The Event App is Back!

While the event app didn’t leave us over the last few years, it certainly took a back seat while virtual event technology did the heavy lifting connecting remote attendees. Now in-person events are back in full-swing, the event app is reclaiming its title as the event industry’s most essential piece of tech.

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While the event app didn’t leave us over the last few years, it certainly took a back seat while virtual event technology did the heavy lifting connecting remote attendees.

Now in-person events are back in full-swing, the event app is reclaiming its title as the event industry’s most essential piece of tech.

Here’s why:

We Expect to See Them

With over 6.64 billion (83% of the global population) people owning a mobile device worldwide, app useage continues to rise. Mobile device users spend around 88% of their time engaging with apps.  The average smartphone user is accessing 10 apps a day.

And it’s not just young people. From Gen Zs to Boomers, mobile app useage is popular across every generation .

Whether we’re catching-up on news, researching recipes or chatting with friends, the chances are we’re using an app to do it.

It’s no wonder that most event attendees are tech-savvy mobile users…and expect an app at their events.

They Keep Us Updated

Of course, there are ways other than an app to communicate with event attendees.

Planners can build a website and publish relevant event information there.  They can also supplement with on-site paper brochures and event programs.

However, let’s say an event planner pulls in a rockstar speaker at the last minute.  How will attendees know?   Communicating the change is probably going to need an email (and we all know how tricky it is to get people to open emails).

Good quality event apps have real-time functionality, including pop-ups and alerts. So, if you’re suddenly able to add a live band to the entertainment schedule, the event app will send out an alert to let attendees know.

And because most of us spend an average of 5-6 hours (yikes!) looking at our phones, an event alert is unlikely to be missed.  

Sponsors LOVE Them!

Paper based banners and posters still have that visual ‘wow’ factor.  A brightly coloured, 12ft high banner will grab attention at any event.

But can it give sponsors the granular data they want?  While physical banners have impact, an event app tells sponsors exactly how much traction their digital sponsorship achieved.

The event app will tell them a range of engagement metrics, such as click-through rates, time spent on branded pages, and lead generation stats.

The event app also works hard to make sure sponsor branding has high-impact throughout the event. Rotating banners, pop-ups, sponsored videos, and URLs all help ensure the promotional mix is kept fresh and varied from event start to event close, and beyond…


So, the event is finished, but that doesn’t mean attendee engagement needs to end there.

Modern event apps have evolved beyond a go-to tool for discrete events. 

The event app is a great way to build event loyalty and keep the attendee and sponsor connections humming for as long as you need, even year-round.

Savvy event planners are now using event apps as a community platform where attendees can continue to network, engage with sponsors, and access fresh content long after the event doors have closed.

They’re Well Connected

Pick a comprehensive and experienced tech partner, like CrowdComms, and you can look forward to a streamlined service where attendees are looked after from registration to post-event survey.

Our intuitive event app syncs seamlessly with our registration platform and badge-printing check in kiosks.  Smooth and secure data transfer makes sure planners can track the attendee journey at every stage.

This easy integration means planners can avoid wrangling multiple platforms, while attendees enjoy a frictionless event experience with a single and secure log-in.

And They Connect Us!

Event apps don’t just make great digital connections, they make great human connections too!

With networking being one of the biggest drawcards at any conference, an event app allows attendees to maximise their networking time by making targeted connections.

Digital profiles, instant messaging, private and group chat channels all help attendees find the people they want to engage with.

These discussions can continue for as long as the event app is live.  As planners adopt the community platform approach, the event networking can continue within the app.

Fresh content added throughout the year (such as a streamed panel discussion) can spark new discussions and debates.  How exciting to keep the networking and engagement momentum going, especially in the run-up to the next event!

They Offer Global Reach

An event app isn’t just for on-site attendees, there’s plenty to engage remote attendees too, wherever they are in the world.

Don’t worry, remote attendees aren’t just limited to watching while on-site attendees have all the fun.

CrowdCommms’ interactive features mean they can watch live-streamed videos from on-site speakers, post questions via live Q&A, participate in polling, and network in our amazing virtual networking rooms.

The event app is a key part of our hybrid event solution that enables remote and on-site attendees to enjoy a shared event experience.

Event Apps Save Money (and Trees)

While event apps deliver huge benefits in terms of the attendee and sponsor experience, importantly for planners and organisers – they save money, particularly when working with a single service provider.

Having all your event info in one space, including the ability to update and communicate changes in real-time, reduces hours manually inputting data into multiple platforms and/or organising a last-minute paper programme re-print when the event agenda/transport timetable/speaker roster changes at very short-notice (stressful just thinking about it).  

Printed material is particularly expensive, so swapping to a digital platform that can be reused for multiple events makes sense.  And what a great way to boost an event’s environmental credentials too!  Reducing paper waste is a big plus for sustainability, something many attendees are keen to see at every event.

In Summary

The must-have event app is once again delivering the event experience and return on investment that attendees, sponsors and organisers need. Look for a comprehensive supplier who can deliver streamlined service throughout the event to avoid juggling multiple platforms and suppliers.

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