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Discover The Power of Event App Plug-Ins

Sometimes your event calls for a little ‘extra’.

It’s why we’ve developed a series of event app plug-ins to give your app that custom feel…without the custom price tag.

Ready-to-go whenever you need them, CrowdComms plug-ins are the easy way to give your attendees the features they need for a compelling event experience.

1. Coffee

Want to give your attendees great hassle free coffee? Try our new coffee ordering plug-in.  Attendees can request coffee straight from their mobile device.

Whether they want a skimmed flat white, long black or soy latte, our clever little widget will deliver requests direct to the event’s on-site barista (who manages orders from his or her device).

Great coffee, ready in an instant, means attendees avoid the hassle of long lines and make a quick return to the event action.

2. Exhibitor Meetings


Need a comprehensive appointment feature? We’ve got what you need for accurate scheduling that streamlines exhibitor-to-attendee meetings.

A dedicated portal allows attendees to book appointments direct from their mobile device.  A daily appointments screen shows which exhibitor is available and when.  Attendees simply choose their time and book.

Exhibitors also get direct access to their appointment schedule that updates in real-time as attendees make their booking.

3. Digital Passport

Remember the days when attendees carried around sorry looking bits of cardboard to get visitor stamps from exhibitor stands?

We’ve made the card and stamp redundant and replaced them with smart QR codes and meaningful data.   Our passport plug-in makes participating in exhibitor incentives a breeze.

At exhibitor stands attendees tap the event app icon and scan the QR code for an instant stand ‘check-in’.  With their details registered, attendees are immediately in-play for whatever incentives, games or challenges the exhibitor and/or the event is running.

Attendees can chart their visits via a handy progress bar at the top of the screen.

Takeaway:  event app plug-ins are the easy way to custom fit your event app so it gives attendees, exhibitors and sponsors an experience they’ll remember.

How You Can Plan Sustainable Events

We think the key to a successful event is putting people first – and that means taking the environmental impact of your event into account while planning. We’ve brought together our top tips for making your next event a sustainable sensation.

Go paperless!

Even the best-looking leaflets, programmes, brochures and business cards end up in the bin eventually. Use technology to your advantage and aim to rid yourself of printed collateral for good. Whether you start emailing receipts, have online tickets or use smart codes to share information, make your event a litter-free zone.

Drink smart!

Your attendees will appreciate being fed and watered, but that doesn’t mean you have to hand out hundreds of plastic bottles. Why not encourage people to bring their own and provide jugs or refilling stations? If you have wriggle room in the budget you could even provide a limited number of branded reusable bottles – get creative!

Shop local!

If you need caterers or any other service providers, try and reduce your carbon footprint by supporting local businesses. Supporting local ecology and economy? Double win!

Commit to your vision!

Taking care of the planet isn’t just trendy, it’s important, so why not put it at the forefront of your thinking? From marketing materials to choosing service providers, set the bar high for ecological-friendliness. Look out for companies with environmental mission statements.

Consider scale carefully!

Remember Goldilocks: you don’t want too much or too little. This principle can be applied widely when planning an event to avoid waste while still accommodating your guests. Keep things simple and don’t leave yourself out of pocket and overburdened. Minimalism is chic, and better for the planet.

3 Unexpected Event Security Tips

Whether we’re talking cryptocurrency or bag searches, “security” has become something of a buzzword over the last few years. Regardless of your event’s type or size, you want to know that your attendees are safe, and they need that reassurance too. It’s tricky to strike the balance as either under or overegging your security measures can lead to an awkward or even uncomfortable experience for your guests, at best, or leave your event vulnerable to legitimate threats at worst. So how do we hit that security sweet spot?

Sometimes it’s unexpected touches that really make the difference. Here are some tips you might not have thought of – and some unexpected effects they could have on your ticketholders!

