Marketing Your Event App Without a Budget

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Event management is an incredibly difficult profession, ranking in the top 10 most stressful job lists. High expectations and strict deadlines can create a logistical nightmare.

There are so many elements to juggle, event app marketing might not seem like a priority. However, without properly promoting the app, attendees won’t know what they’re missing out on.

Fortunately, you don’t need a separate event app marketing budget. Your event’s existing features are all you need to ramp up event app adoption rates.

Encourage Staff To Spread The Word

Word-of-mouth is super effective. Train your onsite staff and volunteers to use the event app and how to talk about it with attendees. It makes a big difference to event app adoption rates. Ensuring staff have a comprehensive understanding of the event apps benefits empowers them to share it with attendees.

A helpful support team also reduces the number of attendees who need to pose app related questions. Queries about event app installation and functionality are inevitable. Just make sure staff and volunteers are ready and willing to help. Good vibes go a long way!

Align Your Event With Your Speakers

Your event speakers are a great resource. Their speaking position means they are known as industry experts, which lends credibility to whatever they say. Additionally, they tend to have strong and dedicated networks.

Building relationships with your speakers turns them into advocates. Endear them to the event app by sending them self-edit profiles. Encourage them to include their picture, presentation documents, and social media links.

Ask your speakers to make a guest blog post on your site, or write a post that plugs your event app on their blog. Speakers reach a wider audience, demonstrate their expertise and bolster event app adoption before the event doors open.

Turn Attendees Into Advocates

Provide value to your attendees, whether it’s content, functionality or exclusivity. Great features mean they’re more likely to rave about the event app to their peers.

Make it easy for attendees to share the event app. CrowdComm’s multi-platform event app provides a unique URL for every page. This makes it simple for attendees to post and share specific parts of the interactive event app. That link acts as a bridge for other attendees to adopt the event app.

To make this even easier, we’ve included a “Tweet about this Session” button. In one-click, attendees can tell everyone about the session they’re in, or plan to attend through the event app. Attendees show and share the value of the event app, boost interest and increase adoption.

Sponsors Can Help Too

Sponsorship is a valuable asset to your event. It opens new channels of communication, revenue, and recognition. Ask sponsors to promote the event app through blog posts or social media channels.

In return, create an effective advertising strategy for your sponsors. A close promotional connection with sponsors brings your brand and event exposure to an entirely different, but relevant, market. It also strengthens attendee’s opinion of your event through alignment with a trusted brand. Sponsorship isn’t just a source of revenue. It’s another voice that speaks on your behalf, meaning their triumphs become your triumphs.


This is an edited version of a blog by our good friends at EventMobi. Read the original post here.

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