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CrowdComms Update: Revamped Event App Reporting

Event analytics are a critical part of an event organiser’s planning process.

Event data can be gathered during and after an event. It can include post-event surveys, event app usage, and speaker/information session feedback.

Event app reporting tells event planners what worked and what didn’t. It provides the template to improve future events and respond to the things attendees want and need.

Because we know how important event analytics are to our customers, we’ve been working hard to deliver comprehensive reports that tell planners and organisers what they need to know.

You can now benefit from CrowdComms’ improved event app reporting generated from the Polls and Feedback modules.

This means you now have access to beautifully designed Live Polls, Ask a Question, Session Feedback, and Event Survey reports. The new layout and presentation means the reports are easier to read, digest, and share with key stakeholders.

You can also generate session feedback for a single session, making it easier to share the results with your speakers.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from the PDF Reports:

Creating a New Report

While the new reports are more comprehensive and easier to read, generating them is still easy.

Simply head to the Polls & Feedback Module.  Select the type of report you want to generate (e.g. Session Feedback) and choose from three options: PDF Report, Excel Report, and Excel Data.

Attendee Specific Feedback 

Obtaining attendee specific feedback without compromising personal privacy can be tricky. However, you can now isolate attendee comments from their personal details.

With PDF reports, you now have the option of excluding your attendee or respondent details in the text responses by selecting ‘Anonymise Attendees’. This means is you can share your session feedback with a speaker, including the verbatim comments, without attributing the comments to the attendee who made them.


CrowdComms’ new and improved event app reporting will deliver comprehensive data to event planners and organisers. It will give even more data about event successes and failures and help with future event planning.

If you have any suggestions regarding reports you would like to see added, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


Event App Best Practice at ExecLN

We were delighted to provide the app for the Executive Leaders Network (ExecLN) event in March.

400+ attendees from HR, IT and Marketing departments gathered at the Madejski Football Stadium in Reading for a jam packed day of plenaries, break outs sessions and one-to-one meetings.

Introducing the Event App

We started the day by introducing the app live on stage. As we always recommend to clients, we highlighted the features that were going to be most valuable to the attendees during the event. At this event personalised schedules, private in app attendee to attendee messaging and live audience polling were key.

App Concierge

As we were exhibiting at the event we provided an app concierge service at our stand. An app concierge is great service to offer and it can usually be easily located alongside, or as part of, the event registration desk.

Live Polling and Q&A

There’s no better way to highlight live polling than running a warm-up question. Some clients chose a topical or fun question to break the ice. In this case time was limited so we got straight into the content of the day and ran a live poll to survey the audience on what was driving their businesses to transform.

The Brexit panel discussion which concluded the day also included some interesting polls.

Q&A as always went down a treat. Speakers in each room tracked comments and questions via iPads. Attendees could also see the questions submitted. The vote-up feature meant the short amount of time available could be spent answering the most relevant questions.

We had great feedback on the app and we look forward to working with the team on the next event.

About the Executive Leaders Network

The Executive Leaders Network (#ExecLN) brings together the best and brightest executives known for their influence, expertise, strategic thinking and delivery experience. ExecLN Events inspire new levels of thinking through stimulating debates, renowned speakers and peer problem solving discussions.



Gamification + Live Display = An Amazing Event Tech Deal

You know how some things are just better when they’re together? Like the beach and sunshine, or coffee and Saturday mornings.

Our Gamification and Live Display features are great stand-alone features. But we’ve come up with a great way to make them even better…together!

You probably know how Gamification boosts attendee engagement by making things, well, fun.

Whether it’s attendee networking or sponsor engagement, Gamification turns ordinary event activities into a competition. Attendees get fired up to top the challenge leaderboards. At the same time they interact with each other and key event features. Gamification is the fun way to get serious results from your event.

And as for Live Display, what better way to showcase everything your event has to offer?

Live Display means event highlights get the big screen treatment. From top social media posts to upcoming speaker sessions, Live Display gets them front and centre so everyone can stay in the loop.

Yep, you’re right. Gamification and Live Display and are a perfect match.

Gamification sets the challenges and Live Display broadcasts the results.

As the competition heats up, Live Display shows attendees how they’re performing and who they need to beat! Live Display turbo charges the energy and excitement generated by Gamfication to ensure attendees are super engaged.

To celebrate Gamification and Live Display’s awesome partnership, CrowdComms is offering a great event tech deal when you buy the two features together.

