Conference Apps vs. Paper: Which Wins?

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I met someone recently who said that event apps and conference apps were a waste of time and money.

They argued that their events had worked fine for years without using event apps and printed programmes were fine. It’s the way they had always done it… the status quo being the path of the least resistance.

They had a valid point. If it’s working, it’s working, right? Well that’s one way to look at it, but there’s another point of view.

Adding a conference app to an event makes the conference experience better. Much better in fact in lots of ways, and this is why:

No paper.

That’s right, it’s possible to have a fully green meeting by getting rid of all those awful, Earth hating, time consuming, inflexible, destined-for-the-bin-the-same-day conference programs.

Going digital is a step in the right direction to saving the planet. Working life now should be, and can be, green. Meetings and conferences should be part of that too.

Event organisers may worry that using an event app will mean their event is less attractive, less glamorous and ultimately less likely to attract attendees and sponsors because there is no glossy printed program. For some it’s a big step but it’s worthwhile.

We’ve taken hundreds of clients on this journey now and not a single client has reverted back to paper after using the event app. Going digital, saves time, money and also the planet. But, what about attendees?

Attendees prefer it. Why? Because, like most of us, they really love their phones! So much of our communication and information is channelled through our phones; it makes sense to incorporate that connection into an event app.

There is also loads of cool stuff on a conference app that you just cannot get on paper handbook. Gaming, polling, networking and note taking are just a few features.

So if you are on the fence about using an event app, don’t be. Throw caution to the wind and go for it. You will not be disappointed. And don’t forget we’re on hand to make the transition oh so easy.

Vanessa Bishop – CrowdComms, Head of Sales (Australia

Even after 20 years selling IT solutions Vanessa is a self-confessed “non techie”. She loves is bridging the gap between people like her and technology. Vanessa helps CrowdComms clients build and deliver highly engaging events apps that deliver fantastic results. Outside of the event tech world, you can find Vanessa on a beach somewhere in Sydney.

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