  1. Provide emergency response guides.

Think back to the last time you used air travel. Did you look at the air safety chart provided? Probably not. Did you listen to the stewards as they ran through the safety briefing? Maybe, but more likely you were thinking about your in-flight meal. But if you cast your mind back to your first ever flight, you probably paid a bit more attention!

In planning your event you should have created security plans and your staff should be well aware of any procedures or measures you have in place in case of emergencies or accidents. By publishing an emergency response guide for your guests you’re not only providing key information, you’re proving to your guests that their safety is at the front of your mind. Will they read them? Maybe, maybe not. But they have them if they need them, and you’ve won major brownie points.

  1. Provide an open channel of communication for your vendors

If you’re expecting to host vendors or exhibitors, you need to make sure you’re able to converse openly and honestly with them. This includes transparency with matters of security, and it should work both ways. By giving them an opportunity to raise queries and concerns, you allow them to alert you to potential issues.

These could vary massively from disgruntled former employees potentially causing a scene to the threat of organised protests from Facebook hate groups (both real examples!) Don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed question between your account manager and your clients. In this case, a simple “Do you have any security concerns we could keep in mind for you?” could avoid a huge amount of disruption, and it all starts with that key relationship.

  1. Use technology to your advantage

You know your event better than anyone, which should give you a decent insight to how your attendees and clients will behave too. However, nothing supports an educated guess better than cold, hard data.

Pre-registration will help you gauge numbers, which will help you anticipate how to best manage security. Making sure you know who’s at your event at any given time is key when it comes to evacuation plans, risk management and more, so why not consider self-service kiosks and lead generation apps, which will help you find out who’s checked in, where they’ve been and who they’ve spoken to, as well as allowing you to contact them directly via the app. Document management allows you to upload your security guides to the app, so your guests can have ready access to it at all times. You could even use you event apps to publish alerts, updates and advice. There are tons of ways you could use your event app to help keep your event safe and secure, so why not make the most of it?

Security is enormously important, and evolving threats mean we need to be creative with our solutions. To stay safe, we have to get smart.

Six Steps To Easy In-App Event Coffee

Need to deliver great coffee to your event attendees?

Want to avoid a coffee crush at morning, lunch or afternoon breaks?

Love a slick system that allows attendees to order their event coffee straight from their mobile device?

CrowdComms new in-app coffee ordering feature means event attendees can order their caffeine fix in moments and collect in seconds.

What you’ll need:

1 x CrowdComms event app

1 x Coffee Cart

1 x Brilliant Barista

How It Works:

1.CrowdComms add a nifty coffee order button to your branded event app

2. Attendees click on the coffee cup icon

3. Select their coffee type, milk and sugar (there’s a handy ‘notes’ box for additional requests)

4. Submit their coffee order

5. App confirms coffee is ‘in progress’

6. Attendees make their way to the coffee cart where your brilliant barista has their order ready for collection


Read how our in-app coffee ordering feature made a difference at a recent event.

Want to know how you can make coffee ordering easy at your next event? Get in touch!

Case Study: Event Engagement With Added Caffeine


Have you had your coffee fix today?

The 60% of Australians aged between 30 and 70 who drink coffee every day probably have!

Given coffee’s popularity, it’s no surprise it’s a non-negotiable feature at most events.  While catering to the caffeine demands of a small internal meeting is easy, things can get tricky for large events hosting hundreds or thousands of attendees.

Do you serve filter or barista brewed? How do you avoid long lines and over stretched service?  What happens to a large crowd when they’re deprived of caffeine?!

The coffee conundrum made us dig deeper to find out more about the Customer Engagement and Loyalty Conference that took place in Australia’s coffee capital, Melbourne.

We chatted to event organiser, Elizabeth Hanlon from Global Loyalty, about how they pulled off a caffeine masterstroke to boost event engagement!


CC: Hi Elizabeth, can you tell us a little more about your event?

Elizabeth: It’s the Customer Engagement and Loyalty Conference.  The event has been running for six years and provides information, discussion and networking opportunities.