How It Works

Purchase the Gamification + Live Display bundle before May 31 2017 and we’ll give you a whopping $1,000 discount.

Normally retailing at $2,999, for this limited time you can get the two together for only $1,999!

Excited about bringing Gamification and Live Display together? Us too.  We can’t wait to help you make your next event even better.

Contact us here to find out more about our event tech deal. We’d love to hear from you.

PS. This deal is available in Australia and the UK – for an equally great discount in GBP get in touch for a quote.



Event Apps In 2017: New Ways To Engage Attendees

It was standing room only for our Event Apps session at Confex 17.  That goes to show how influential event apps have become nearly ten years on from their inception.

Felix, MD for CrowdComms UK, led the session and started by taking a look at the trends we saw in 2016.

The good news is that most event planers reported an increase in event budget. And over half increased their spend on event technology. The increased spend on event tech shows that the benefits are clearly tangible, producing efficiencies and cost savings.

Felix then delved into how the core modules of event apps are evolving to deliver more value to events in 2017. He also looked some practical applications for Augumented Reality – which is often mentioned but not yet widely used. Here’s a taster of what was discussed regarding event apps in 2017:

Greater Q&A Control

Live audience polling and Q&A have always been two of the most popular features with an event app.

This year we expect to see the moderator role becoming redundant and the speaker having an easy way to manage the questions on the fly.

Advanced Mapping

Another core element of an event app is mapping. Event apps feature a variety of interactive map functions and we expect that this will be further enhanced this year by distance filtering.

AI + Gamification

We saw a huge increase in the adoption of event app games by event planners in 2016. This is no surprise. When designed well they are a great way to facilitate learning, drive specific behaviour (including attendee networking).

A whole new level of sophistication in gaming is emerging through the incorporation of artificial intelligence. Think bonus points for submitting questions to speakers that receive the most votes, for example.

Video Content

Video content is starting to change how we interact digitally.

360 content is something we will expect to see a lot more of this year. We are working with one our clients to have streaming 360 video content accessible via the event app.

Add Google Cardboard and event planners have a great entry point to a VR experience for attendees.

Augmented Reality

AR features at every expo about events but in reality very few event planners put it into practice at their events. Thankfully event app API’s have improved so plugging AR components in is now a much easier proposition.

We are excited about event apps in 2017. This year we will see a lot of the technologies the industry has been talking about for years actually in practice and delivering value at events


CrowdComms Goes To The Houses Of Parliament!

This week saw a first for CrowdComms, we made into the Houses of Parliament! We were delighted to be mentioned during Prime Minster’s Questions at the House of Commons.

MP, Simon Hoare cited CrowdComms as an example of a high-tech company that is thriving in a rural town in North Dorset. CrowdComms’ other office locations include Sydney and Seattle, so Sturminster Newton may seem an unlikely place to locate the UK office.

One of the reasons we’re here is because of the high-speed broadband available and that’s why Simon mentioned us. He was stressing the importance of ultrafast broadband and mobile signal to grow the rural economy.

Sturminster Newton’s local Town Councillor, Chris Spackman is also working hard to attract more tech companies into the town. He’s also passionate about the importance of ultrafast for the town’s long-term growth potential.

Under the Superfast Dorset initiative, high-speed broadband has been introduced across the Dorset region. Ultrafast connections (primarily intended for businesses and individuals who have high digital demands) will be prioritised for businesses and business parks over the course of the coming 18 months.

It means that Dorset is a viable and attractive proposition for established businesses and start-ups alike. It’s a great option for those that want alternative location choices outside the standard centres.

Opening up rural locations is a revelation in terms of business opportunity. It means small to medium sized organisations such as ours can take advantage of the region’s great wealth of talent and premises. Our operating costs are manageable and we can offer local employees a terrific work/life balance with minimal commuting and flexible hours.

And although most of the events that use our event technology are in London or in European capital cities, we can be in London or Heathrow within a couple of hours.

Of course, it’s no small factor that the opportunity to live and raise our families in this beautiful part of the country is hugely important.   We get to grow a dynamic and progressive business and yet still enjoy a truly rural life. Our working time has all the cut and thrust of the city, but we step out the door into a close-knit community and stunning countryside.

We’re thrilled to be leading the way for other companies to make the move to Dorset. CrowdComms’ success is proof that the future of Dorset’s rural economy is vibrant and exciting.


