Event Apps: Let’s Argue

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Navigating the tech side of your event can seem like a mine field. Here are a few ‘arguments’ to have with yourself and stakeholders to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

The “Fad” Argument

A few of your event stakeholders may argue that your event app or other tech is just a fad. This is a common view on new developments in many industries. Sometimes they are right, most new event tech that emerges is either a fashion or simply useless. As long as you take a value-based approach to event tech, you are safe from the fads. Carefully weigh the benefits and the pains, make sure you take baby steps.

These days a clever idea can be easily shown as useful or not. A few years ago, Snapchat was considered as a fad. Now both Facebook and Instagram have adopted the concept of ‘stories’.

The ROI Argument

When choosing your event tech there are a number of things which should be considered. The value of an investment in event tech obviously depends on the ROI and financial future it will bring.

Ensure you research the unique benefits of different software, and how they will work with your event. Pitch these benefits to your stakeholders. Clearly work out the benefits of implementing event tech and really wow them with your proposal.

For example, if you’re planning an exhibition and you need an event app, ensure that your provider is best suited for this. There are many different providers out there, all with subtle differences. Choose the right event app for you.

The Integration Argument

A growing number of event planners’ number one frustration, when it comes to event tech, is a lack of integration. There are so many event tech options out there, you need to make sure the ones you’re using work well together.

Nobody needs a tool that exists on its own. For example, you need an event app that integrates with your registration system. Data needs to be uploaded and managed by your event tech, if your tech doesn’t make life easier for you then what’s the point?

Identify providers that offer an event app that integrates with your existing tech, or that provides a relevant extension.

The Support Argument

Here at CrowdComms, we value support equally to our software. We are consistently praised for the level of support we give our clients. As an event planner, you have enough on your plate, we’re here to handle everything you need event app wise.

No matter how capable the software is, it will all flop on the day without the right level of support. The support offered may also indicate how much of a ‘fad’ the tech is.

Of course, we provide any amount of hand-holding you need. If you’re an event app expert already, we’ll provide the software and let you run with it!

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