Sustainable Events: Primavera Festival Goes Paperless

In recent years, environmental concerns have been launched to the forefront of popular debate. As a result of this, sustainable living has gone from niche to mainstream. More and more people are starting to really think about their daily habits and the effect that they’re having on the environment. And the events industry is keeping up!

Nowadays using an event app is somewhat of a no-brainer and has been a must for organisers for a long time. Mobile ticketing via event apps will also be fairly familiar to attendees now. However, especially for the world’s largest events, going completely paperless has always seemed slightly unachievable.

However, this week Primavera festival announced that they will abandon physical ticketing in 2020. For their 20th anniversary, the Spanish festival will be the first large festival to fully embrace event technology by going completely paperless. With around 220,000 attendees, Primavera is the first large scale event to create a seamless and waste free ticketing solution.

Founder Pablo Soler recognises that although Primavera is not the first festival to go paperless, he hopes others will quickly follow. In an interview with the BBC, he explained:

I don’t think we are setting an example as currently there are plenty of smaller events worldwide already using this system with total success,”

“But I do think that digital dynamic tickets will be the standard in the festival and events market very soon.
— Pablo Soler, Primavera Festival Founder

An exciting prospect for the events industry in years to come!

So, how can we follow Primavera festival’s example? Here are some quick tips on embracing a more carbon neutral approach with the help of event tech and event apps.

 1.     A seamless experience: ensure that all aspects of your event tech are on one platform. Your event app should display tickets and your registration software should be able to fully integrate.

2.     An intuitive platform: your event app should be easy to use and attractive to attendees. Make your event app a valuable asset to their experience and design it with your audience in mind.

3.     Ditch paper handouts: your event app will be able to display any document you need. Instead of using paper handouts, encourage your speakers to provide a digital version to upload to the event app. Attendees will be able to access and download these at the touch of the button, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint!

Jasmine Stroud-Allen