A Newbies Guide To Including A Fundraiser At Your Event

Fundraising for charities and worthy causes is a great way to inject the feel-good factor into your event. Whether you’re running an industry conference or internal networking event, giving an opportunity to give is guaranteed to boost attendee engagement.

Raising funds can be as simple as placing donation boxes around an event venue or including a donation button within your event app. But if you want to raise serious amounts of money, a silent (or live) auction or a raffle is the way to go.

While dedicated fundraising technology makes raising money a breeze, here are a few tips on hosting a fundraiser within your event:

Who Are You Helping?

It’s an obvious starting point, but choosing your nominated cause or charity is an important step. Is the charity well aligned to the event? E.g. if you’re organising a medical conference, it might make sense to choose a healthcare related charity, such as Médecins Sans Frontières. If you’re looking to develop a longer term partnership with one or two charities, how will these fit with your future event portfolio and schedule? Can you work together to establish joint fundraising goals?

How Much Do You Want To Raise?

As much as possible is the obvious answer, but the bigger the goal the more elaborate the fundraiser will need to be. Think about how much time within the event you can dedicate to the fundraiser. Is it something as large as a gala dinner or can the event schedule only really accommodate a small raffle during pre-dinner drinks?

Also, how many people will you have on hand to help and what space is available at the event venue. Can you run the fundraiser within the existing event budget? Allocating available time and resources will determine how much money you can realistically expect to raise.

Ask Professional Fundraisers For Advice

Once you know how much time and resources you have available, seek the advice of professional fundraisers to guide you on the best possible fundraising options. Service providers such as GalaBid can give you some great advice on whether a raffle or silent/live auction will work best in the time and space you have available.

Know Your Fundraiser Boosters

If you’re starting out, it can be hard to know what factors will get your attendees digging deep. Although the cause itself will inspire people to participate, other factors can really get the fundraising humming. An experienced auctioneer can create a sense of fun and competitive atmosphere. Marquee prizes (such as luxury holidays and exclusive experiences) can often act as drawcards. An easy and straight forward bidding system is also a great way to encourage maximum participation and activity.

Tell People About It

Don’t forget to include details about the fundraiser within your general event marketing. Take the opportunity to promote the cause and the fundraiser. Think about drip-feeding tantalising details about the prize packages. Digital fundraising platforms will allow attendees to register to bid well in advance of the event. You can even encourage early bids to generate a pre-fundraiser buzz.

Buy An Event App Get A FREE Silent Auction App

Yes, that’s right. We’re giving away a silent auction app with every event app bought between now and December 31 2017.


Because we’re passionate about making a positive difference, and so are the people we work with. We’re increasingly seeing a desire for corporate clients to include fundraising at their events. They want to harness the goodwill and generosity of their attendees to help worthy causes and charities.

Just like a large finance client of ours did. Using the our auction app, they ran their first silent auction within a recent three-day event and raised $60k for charity!

CrowdComms + GalaBid

The CrowdComms family includes GalaBid’s fundraising platform. There’s a great synergy between Crowdcomms’ event technology and GalaBid’s fundraising platform.

While they have different functionality, both are app based, mobile compatible and user friendly. The silent auction app sits snugly within the event app, which means it’s easy to access and use at your event.

GalaBid’s fundraising platform raised over $31m for Australian charities in 2016. In a single weekend in February this year, Galabid helped raise $1.7m! It’s guaranteed to help your event make a real difference to your charity or cause of choice.

And, our offer doesn’t stop at a free auction app. You’ll also receive 24 consignment prize items to get your bidders digging deep.

All you need to do is choose your good cause and promote the auction during your usual event marketing promotions.

Silent Auctions

New to silent auctions?

Don’t worry. The platform is as easy to use as our event app.

Guests can bid in real-time from their mobile device. Handy SMS alerts notify bidders when they have been outbid. This makes sure participants can stay in the race for their chosen item.

When the auction is finished, secure online payment means a quick and easy transaction for the bidder.

Want to Know More?

Head to the Galabid website or contact one of our friendly team who will answer all your auction questions.

We can’t wait to help you make your events even better.

CrowdComms At The Executive Leaders Network

The Executive Leaders Network brings together the best and brightest executives. Known for their influence, expertise, strategic thinking and delivery experience, over 300 C-level executives will attend the forthcoming event on the 9th March.

Held in Reading, UK, this is the first of two events we will be supporting with an event app this year. We are delighted to have been chosen as the provider of the event app.