Attendees tend to be people in senior, decision-making roles in marketing managers, loyalty and data analytics.

CC:  So, people who are very likely to expect, or rather need, coffee at an event?

Elizabeth: Absolutely! In the past we’d serve filter coffee, but we’d find that people were nipping out to get a ‘proper’ coffee.

Given the 2018 event was being held near Melbourne where there is a strong expectation for great coffee we felt filter wouldn’t fly with our attendees.

CC: Did you bring in a barista?

Elizabeth: We certainly did. We hired two coffee carts to cater the event. One would provide a walk-up service like a normal café. The other would deliver coffee orders made via our event app.

CC: Wow! A clever idea.

Elizabeth: I thought incorporating a coffee ordering element into the event app would not only make getting hold of a coffee a lot easier but it would also encourage downloads of the event app itself.

CrowdComms came up with a clean and simple ordering feature for the event app that was exactly what we were looking for.

CC: Did it work?

Elizabeth: It did, almost everyone downloaded the app! We also made coffee ordering part of our gamification strategy.

For every coffee attendees ordered they would receive 25pts and boost their place on the leaderboard. It definitely helped with event engagement.

CC: And how about the in-app ordering, was that a success?

Elizabeth: It went down so well. It was really easy to place an order. People could specify their coffee preference and milk type. The order went straight to the barista who worked from the list of incoming requests.

Attendees could order throughout the day so we had hardly any queuing.

CC: What was the attendee feedback like?

Elizabeth: They loved it! Attendees could order as many coffees as they liked.  I had plenty of people asking me “where can I pay for coffee?” They were delighted to find out it was free!

We planned on three coffees per person and came in just under that for the event.

CC: Did you get any sponsor feedback?

Elizabeth: Mastercard sponsored the coffee cart. While they didn’t give any specific feedback they had done this before so it obviously works for them.

CC: Finally, do you think the coffee ordering gave your event a strong point of difference?

Elizabeth: Definitely. Coffee is an instrumental part of many people’s day. Making sure attendees could get their daily cup easily (and for free!) helped create a lovely, positive vibe throughout the event.

New Appointment: Vanessa Bishop, Commercial Director

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Vanessa Bishop to the role of Commercial Director (Australia, New Zealand and Asia).

As CrowdComms’ Client Relationship Manager, Vanessa has been instrumental in growing the Australia business for over five years.  Consolidating over twenty years’ tech industry experience with a passion for events, Vanessa has generated trusted relationships with key brands and organisations across the region. Her energy and creativity is always channelled into delivering the perfect event tech solution for our partners.

While Vanessa will continue to work with existing clients, this new role will see her bring a strategic vision and strong leadership to the business that will ensure CrowdComms’ success as we continue to evolve and grow.


Role Opportunity: Business Development Manager (Australia)

Role: Business Development Manager (Australia)

Location: Brookvale, Sydney, 2100

Salary: Competitive (plus commission)


The Opportunity

This is an opportunity for an enthusiastic and experienced business development professional to join CrowdComms Sydney as a Business Development Manager. 

Our business is growing rapidly. We need the right individual to capitalise on existing opportunities and develop new leads for the future. 

The Low Down

We’re looking for a passionate, fun and outgoing individual to grow CrowdComms’ client base. 

You will build key customer relationships through networking and cold calling, identify business opportunities, negotiate and close business deals and maintain extensive knowledge of current market conditions.

You will also take responsibility for managing existing relationships and ensure clients stay satisfied and positive. 

Who We Need

To be successful in this position you will have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum 1-2 years of sales or marketing experience. 

Plus, experience managing the sales process, including client facing meetings. The ability to manage multiple projects at one time.  Amazing written and verbal communication skills and an independent and knowledge-hungry work ethos.

A sound knowledge of app technology is a bonus.

Australian citizenship or permanent residency is a must. 

