Virtual Business Cards: The Easiest Way to Exchange Contact Details at Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Events

As part of the CrowdComms Virtual and Hybrid Event Platform and Mobile Event App, virtual business cards are now... well, on the cards.

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Do you, like us, question the relevance of physical business cards when it’s time to order another print run for the next event, exhibition or trade show? In this digital age, it’s not unreasonable to want to re-evaluate their usefulness, especially when we’re all mindful of keeping costs down, not only in terms of budget but also in terms of carbon footprint.

However much we deliberate over this, there is no doubt that business cards are still an important tool for networking, establishing connections and marketing your business or brand. 

Whether you are attending a virtual, hybrid or in-person event, you still need to be able to exchange contact details with potential clients, suppliers and generally interesting people. Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change to avoid stashing small paper cards in a handy pocket, only to forget about their existence until you remove them in their soggy state after a 30° wash cycle?

Do we have a solution? Oh yes. 

As part of the CrowdComms Virtual and Hybrid Event Platform and Mobile Event App, virtual business cards are now… well, on the cards. 

Customisation: Make Yourself Memorable

Out of sight and out of mind? With the fast-paced nature of events and the many quick connections that we make while we are trying to take in sessions, exhibitor offerings and enough coffee breaks, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and lose momentum with those key people you had hoped to forge a lasting impression with.  

By making a statement in the design of your business card, it is easier for people to remember you, and they are more likely to reach out post-event. 

In addition to the fundamentals such as being able to add contact details and your social media information, our virtual business cards can be totally customised to reflect your personality or that of your brand. 

Within the parameters set by the event organisers, delegates can design their own cards and customise what information they would like to display. From the event organiser’s perspective, it is easy to set up and control the options available to attendees via our Dashboard. 

How do Virtual Business Cards Work?

Our customisable business cards are designed with delegate engagement in mind and once set up, can be left, in their virtual form, anywhere around the Event App. 

Whether the event is in-person, virtual or a mixture of the two, cards can be scanned, swapped with other delegates, or left behind digitally at exhibitor stands. Attendees, sponsors and exhibitors can build a list of contacts to download and take away from the event. 

Your stack of collected cards is safely stored within your profile page on the CrowdComms App, ready for when you need it. 

Sorry washing machine, you’re not getting them this time!


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