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Event Tech Market Review 2023

As we look forward to enjoying a bit of downtime over the Easter break, it’s a good time for an event tech review to see how the year is unfolding, and what lies in store for the rest of 2023, and beyond.

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Event Tech Case Studies

If CrowdComms are in the running to support you in delivering your next event (which, we really hope we are), you might find it useful to see why event, marketing, HR and communications professionals love working with us, and what it is that keeps our clients coming back year after year.

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The Art of Brilliant Event Badges

What’s your favourite piece of event hardware?

While there’s lots to love about all the elements that make events work, we’ve got a special place in our hearts for the humble event badge.

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Awesome Benefits of Seamless Event Tech

Most event organisers want their attendees to experience the event as an easy flow of friction-free interactions. While that’s definitely possible with disparate services, there may be a lot more work involved and more potential for things to go wrong.

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Make CrowdComms Part of your Event Team

Organising an event can be an incredibly exciting experience, but it can also be incredibly stressful. It’s why at CrowdComms, we understand the importance of our team becoming your team.

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How to Choose the Right Event Tech

Choosing the right event technology can make a significant impact on the success of an event.

This guide will take you through the essential tech needed for particular event types, and the options to consider to ensure your tech solution is perfect for your event:

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