What You Will Get From CrowdComms

Generous salary and benefits package. We are a family-friendly organisation that supports flexible working arrangements. 

Invaluable experience working for CrowdComms, a brand renowned in the events industry for forward thinking event tech and exemplary service.

The opportunity to be part of a young, open-minded and diverse team. Our people are excited to come to work every day and are passionate about what they do and the clients they help.

If you think you have what it takes to shape CrowdComms’ future, send us your CV along with a covering email outlining why you’re the perfect fit to:

Why Registration Kiosks Will Transform Your Event

What does a traditional event start look like?  Attendees standing in long lines? Time consuming manual registration processed by lots of event staff? Trestle tables lined with badges and lanyards? Paper! Heaps of paper?

Till now, the start of most events has been a process; get people through the door and into the event without incurring (too much) time and frustration for organisers and attendees alike.

We believe first impressions count. It’s why CrowdComms Australia is thrilled to announce the arrival of its self-printing registration kiosks.

Now the start of your event can be an experience rather than a process!

Let’s Take a Look

CrowdComms registration kiosks are fully customisable and beautifully designed.  Whether you’re running a small networking function, an international conference or exhibition, our self-printing registration kiosks will deliver an engaging and efficient experience to your attendees. Plus you’ll get that all important ‘wow factor’ that will set your event apart.

Digitally enabled, our kiosks allow your guests to check-in and self-print their event badges in moments. You can manage pre-event and onsite registrations.  Attendees who turn up on the day can register for the event and print their badge via the kiosk.

A fast check-in means less time spent waiting in lines. Plus, you can have as many or as few kiosks as you need (our experienced team can help you work out exactly how many kiosks will be right for your event). No more over-stretched registration staff trying to service eager attendees who are keen to get started.

How Do They Work?

Ready and waiting from the moment your guests arrive, CrowdComms registration kiosks are configured via a single digital platform.

Spot a typo? Need to change an item detail? No problem. Updates can be made in real-time via the digital platform.  Plus, if attendees lose their badge during the event they can return to the kiosk where our team will help them re-print their badge in seconds.

In addition to the intuitive administration, the kiosks allow you to monitor foot traffic and attendee flow as it happens.

Valuable Returns

A clever and engaging start to your event is sure to boost positive word-of-mouth and generate some serious feel-goods in your attendees.

The kiosk’s customisable design also gives sponsors a new and prominent space to showcase their brand. With plenty of branding options available, sponsors will be delighted by the opportunity to connect with each and every attendee right from the very start of the event.

Wait…there’s more!

While the kiosks deliver a whopping ‘wow factor’ as a standalone feature, they are even more powerful when used in conjunction with our event app.    The data collected by the app is seamlessly transferred to the event app which means sponsors can scan badges for lead capture.

Attendees can also scan their badges as they enter event sessions, which allows for comprehensive attendee tracking.

Want to get your next event off to an amazing start? Contact us NOW!


Case-Study: How Interactive Mapping Makes Event Navigation Easy

The Event

Farm World 2018.  Attracting over 55,000 visitors and more than 800 exhibitors, this four day event is a must-attend for anyone interested in growing, raising and harvesting.

The event is renowned for its forward thinking focus. Attendees can see the latest in equipment and technology, learn about sustainable gardening and connect with experts.

Where In The World

Lardner Park, Victoria, Australia.

Hosting over 120 events per year, Lardner Park supports a diverse range of celebrations and conferences. Whether they are holding weddings or music festivals, business functions or exhibitions, Lardner Park has a commitment to making a positive ethical and environmental impact.

Event Challenges

Event organisers needed an event app that would help visitors navigate the large event site quickly and easily.  With a huge range of diverse attractions and information stands, visitors needed an information source that would be simple and clear to use.

Event Tech Solution

Our biggest challenge was working with the sizeable event details.  With so much information to include we had to make sure everything was easy to locate, both within the app and the event itself.

