What is an Event App?

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Everyone dives into discussing features, pretty designs and magical features of an event app, but does everyone know what an event app is?

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You can watch our Managing Director, Matt Allen and Product Director Will Custard discussing “What is an event app” in our latest event advice video.  

In the conversation between Matt & Will, they discuss the transformative power of these digital tools and how they are revolutionising the way we connect and interact at various events – from conferences to trade shows, festivals and everything in between.  

So, what makes event apps an indispensable tool in today’s event landscape? Read on. 

What exactly is an Event App?

It’s a comprehensive term, but at its core, a mobile event app serves as a valuable instrument for attendees, whether they are delegates, exhibitors, sponsors, or organisers.  

The essence of an event app lies in its ability to foster engagement, share critical event information, and enable networking opportunities before, during, and after an event between participants. 

The utility of event apps extends beyond mere schedules; they encompass the full spectrum of audience interaction, providing a one-stop event solution for all things event-related.  

From accessing detailed information about exhibitors to real-time updates on sessions, event apps are transforming the event-going experience into something more efficient and interactive. 

App benefits for different event stakeholders 

Each participant in an event ecosystem has unique needs that event apps cater to meticulously: 

Delegates: Ease in scheduling meetings, viewing exhibitor profiles, and planning their participation in various sessions all through a few taps on their device. 

Exhibitors: A platform to create intentional connections with attendees, market their offerings effectively, and measure engagement. 

Organisers: A centralised channel for broadcasting pertinent information, curating personalised agendas, and facilitating smooth operations for a successful event. 

Client Diversity and Use Cases 

Whether it’s a corporate giant like Deloitte hosting its annual conference, or a 10,000-person strong festival sharing the complex schedules, vendors wayfinding, or a large-scale trade show connecting businesses and consumers, the adaptability of event apps knows no bounds.  

How do different event types engage with an event app? 

Conferences: Conferences can leverage event apps to streamline registration processes, enhance networking opportunities through personalised agendas and facilitate live Q&A sessions or interact with audiences with live polls.  

Festivals: Mobile event apps can help festival-goers navigate a sea of vendors, food trucks and stages with ease while providing real-time updates on artist performances and activities. You can also use event apps to find your friends at an events! 

Trade Shows: Exhibitors at trade shows can utilise event apps to capture leads, schedule meetings and enhance their visibility among a sea of competitors while attendees can make the most of their visit by organising meetings, planning their routes with a wayfinding feature and easily searchable exhibitor list. 

These use cases underscore the flexibility of event apps – tailored and configurable to meet the nuanced demands of each event type and it’s something we do here at CrowdComms https://www.crowdcomms.com/event-technology/mobile-event-app/ creating event apps that deliver to differing audience needs.  

Enhancing the Attendee Experience

It’s not enough to simply gather people; the success of an event is often measured by how engaged and satisfied the attendees are.  

This is where event apps truly shine.  

By integrating interactive features such as Q&A, live polling, and feedback surveys, mobile event apps offer attendees a voice and a chance to influence event proceedings, making for a more dynamic and inclusive experience.  

Additionally, built-in networking functionalities allow attendees to connect with one another, share contact information, and continue conversations even after the event wraps up, reinforcing the long-term value of an event.  

App content personalisation is another significant advantage. With the ability to tailor their agendas and receive recommendations based on their interests, attendees can navigate the event in a way that best aligns with their personal or professional goals. 

Maximising Value for Exhibitors and Sponsors 

Exhibitors and sponsors are crucial stakeholders in any event and event apps serve as a transformative tool, enabling them to reach their objectives with unparalleled precision.  

For exhibitors, the app provides a digital showroom where they can showcase their products, share branded content, and interact with attendees. This leads to increased visibility and a more profound brand impression. Sponsors, on the other hand, benefit from heightened exposure through various app features like splash screens, sponsored posts, or virtual goodie bags that drive attendees’ attention to their brand. 

Exhibitors can also capture leads (lead retrieval) that allow them to collect and manage potential customer information from a trade show or conference seamlessly, which is crucial for measuring ROI and helps in refining strategies for future events.  

Sponsors could customise their app presence to align with their marketing goals. They can take advantage of push notifications, interactive ads, or sponsored sessions to create memorable interactions. Engaging with attendees through the app can significantly increase the chances of converting them into leads or even loyal customers. 

For both exhibitors and sponsors, the connectivity that event apps offer results in more meaningful and long-lasting relationships with attendees, ensuring their investment into the event goes beyond the confines of time and space, continually reaping benefits after the event has concluded. 

Empowering Organisers with Mobile Event Apps 

Event organisers occupy the pivotal role of bringing all elements of an event together to create a seamless and successful encounter.  

Event platforms equip organisers with a suite of powerful tools to manage logistics, communicate with participants, and ensure a smooth run-of-show.  

For event planners or organisers, the benefits include: 

Real-time coordination: Organisers can update event schedules, notify attendees of any changes, and coordinate staff responsibilities from one central app, saving time and reducing the risk of miscommunication. 

Data analytics: With real-time insights and data, organisers can track engagement, monitor attendee behaviour, and measure success across various event metrics. 

Sustainability: By replacing paper materials with digital alternatives, organisers not only streamline the dissemination of information but also contribute toward a more sustainable event management model. 

The data gathered through these interactive features provides invaluable insights into attendee preferences and exhibitor behaviours, enabling organisers to continuously improve their events and deliver on all event participants expectations.  

With the ability to customise the event app and platform with branding and tailored content for different event and audience types, event organisers have the power to create a truly personalised and engaging experience for all attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.  

Challenges and Considerations of Event Apps 

While mobile event apps offer a multitude of benefits, it’s essential to consider potential challenges and limitations to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of your next event platform.  

Some common concerns include: 

Access and connectivity: While most attendees may have access to smartphones, some may not be comfortable using technology or have reliable internet connections at the event venue, or quite simply, they don’t have the battery life. 

Cost considerations: Depending on the complexity of the event and features required, event apps may add to the overall cost of the event. Organisers must carefully balance their budget and determine whether the benefits outweigh the additional expense. 

Privacy concerns: With personalised content comes data collection. While this can be a valuable tool for organisers, participants may have concerns about their personal information being shared or used without consent. 

User adoption: The success of an event app ultimately depends on user adoption. Organisers must actively promote and educate attendees on the benefits of using the app to ensure its effectiveness. 

We’ll be covering these topics in future videos and blogs, so you could subscribe to our YouTube channel “Event Advice” https://www.youtube.com/@CrowdcommsEventApps or stay tuned to our blog section for updates and insights on all things event-related.  

By addressing these considerations and working closely with a trusted event technology partner like CrowdComms, event planners can overcome any challenges and unlock the full potential of mobile event apps. With careful planning and execution, these challenges can be turned into opportunities for an even more successful and engaging event experience.  

Mobile Apps Revolutionise Events

The rise of mobile event apps is revolutionising the way we plan, attend and experience events. The flexibility, efficiency, and personalisation offered by event apps are unparalleled in the world of event management and have become a must-have for any successful event. 

Gone are the days of paper schedules, physical maps, and tedious networking processes. With event apps, everything is at our fingertips – from real-time updates to interactive features that empower attendees to shape the event.  

As technology continues to advance, so does the potential for mobile event apps to enhance and elevate events of all sizes and types. It’s time for event organisers, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to embrace the power of mobile and unlock new levels of success for their events. Let’s make every event an unforgettable experience with a dedicated event app from CrowdComms. 

Ready to take your event to the next level? Contact us today or schedule a demo to see how CrowdComms can transform your event experience. 

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