This event includes a conference, an exhibition and one-to-one appointments. The conference is separated into four streams: HR, Marketing, Security and IT.

Personalised Schedules

Attendees will use the app to manage their busy appointment schedule. They will also be able to add the sessions they plan to attend and use the app to take notes along the way. They will also be able to message other attendees privately via the app.

Live Polling & Q&A

The app will also be used to submit questions to speakers during the sessions. Attendees will have the opportunity to vote-up the questions they feel are most relevant ensuring the time available for Q&A is maximised.

Live polling will also be used to survey the attendees on the burning issues.

Digital Guide

The app will also contain all the info attendees need from venue and exhibition maps, to accommodation directions and parking. It will also include all the exhibitors’ details and the social media channels in use. Attendees will receive any updates to the program via push notifications so the latest event information is always to hand.


CrowdComms will have a stand in the exhibition area where we will be answering any questions on the app and sharing the knowledge we have gained through implementing event apps for hundreds of large corporates over the years. Check out this 60-second video on the benefits of working with CrowdComms






CrowdComms at International Confex 2017

We are delighted to be participating in International Confex, again this year.

As the UK’s all encompassing meetings and events industry exhibition and conference, it will be abuzz with anyone and everyone involved in organising, supplying, marketing or selling events.

We will have at exhibition stand in the tech area. Our team will be sharing event app and event tech insights gained through years of experience working with hundreds of the UK’s leading organisations and associations.

We will also be running live demos of our app – which recently won the Best Event App the Event Technology Awards in London in November. And to top it off we will be serving Prosecco to celebrate this amazing win!

Also, don’t miss our session on Event Apps at 11:40 on Wednesday the 1st of March in the EventTech theatre.

Event Apps in 2017 – New Ways To Enhance The Attendee Experience

Introduced by Felix Stroud-Allen (Managing Director, CrowdComms), you’ll find out how event apps also offer many ways to facilitate discussion around event content and connect attendees. Think discussion groups, activity feeds, vote up Q&A, live polling, in app messaging, attendee matching and gamification.

This session will investigate what’s new in each of these areas and how leading organisations are implementing these new developments. We will also take a look at some new cutting edge technologies that clients are looking to integrate into their event app and you will get the chance to submit and discuss your ideas; a live roadmap.

You can’t afford to miss it if you are looking for audience interaction, a few laughs and a lot of food for thought.

International Confex is free to attend. Register here.

You can book an appointment to visit our stand. We are located on the gallery level beside the Event Tech Theatre (stand I10T)


How To Avoid Making An Oscar Sized Mistake

Whether you tuned in or not, most people will be aware of the debacle that dominated coverage of the 2017 Oscars awards ceremony.

Actors, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway appeared on stage to present the marquee award of Best Picture. Unfortunately, Beatty had been given the wrong envelope.

He announced that La La Land had won Best Picture. It hadn’t. Moonlight did. Over halfway through their acceptance speeches the La La Land team were made aware of what had happened. Chaos ensued.

If you’re an event planner or organiser it would have been hard to watch and not feel your blood run to ice. Event mistakes happen. But this was a monster.

PWC have since accepted responsibility for the mistake. If one of the most prestigious accountancy firms in the world can foul-up at one of the world’s most visible events – what chance do the rest of us have?

Here are some tips on how to avoid an Oscar sized mistake:

  1. Plan and Brief

You know what’s going to happen and when. You have every event detail tattooed on your brain. But do your team know?

Keep key staff involved and updated on every part of the event planning process. Brief them thoroughly and think about completing pre-event drills to rehearse important points of the event (such as introducing keynote speakers and entertainment set-ups). During rehearsals, take the opportunity to run-through potential errors too.

Event mistakes are less likely if everyone knows exactly what is supposed to happen and when. It also increases the chances of an error being found, and addressed quickly, if the worst happens.

  1. Don’t Be Complacent

You’ve organised a particular event a hundred times. It’s run perfectly for so long, you could do it in your sleep.

But even subtle changes can derail tried and tested processes. It’s natural to have confidence in something you know so well, but it helps to approach every event as if you’re running it for the first time.

You many not need to run a full risk assessment for a well-established event, but revisiting potential potholes is useful. It helps to take a fresh look at the event, assess changes and review the appropriateness of current practices.

Make sure important changes are documented, tracked and communicated.

  1. What’s the Contingency Plan?

Chances are you have a detailed contingency plan for potential major problems. But as we saw with the Oscars, it was a minor mistake that will go down as one of the most-talked about moments in the award’s history.