Searchable Format

Breaking the event down into distinct categories (e.g. equestrian expo and exhibitors) we then organised the relevant detail so it was clear and ‘searchable’.

Each exhibitor app entry included map location details, plus a handy bookmark feature that would allow attendees to flag which exhibitors they would like to visit during the event.

Interactive Mapping

The Farmworld app was one of the first to use our wayfinder interactive mapping. The extent of the site meant getting around could be a challenge.  To help visitors get from A-to-B, we built an interactive map that would show app users the route they needed to take.


1.For large and complex events, breaking event information down into definable categories makes a big difference to attendees’ event experience.  For example, if you have a car exhibition, showing detail by vehicle make and model will enable attendees to see exactly what they want.

2. Always plan your event app with the user experience in mind. What challenges does your event present to attendees (e.g. location size, agenda complexity)? How can your event app help manage those challenges? Interactive mapping, agendas and real-time updates are all features that can turn the complex into the straightforward.

3. Allow plenty of time to collate your data for the app. Large events in particular will need a reasonable lead time to get the information together so the app can be launched ahead of the event kick-off.

What They Said

“Very happy with CrowdComms service and support.”

Josh Last, Lardner Park




New To The Team: Nikki Gittins, Operations Manager

Our people are the heart of our business. Everything we do is thanks to the talented and passionate folk in the CrowdComms team who work tirelessly to deliver awesome event tech solutions to our amazing clients.

CrowdComms is constantly on the look out for outstanding individuals to join the team. Our talent scouts in Australia had their eye on Nikki Gittins for a while. A long-standing Project Manager at Apple, Nikki had an impressive market reputation for diligent and creative project management skills. Coupled with tech smarts, great work ethic and sound leadership, we knew Nikki would be the perfect fit for us. 

So, when Nikki was looking for a fresh challenge with a nimble, forward thinking tech organisation, we made it our mission to get her on board as our new Operations Manager.

Let’s meet her!

Hey there Nikki! Welcome to the team: 

Hey there too!  I’m Nikki Gittins, originally from the UK (southern part) but have been in Australia for over 18 years now.

What made you move to Australia?

I was very keen to see more of the world and I reached a certain point in my life where it was a good time for me to take a bit of a break. I decided to pack everything up in the UK and get my working VISA in Australia, that was 18 years ago and I never went home! 

Tell us about the highlights of your 20 years’ in tech and project management: 

Wow 20 years!  When you say it like that it sounds like a really long time but it feels like it went by like a flash. 

When I left university, I started working in the airline industry which is where I first got involved with IT and project management.

From there I went to work for Dell in Australia. It was a disruptive time because Dell started the off-shore call centres in India. I was sent to India to set up the call centres’ back office systems. I was there for nearly a year, by myself as the first person from Australia Dell to go to India and set up our business there. 

After this adventure, I came back to Sydney and needed a change of environment and went to Apple. I started off in their professional services team and set up their project management office. Apple is such a dynamic company and you know that whatever you’re learning now is going to be different within 6 months. I was there for eleven years. I spent a lot of time overseas, including time in Singapore, China and the US.

It was great being part of a global team and I made lots of connections in the US, but after a over decade at Apple I was hungry for a different experience in a smaller organisation.

We’re so glad you chose CrowdComms! What’s your impression so far?

It’s dynamic and growing very quickly! 

I’ve joined at a point when the business is expanding fast and the systems need to evolve at the same rate.  It’s a case of understanding what the needs are and then building appropriate processes, resources and systems. 

It’s fun, it’s young and it’s a good team to be a part of. It’s great to be able to make a difference within the team and optimising processes.

With all the secrecy around Apple, a lot of people weren’t privy to new product details and therefore a lot of things were out of your control. You couldn’t influence these things and just had to accept it, whereas at CrowdComms there is an opportunity to influence everything, work hard and contribute to exciting new services and solutions.

What specific skills will we see you implement at CrowdComms? 

