Power to the People: Connecting Remote Attendees

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Thanks to event apps, your event is no longer limited to one venue. An event app is the perfect solution for connecting remote attendees from all over the world, and when accompanied by the following, the opportunities are endless!

The live streaming event app takeover is undeniable, now all your special events can be broadcasted! Live streaming is a really valuable tool for events of all sizes. Large events such as Coachella, who’s livestream attracted 9 million views, generate an even broader audience whilst interest increases for your next event. However, it works brilliantly for smaller events with an attendance cap too, you can maintain an intimate experience while reaching a broad audience.

As well as this, all live footage can be repurposed to tease and promote future events!

360° Video

‘Remote attendees’ will soon be a thing of the past thanks to the event tech power couple of 2017, 360° video and live streaming.

360° video allows your attendees to interact with your event online and explore it at their leisure. It adds a new dimension to live streaming and gives your event a whole new perspective. All while providing impressive footage for future use.

360 ° video is the perfect accompaniment to an event app, meaning your attendees can be fully engaged no matter where they are!

Social Media

Of course, the idea of social media as a useful connection tool is not exactly revolutionary! However, there are new ways for you to use social media to connect remote attendees for a truly immersive online experience. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube all house live streaming- social media platforms are evolving to the events industry in the perfect way.

Google’s Uptime allows attendees to watch videos across different devices as a group, perfect for sharing event highlights as opposed to any of the less exciting moments!

The influence of Snapchat is evident from the Snapchat-esque ‘stories’ which are now available on Instagram and Facebook. Snapchat is the perfect platform for events, it allows attendees to share the best moments of your event.

Snapchat geofilters are a cheap yet effective way of engaging remote attendees. A filter advertising your event provides a surprisingly high traction and therefore reaches a large network of future attendees.


Of course, the key outcome of connecting remote attendees is to boost FOMO. This is what will give them the incentive to attend your next event!

The events industry is always growing; however, it is also becoming more close-knit. Event apps are at the epicentre of this.

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