It didn’t help that those on stage and the event staff were so obviously flummoxed by the turn of events.

Small things can cause big problems.  Once you’ve highlighted a potential flash point, have a plan to deal with it should things go wrong. Who’s in charge and taking responsibility? Who knows what should be happening?

The Best Picture award mess would have been far less painful had someone had stepped in immediately to address the error.

  1. Live and Learn

Humans make mistakes. We’re all fallible. While good risk management, communication and planning will mitigate most risks, errors and slip-ups will happen from time to time.

Learn from the things that go wrong and make sure they don’t happen twice. And if someone you’re working with makes those all-important event mistakes – show them a little love and understanding. Much like the PWC staff involved in the Oscar’s mix-up, they’ll need it.





8 Ways To Boost Event Survey Response Rates

Q. How do you know what attendees thought of your event?

A. You ask them.

Event surveys, session evaluations, and polls are crucial for understanding event hits and misses. However, event survey responses are only as good as the questions that come before them.

Making sure you ask the right questions in the right way will ensure you get meaningful answers.

Best Practice

Event survey best practices are all about keeping it brief, clear and relevant:

1.Aim for short questions. With post-event survey response rates below the 10% mark, you need to work smart to encourage completion. Respondents are invariably time poor and will lose interest in dense and overly long questions.

2.Keep the survey interesting by varying question types. Multiple-choice, matrices and yes/no options are great for decisive responses. Think carefully about essay type responses – use only when strictly necessary.

3.Make sure there’s one question that asks for an overall event rating. It will provide you with a good overview of the event’s success or otherwise.

4.Post event surveys should have no more than 12 questions. Polls and session evaluations should be five or fewer.

5.Tailor questions. Respondents are more likely to engage with surveys that are relevant to them. If they were only at the event’s morning session, try to avoid asking them what they thought about the vegetarian lunch option.

6.Think about language. It’s easy to fall into the trap of posing a leading question. It may be unwittingly, but influencing responses will produce unreliable results.

7.Stay specific. What pressing issues do you need to address? What are your organisation’s hot topics? Keeping your priorities front and centre when compiling questions helps to avoid general questions that are too broad to be useful.

8.In a world that is in love with visuals, think about how you will present survey results. Data that can populate graphs, pie charts and infographics makes the information easier to understand and more meaningful for you and your team .


Event surveys are a vital part of an event planner’s tool-kit. Taking time to draft smart, thoughtful questions that encourage maximum response rates will yield great results.




This is an edited version of a post from our good friends at EventMobi. You can read the original here.

How Event Apps Make Multi-location Events Possible

We recently had the pleasure of working with a large FMCG company on one of their flagship events. Over 3,000 staff attended from all over Europe, India and Africa.

Bringing people together from across the globe and can be a costly exercise.  However, at this event no-one had to travel too far. Attendees gathered in one of 13 locations and each location was connected via a webcast.

The objective was to inform, align and engage the staff from the various product groups around the company’s objectives for the year.

Without technology it would not be possible to connect people in so many different locations.

The CrowdComms event app was an important part of the connection solution.   It helped overcome the fact that there were disparate locations and was instrumental in all attendees feeling part of the same event. The following are three key ways the event app made the event a success:

Discuss and Connect

First up is the use of Discussion Groups. Think of Discussion Groups as private Twitter style hashtags. Attendees post comments with the most recent appearing at the top of the feed.

The clever thing our client did was to have one of the directors add comments live on stage and encourage attendees to participate.

Once that happened a flurry of comments and suggestions followed. The organisers also displayed the discussion board streams live on screen. This was beamed out to all 13 locations further encouraging uptake and the sense of a shared experience.


The second way this event improved the sense of community was to leverage the Q&A and vote-up feature. The impact of questions and suggestions coming from so many different locations in real time was a powerful way to make the attendees feel really connected.

Despite the fact they were so many physical miles apart on three different continents, the event app enable them to participate as part of a unified audience.

Strike a Pose

The third way was a very simple, but incredibly effective, use of the event app. Attendees in various locations took photos and shared them via the app. From selfies on stage to strategy planning drawings and notes, hundreds of images were submitted, verified and published.


Thanks to event technology, hybrid or multi-location events are more sustainable and cost effective.  Even if attendees are in different locations around the world, they can still be brought together to enjoy a connected and immersive event experience.