There is methodology that I’ve used in previous roles that I will implement, for instance analysing process, managing priorities and resource allocation. 

At Apple I learnt to map everything out, so getting clarity how everything works from A to Z.  This really helps to address and quickly highlight where things could be breaking down, needs help or where the priorities are.  It’s also good to draw on that and to visually show people how the business is operating i.e. if we make this change here, then this will be the result.

What goals will you be kicking at CrowdComms?

I want to help the business continue to grow by ensuring our production team stays effective, efficient and responsive. 

This will make sure clients return to us event after event, which is a great story for our sales team to tell when they’re talking to prospective clients.

What are things do you like to do besides work? What makes you happy and gives you positive energy?

I have a 5-year-old daughter, so doing personal stuff is a bit more limited. In my spare time, I do like to go to the gym. I like to go bush walking, hang out with friends, dinners, go camping, drink wine. I want to learn to swim properly this year, to be able to do proper breathing and the crawl. I want to do the Manly to Freshie swim. That’s my goal for the summer. 

Finally, tell us something about you we don’t know!

My current home hobby is making Kombucha and while I was doing this it made me interested in chemical processes and brewing things. Beer might be one of my new projects soon!

CrowdComms Event App Featured At The ASEAN Summit

In March 2018, Australia hosted its first Summit with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).  The Special Summit included Leaders of  the Member States and the Secretary-General of ASEAN.  The importance of the event and its significance in terms of future relationships was recognised by the Australian Government,

“The Special Summit will mark a new era in our partnership. It will build on our deep legacy of economic cooperation, political dialogue, and the natural interweaving of our people to establish a contemporary, outward-looking partnership for the rapidly changing world we live in.”

CrowdComms was thrilled to help the Summit Taskforce stage the Leaders’ Summit (the centrepiece of the Special Summit) and the Business Summit.  The latter being  a series of key business focused events that formed part of the lead-in to the Leader’s Summit.

The Summit Taskforce comprised of government special advisors charged with organising the event.

One Portal, Multiple Events

The Special Summit needed separate event apps that would support each indiviudal forum but sit within a single branded portal.

With attendee connections and information exchange a high priority, the event app had to support networking, activity feeds and interactive session details.

The Events 

The Business Summit complemented the initiative’s objectives by providing specific forums to foster trade opportunites, knowledge exchange and regional prosperity.

The CEO Forum and SME Conference gave focus to economic integration, supply chain and export opportunites amongst other important issues.

The Leaders’ Summit was the focal event. This was where ASEAN leaders came together to discuss challenges and opportunities relating to economic prosperity, security and people.

Specific Challenges

Security and Confidentiality

Given the nature of the event, adherence to the Taskforce’s confidentiality agreement was paramount. Each CrowdComms team member working on the project signed the necessary documentation.

Within the office we isolated the event project team in designated spaces so event discussion could take place freely and without risking innappropriate disclosure.                                               

Onsite Support 

As a major first time event the Taskforce had to make sure every event element was properly established and executed.  The Taskforce therefore required onsite technical support for the duration of the event app build. 

CrowdComms provided onsite technical expertise courtesy of our experienced production specialist, Alex Heath.

Over a period of 3 weeks, Alex spent time with the Taskforce in Canberra to make sure the event app functionality and user exerience was perfect and ready to launch at the first event.

Responsive Build

A week before the Business Summit launch, the Taskforce made a decision to include an appointment booking feature within the event app. This would mean attendees could book specific times with exhibitors to ensure a smooth and steady visitor flow.

CrowdComms built the required feature within the timeframe, making sure it was fully tested prior to launch.

Successful Outcome

The pre-event work and collabration ensured that the portal and its event apps supported the specific requirments of every event.

CrowdComms facilitated the meeting and scheduling of the SME Conference, which included 400 meetings scheduled with 14 different governing bodies.

The CEO Forum app connected influential CEOs from Australia and ASEAN and supported discussions around business opportunities and best practices regarding ASEAN market engagement.

