Event App Polling: Getting your Speakers On-Board

Some speakers may be stuck in their ways when it comes to presenting. This makes it harder to convince them to embrace event tech, particularly live polling. They may feel uncomfortable using event polling, assuming that it will slow down the flow of their presentation and distract their audience. As the event planner, you may need to convince them that polling via an event app is an invaluable addition to any session.

So, why use live polling?

To stimulate educational experiences

Event polling can help emphasise and pin-point important information during a speaker’s session. For example, before revealing an interesting point, a live poll may be pushed. Attendees will have the chance to express their opinions on a potentially controversial topic at the touch of a button. Once the audience have expressed their views, the speaker can use this data to compare and contrast to their point. It could open up a whole new world of discussion!

To break up content

Event polling increases the audience’s attention as it helps to break up the information they’re receiving. In turn, this will avoid a one-way conversation during sessions and hold the audience’s attention for longer. An opportunity to engage with the session content provides attendees with a knowledge refresh and a quick break. Diverse learning experiences will ensure that content is being processed effectively by attendees.

To create conversation

Your attendees are central to your event, the whole show revolves around them. Therefore, attendees will expect to have a platform which allows them to get the most out of their sessions, adding that personal touch. Event polling is the perfect outlet for this. Attendees can simply log on to the event app, go to their session and take part in the conversation of the event.

Extra positives

  • Live polling helps increase trackable attendee engagement. If an attendee is in a polling session, they will be far more likely to download your event app as they will want to participate. Then, through the analytics page on the CMS, you will be able to track when and where delegates were using your event app. You can then feedback this information to your speakers to encourage them to continue to use event polling.

  •  Event polling allows the speaker to ask the audience what they think about the results. This encourages volunteers to share their comments and insights, creating conversation between the speaker and the attendees. You could open up discussion even further with an event app Q&A session.