The BACP Annual Winter Staff Day: A High-Quality Hybrid Event Designed to Connect Colleagues

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"The functionality around engagement for online delegates was amazing with the CrowdComms hybrid platform."

About BACP

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is a registered charity and membership association for counselling professionals in the UK. BACP promotes and facilitates research to produce trusted best practice and provides a robust framework to ensure the profession follows and adheres to the highest possible standards that protect individuals seeking therapy.  

The Event

BACP hold an annual winter staff day to bring people together and celebrate the year’s achievements. In the days before covid, these events were held in person and migrated to a virtual format during the height of the pandemic. As with many organisations, the rise in remote working has resulted in a large percentage of staff being recruited from outside of the organisation’s immediate office areas. Following the pandemic, BACP’s events needed to consider colleagues who couldn’t easily journey to the same physical venue. Also, with uncertainty around a potential surge in covid over the winter months, some delegates naturally felt more comfortable attending online.   

A hybrid event format was the ideal solution. After struggling to deliver high-quality streaming via in-house equipment, the event organisers decided to partner with CrowdComms, knowing that they would be in safe hands. 

An Award-Winning Hybrid Platform Centred Around Attendee Experience

“We decided to bring in industry professionals to show everyone what hybrid events could really offer.” 

With celebration at the forefront of the organisers’ minds, the key themes of fun and engagement were woven throughout every aspect of the day. The virtual keynote presentation was streamed live to the audience via the CrowdComms Virtual and Hybrid Event Platform. Remote attendees were able to connect with each other, and those attending in person, through engagement features such as chat and Q&A. 

A successful hybrid event connects and considers both audiences, ensuring everyone feels that their voice can be heard.  BACP’s winter staff event was a great example of this in action, and attendees described their experience with the technology as ‘slick‘ and ‘engaging‘! 

The use of breakout sessions enabled online delegates to get together to share their experiences and catch up with each other, a feature that was highly appreciated and more closely replicated the in-person experience. Those who could not attend due to planned leave enjoyed content on-demand via our platform’s streaming library.   

Experts Always in Your Corner

“The CrowdComms team were patient and reliable. We felt comfortable asking for advice.” 

We know we say this a lot, but our goal for every platform we create is that it helps our clients to deliver their best events possible. The event organisers at BACP appreciated the time we took to thoroughly understand their event goals and requirements, and how happy our team were to schedule as many pre-event meetings as was necessary to ensure total client confidence.  

On event day, seemingly small but essential elements of excellent service were highly valued by the team at BACP; being prompt for set-up, ensuring everything was ready before sessions were due to go live and providing emotional support to the organisers who were keeping a lot of plates spinning. With our experience of eleven years in events, we’ve been involved in all aspects of event production and know what’s at stake, meaning we’ll do whatever it takes to lighten the load and ensure your event runs smoothly. 

“Working with CrowdComms was a fantastic experience.” 

Thank you to BACP for providing us with their feedback for this case study. Please take a look at their website to learn more about them.  

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