For the Leaders’ Summit we ensured the event app would provide detailed information about the day’s agenda.  Attendees could access information regarding security and the biographies of the Leaders of Member States.  Additional useful information was stored and made available to support staff who would manage each Leader’s personal itinerary.

Key Promotion 

Australia’s Prime Minister, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, included the event app as part of his welcome speech.  The introduction provide to be a powerful useage prompt and ensured nearly 1,000 people accessed the app.

What They Said 

“On behalf of the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit Taskforce I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to CrowdComms. CrowdComms played a pivotal role to providing a positive experience to our invited guests.

In particular I would like to recognise the excellent work that Alex Heath and Vanessa Bishop undertook in supporting the Taskforce and our events, as well as their support staff. The team showed the highest levels of professionalism and were wonderful to work with throughout the engagement period. The Prime Minister commented quite favourably on the event app which reflects on the diligence and extensive experience of your team.” Louise Perez, Head of Operations – ASEAN Taskforce

Position Vacancy: Production Support Specialist

We’re looking for a motivated tech enthusiastic who will help our clients produce amazing events.  Are you the Production Support Specialist we’re looking for?

A Bit About Us:

CrowdComms is changing the way attendees experience events. We deliver everything an attendee needs to know straight to their smartphone or tablet.

Clients such as eBay, CBA and Domino’s Pizza, plus some of the biggest conferences and associations, use CrowdComms to enhance the attendee experience at their events.

Thousands of event planners and millions of attendees use our event apps across the globe. We get a kick out of offering market-leading support and making our clients and app users smile.

The Opportunity:

This is an opportunity for an enthusiastic and experienced production specialist to join CrowdComms as an Production Support Specialist.

We need a passionate, fun and outgoing individual to be part of a dynamic team. You’ll educate others about technology, build relationships and continue to grow CrowdComms’ international client base.

Join CrowdComms and help change the way the world meets and learns at live events.

The Low Down:

As a part of the the CrowdComms’ Sydney Production Team you’ll work with the Sales team, Developers and Designers to manage and create end-to-end event app solutions.

You’ll connect with our amazing clients and support them throughout their event lifecycle. You’ll proactively manage the development, the delivery of the app solution and even have the opportunity to attend the event and see your work in action onsite and make sure they are a success.

Specific activities will include:

  • Capture client requirements and establish a production project plan
  • Liaise with key stakeholders and manage the project deliverables
  • Maintain clear lines of communication with the client with regards to the app build process
  • Conduct application training with clients – online or face-to-face
  • Manage a portfolio of projects of varying size and complexity
  • Ensure every app goes through the company Quality Control (QC) process
  • Attending events as and when required; typically to provide an app concierge service as well as working with the event AV team to facilitate elements such as Live Polling and Q&A
  • Managing all client data in accordance with GDPR legislation

A Bit About You:

Think you’ve got what it takes? Here are some of the awesome qualities and skill-sets you’ll demonstrate:

  • Project management experience, preferably in a production environment
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Experience supporting the sales process, including client facing meetings
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at one time
  • Amazing written and verbal communication skills
  • Independent and knowledge-hungry work ethos
  • Love of app technology
  • Working knowledge of Excel and Photoshop
  • Creative thinking, particularly regarding support process improvement
  • Flexible approach to travel (office and external events)
  • Previous client support experience including an empathetic and caring approach to problem solving and helping others

What you will get from CrowdComms:

  • Invaluable experience working for CrowdComms, a brand renowned in the events industry for forward thinking event tech and exemplary service.
  • The opportunity to be part of a young, open-minded and diverse team. Our people are excited to come to work every day and are passionate about what they do and the clients they help.
  • Working in an environment where you will be encouraged to learn everyday in order to enhance your skillset and expertise, and grow as a professional in your field.

Want to make this opportunity all yours? Dazzle us with your resume and covering email here.