pay a cent.

Paid Apps again, an obvious statement; paid apps carry a price tag. How much depends on a variety of factors. Event size, scope and required features will all determine the overall cost.

Features and Functionality

Free Appsif it’s free it’s likely to have limited features and functionality. A free event app will do the basics such as attendee lists and simple event information but don’t expect sophisticated extras such as gamification.

Paid Apps here you can and should expect a lot more scope in terms of what the app can do. Price may determine options but a paid app will generally provide additional features such as gamification, networking, real-time updates, push notifications, polling and comprehensive data analysis.


Free Appsmeaningful or comprehensive support isn’t a feature of the free app. Although there may be a decent FAQ section on an associated website, you probably won’t have access to a live support team.

Paid Appsgood quality support should be standard with paid event apps – even better if that support is available to you locally. And top marks for app suppliers who provide on-site support if you need it! However it’s packaged, a paid event app provider should give help as and when it’s needed.


Free Appsthe ability to wholly self-brand your app may be limited with a free event app. You could find that the provider’s branding is prominent and immovable across the app.

Paid Appspaid apps offer much more branding flexibility and control. The app will effectively allow you to brand the app as your own. Any provider logos or information will be incredibly discrete or non-existent. Generally, paid apps will have a more professional and slick feel

Data Harvesting

Free Appsread the small print and be aware of signing away your app’s data. Free event app providers may make their money from data harvesting, which is totally fine if it’s totally fine with you.

Paid Appsall in-app data remains private and cannot be accessed or used by the provider unless through prior agreement. Data privacy and protection should come as standard with paid event apps.


Free apps can be a great cost effective option for anyone who’s running a low-key and small event. But if you need a more sophisticated, secure and professional option, it’s worth investing in a paid event app.


Set Your Event Apart With A Custom Designed Event App

Would you like to push the creative boundaries of your event app? Want to offer clients a custom event app that sets their event apart from the competition?

Sometimes planners need extra flexibility with app design.

Maybe you have some unique branding requirements? Or want to grab people’s attention with animated graphics?

CrowdComms’ Advanced Designer platform presents event planners with the opportunity to create an event app that’s as unique as their event.

Advanced Designer

Described as, “a game changer for event apps”,  Advanced Designer delivers the ultimate in custom event app design creativity and control. Our new feature means planners can truly stretch the boundaries of what is possible in terms of event app aesthetics.

Let your designer’s imagination run riot and create an extraordinary event app to match the flair and creativity of your event.

How Does It Work?

CrowdComms’ event app users will notice that the Customise module has been renamed as App Design Studio.

The studio houses the Advanced Designer. Within the studio you can re-style any aspect of your event app by editing the custom css in real-time.

Why Choose Advanced Designer?

It’s not just a tool to make the event app look pretty. The ability to customise can deliver powerful results that offer genuine ROI. Advanced Designer means you can:

  – Create competitive difference by highlighting your event brand in every detail

  – Deliver compelling sponsorship opportunites through strong corporate branding and event themes

  – Delight attendees with a truly unique mobile experience

A Cost Effective Choice

While Advanced Designer may look like an expensive addition to your event app, we’ve worked hard to make sure it’s available at a price that will suit almost any budget and RFP requirement. EVEN BETTER: until September 30 2017 you can get a huge discount from our standard pricing.

Want to know more about creating stand-out event apps?

We’d love to hear from you.

Event Sponsorship Workshop Wrap-Up

We recently ran our Rethinking Event Sponsorship Workshop for 50 event planners from the London area.

It was led by Matthew Weihs from Bench Events. And if the number of questions from the audience is any measure, event sponsorship is a very hot topic.

In fact the Q&A section of the event app after Matthew’s session was so popular we adjusted the agenda on the fly and let the conversation flow.


As you would expect we had many associations in attendance.

Some in an enviable position where they have more sponsors than sponsorship opportunities, some who struggle to facilitate the attendee networking their sponsors desire and others who are daunted by the prospect of selling to sponsors.

A great discussion ensued with attendees offering advice to each other based on their own challenges and experience.

Event App Sponsorship

Our second session was led by CrowdComm’s Matthew Allen, on the topic of Event App sponsorship.

We had introduced the app for the workshop via a promotion video that played as attendees took their seats.

Matthew then showcased some of the ways the app can add value to sponsors during his session.


First up was gaming and a giant rock-paper-scissors challenge, the winner of which was awarded 500 points on the game as a starter.

The answers to other game challenges were buried in the session content and the lucky winners won an event app game for one of their own events.


Matthew also showcased many other places in the app where a sponsor’s brand can feature from in app alerts/push notifications to live polling and Q&A results to live display.


Lunch was kindly sponsored by Hilton WorldWide and was served in the room to encourage attendees to stay and network.

I had the pleasure of chatting to quite a few event planners and by all accounts they thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

We did too and as bonus we have identified two other very pertinent topics we plan to run workshops on early next year. Email me if you would like to be invited:



Dee Brannick - CrowdComms, Co-Founder

Working in Event Tech since 2003, Dee has made thousands of events shine by incorporating market leading technology into a diverse range of events. From boardroom meetings to multi-location conferences, Dee is passionate about finding the right solution for her clients. In 2011 she co-founded CrowdComms to maximise the explosion in smart phone usage at events and now works out of the UK office in sunny Dorset.