Driving Attendee Engagement With a Mobile Event App

What do you look for in a mobile event app? What is your main reason for using one at your event? Well, 80% of event planners said that their number one reason for choosing to use a mobile event app was to maximise event attendee engagement.

Of course, this will not come as a surprise to you - but what’s the best strategy to maximise the engagement opportunities your event app presents? Follow these tips to find out how:

1. Promote Early

Promoting your event app at the right time is essential in achieving maximum engagement. Be sure to send out your promotional campaign around two weeks before the star of your event. This will allow your attendees to access and familiarise themselves with your event app before the event. They will then be far more likely to utilise the event app as an engagement tool at your event.

2. Live Polling

Live polling during sessions will now be very familiar to your attendees. They will naturally want to participate in sessions and have their say, a mobile event app allows them to do that. Since they’ll have downloaded the event app beforehand, they will be able to immediately access polling questions. Voting and rating via the event app is an excellent way for attendees to engage with your event content.

3. Q&A

Offering attendees, the opportunity to ask speakers questions via your event app is an excellent way to boost engagement. A Q&A feature will allow attendees to ask questions anonymously and ‘like’ others’ questions that mean the most to them. It’s easy to run at a live event and is always a great success with attendees and speakers.

4. Event App Gaming

Including a game on your mobile event app can be an excellent way to drive engagement. It can be used as an educational tool in the form of a quiz, or it could hold a scavenger hunt. The event app will track all of your attendees’ points throughout the event and display them on a live leader board. This will drive engagement as your attendees’ competitive natures kick in.

Jasmine Stroud-Allen