Awesome Benefits of Seamless Event Tech

Most event organisers want their attendees to experience the event as an easy flow of friction-free interactions. While that’s definitely possible with disparate services, there may be a lot more work involved and more potential for things to go wrong.

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It’s probably easier to list who wasn’t in attendance at London’s Confex 2023!

A hot ticket for event professionals from across the industry, CrowdComms joined thousands of like-minded event enthusiasts and professionals for three days of in-depth discussion, networking and innovative thinking.

As we’re passionate about finding ways to make life easier for event organisers and planners, the CrowdComms team paid close attention to the Event Tech Innovations session where seamless event tech rated as the number one event tech challenge for event planners.  

What’s so Good About Seamless Event Tech?  

Maybe let’s start by flipping that around and asking what can be problematic about a seam-full event tech solution!

If you’re thinking about running an event, chances are you’ll have an event tech shopping list. 

Your list may include:

When ‘shopping’ for these items you can easily hop online and choose a set of services and platforms from a range of providers. 

The problem is, that when put together, the solution may end up as a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster: a set of disparate parts that work OK independently, but when bolted together create a clunky and difficult to manage whole.

You may end up having to work with multiple different service teams. Wrangle off-the-shelf solutions with no service support, and use third-party add-ons to try and get each system to ‘talk’ to each other.

Most event organisers want their attendees to experience the event as an easy flow of friction-free interactions. While that’s definitely possible with disparate services, there may be a lot more work involved and more potential for things to go wrong.

What does a Seamless Event Tech Solution Look Like?

Ideally, your seamless solution is either delivered by a single provider, or organised by a single provider.

This means someone can deliver every element of your event tech requirements OR deliver most of your event tech requirements and take responsibility for including third-party platforms with a seam-free integration. For example, the supplier provides the check-in and badge-printing kiosks with a third-party registration integration. 

Why is it Beneficial?

In short, seamless solutions save time, money and enhance the attendee and event stakeholder experience.

The Event Experience

The primary goal of any event is to provide a memorable and positive experience to attendees (and organisers!). This can be related to the incredible event content, awesome networking opportunities and must-see keynote speakers.

It can also be about what attendees and stakeholders don’t experience:

  • Difficult to use event apps,
  • Zero data transfer between registration and check-in,
  • Tech platforms with entirely different interfaces and user experiences.

Seamless event tech solutions should provide a smooth and user-friendly experience to attendees, sponsors and planners. From registration to networking, the event technology will simplify the process so users can move from one point to the next with ease:

  • Data is transferred, so there’s no need to keep entering the same information over and over,
  • Event branding makes each element look slick and professional, and
  • A single provider means simple and time-efficient delivery.
Streamlined Event Planning

You don’t need us to tell you that event planning involves a multitude of tasks!  

The more these tasks can be streamlined, the more efficient and effective your event planning and delivery.

Event management software can automate tasks such as registration, badge-printing QR code allocation, and attendee tracking.  Or, how about a great quality event app that delivers a wide range of features within the app (like a personalised agenda, interactive mapping and post-event surveys) reducing the need to find, manage and deliver multiple platforms for these functions.

Streamlined services boost productivity. Automating and scheduling services in advance allows you to organise event features ahead of time, meaning a few less things to worry about on event day!

Real-time Data

Access to real-time data is a powerful tool that allows event planners to control their event – even as it’s happening.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say…

…all your event sessions are packed out with attendees. Well, all but one session. You know it’s a great session. It has an awesome speaker covering hot industry topics, but the attendance numbers are looking a little low. That’s OK. You’re just going to jump onto your CMS and broadcast a notification in real-time to encourage attendees to show-up, so they don’t miss out on some awesome content. How can you do this? Well, your tech solution told you in real-time the attendance for that session was lower than expected. And because it had a real-time pop-up feature, you could take immediate action to boost attendee interest.

It’s not the whole story though. Seamless event tech means you can take a deeper dive to figure out why such a great session had too few attendees.

Transferring attendee check-in data to the event app enables planners to see the full picture. They can see individual session attendance as a percentage of the total number of attendees, then start to look at why some session received stronger support than others. 

In the example above, the session may have been immediately before or after lunch. Or perhaps it was in a hard-to-find venue room, or what if attendees simply weren’t interested in the topic?  To find the exact reasons why, planners can ask targeted questions in the post-event survey and analyse patterns of behaviour across multiple events.

These data insights can help event organisers understand key patterns, such as most popular sessions, and which exhibitors generate the most interest. Or, how attendees travelled to the event and what was their preferred type of accommodation.

With access to real-time data that is available from the moment attendees sign-up, planners can use this information to shape event content, adjust staffing levels, and improve exhibitor ROI.

Cost Efficiencies

Seamless event tech solutions can be extremely cost effective.  

Buying a solution from a single provider can deliver economies of scale, which can make seamless event tech better value than purchasing multiple different platforms.

A single solution can also alleviate pressure on resources. Communicating with a single expert contact who knows the system from start to finish is a lot easier than dealing with multiple people from different service providers.  

This is especially true if something goes wrong. For example, if your check-in kiosks fail to update attendee data within your event app, this is potentially an easy fix for a seamless event tech provider. If your kiosk supplier is different to your event app provider, it could be a big headache trying to work out who is responsible for sorting the problem.

In Summary

It’s no wonder planners believe that seamless event tech solutions can be crucial for successful events. They can enhance the attendee experience, streamline event planning, provide real-time data insights, and improve event ROI.

CrowdComms has a range of seamless solutions for in-person, hybrid and virtual events. Our flexible event tech can create custom solutions that enable organisers to create memorable, successful and cost-effective events that leave a lasting impression on attendees.


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