Event Greening: The Key To A Successful Event

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Sustainable, green, earth friendly: whichever term you want to use, more and more pressure is being applied to the event industry to make events kinder to the environment. Event greening (or sustainable event management) means organising events that consider and take care of the environment. Planners apply green principles across every aspect of the event, from site selection to information delivery.

While it might seems as if event greening will introduce unwelcome complications and hassle, there are very real and tangible upsides to going green:

  1. Financial Benefits

Event greening means increasing efficiencies. Increased efficiencies means reduced costs. Clever and careful use of resources such as electricity and water will lower bills. As will the switch from paper to digital event technology. Reusing event materials reduces waste and avoids unnecessary repeat purchasing.

Making simple changes, that don’t need to compromise output or service, can boost green credentials and save significant amounts of money.

  1. Sharper Competitive Edge

A clear and proven green event management policy will boost a planner’s marketability. The ability to promote services as environmentally friendly gives event organisers a genuine advantage in the marketplace.

Think about the cost benefits achieved from increased efficiencies and how that can translate to offering a highly competitive rate of service.

Plus, the pressure to go green runs right through the economy. Other businesses want to partner with environmentally conscious organisations. A reputation for sustainable events, coupled with attractively priced services, means earth friendly planners are well placed to attract new business and retain existing clients.

  1. Positive Reputation

An earth friendly reputation doesn’t just boost marketability with potential clients.  Quality employees, service providers and event attendees will all be attracted to events organised by planners with a stellar green reputation.

Brands will receive local, and wider, community support, which will include great word-of-mouth and enthusiastic advocacy.

As a renowned driver of positive change, an event planner who organises sustainable events can enjoy a position as an influencer and leader of behavioural change. Something that’s not just great for business but good for the soul too.

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