Event Personalisation: Every Attendee Matters

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Personalisation has become critical in creating engaging and memorable event experiences for attendees.

Event Registration

From the moment an individual decides to attend an event, their journey should be tailored to their needs and preferences, and one aspect of this personalisation journey that often gets overlooked is registration.

Let’s be clear, registration is in fact the cornerstone of event personalization; knowing your attendee, understanding what they are interested in and why they are there is crucial to event planners and their endeavour to make suitable recommendations to that specific attendee profile. Registration is after all, the first interaction an attendee has with the event, setting the tone for their entire experience and we know that every event planner thinks about those questions asked, very carefully…

However, are event planners missing something?

Traditionally, event registration pages have been rigid and uniform, offering limited flexibility and personalisation. Although, with today’s advancements in technology and a deeper awareness of attendee needs, the importance of personalised event registration is now being recognised and revolutionised to help make event experiences more inclusive and accessible to all.

Transforming Registration into a Personalised Experience

Before we look forward, we must look back.

As we’ve established, the event registration process has long been a staple in the event lifecycle. It is often the first point of contact between event organisers and attendees and a means of providing crucial data that could be used to enhance their overall experience.

This conventional registration process can be somewhat inflexible and static, catering to a one-size-fits-all approach rather than recognising the unique needs and preferences of each attendee.

The lack of personalisation in the registration process might result in several challenges:

  • First, attendees may feel disengaged and disconnected, leading to a lack of enthusiasm or commitment towards the event.
  • Second, the information collected may not accurately reflect the attendee’s interests and requirements, leading to a disconnect between what is offered at the event and what attendees expect or need.
  • Lastly, a standardised process may inadvertently exclude those with neurodiverse needs.

It is vital to recognise the importance of neurodiversity; it acknowledges that everyone’s brain works slightly differently, which means their way of processing information varies. By not offering a personalised registration process, we risk alienating these individuals, creating barriers to their participation, and ultimately impeding their event experience.

A key responsibility for any event planner or marketer includes growing the customer base, increasing engagement, and delivering exceptional experiences. A standardised process may exacerbate these issues by providing overwhelming amounts of irrelevant data, thereby complicating their decision-making process, and hindering their ability to deliver engaging experiences.

In contrast, a personalised registration process could address many of these concerns. By allowing attendees to customise their registration based on their own needs, event organisers can ensure more accurate data collection, enhance engagement from the outset, and create an inclusive environment that caters to neurodiverse needs.

In this way, personalisation in event registration is not just a nice-to-have feature; it is a crucial component of a successful and inclusive event.

So, what do we mean by a personalised registrations process?

Personalised Event Registration

CrowdComms’ personalised registration process is a direct response to the unique needs and preferences of every attendee. The journey begins at the first point of entry with our innovative event registration form, allowing registrants to select their preferred view of the form, providing a level of customisation not commonly seen in traditional event registration processes. 

At CrowdComms we provide several options:

  • Showing all registration questions on a page: This format is perfect for those who prefer to have an overview of all the information at once, enabling them to strategise their responses efficiently.
  • Using a Typeform style format: This interactive format presents one question at a time, reducing visual overload and creating a more engaging user experience.
  • Displaying sections per page: This option caters to those who appreciate a more organized approach, breaking down the form into manageable sections for easier navigation and response.

CrowdComms’ approach to event registration is not just about providing an option; it’s about offering a solution. A solution that recognises and caters to the unique needs of each attendee, enhancing event engagement, improving data collection, and ultimately delivering expectational event experiences.

The Future of Personalised Event Registration

Looking forward, we envision a future of event registration that is richly personalised, engaging and increasingly inclusive.

Continued technological advancements in areas like Artificial Intelligence (AI) promise to bring even more customisation options such as predictive suggestions to experiences that allow attendees to ‘walk through’ an event before they even get there, based on limited input.

The key is to approach registration not as a one-time, administrative necessity but rather as an ongoing opportunity to better understand and engage our audience. After all, every attendee is unique, and their registration experience should reflect that.

By creating a truly personalised and immersive registration experience, we can not only improve individual event experiences but also contribute to a more inclusive and accessible events industry as a whole.

Every attendee matters, and their experience should echo this sentiment. So why wait? Start your journey towards an inclusive and personalised event registration experience today and get in touch with the CrowdComms team https://www.crowdcomms.com/about/why-crowdcomms/

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