Creating Experiential Events With An Event App

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‘Experiential’ has been the hot marketing term for a number of years.   You probably associate it with those really out-there campaigns that ‘go viral’ the moment footage hits the net, like this Redbull sponsored world record-breaking event.

Although experiential campaigns are often eye-popping, their purpose is to create a deep and emotional connection between consumers and brands.

It’s a connection most event planners would love to forge between their event and their attendees.

While event planners are used to weaving entertainment or social functions into their event schedules, research suggests that organisers are not making full use of the sensory options available to them.

An easy way to engage the key senses is to use an event app. Ok, it’s not quite up there with Felix Baumgartner busting the sound barrier. You won’t break the Internet with clips of your attendees using an app. BUT an event app will give you a whole heap of experiential event options that will make your attendees fall even more in love with your event:

A Deeper Interaction

Paper: you hold it, look at it and eventually consign it to the bin. It’s an inflexible and passive form of communication. Event apps on the other hand? Well, they’re something attendees can really engage with.

From live social media feeds to networking ‘chat’ platforms; the app allows people to curate their event experience. They determine who they talk to and across what networks. with an event app, they choose their learning path and favourite exhibitors to visit.

With an event app, attendees are participants rather than just an audience. They can provide meaningful and immediate feedback on agenda and speakers. The app gives attendees a voice. Their opinion counts when it comes to influencing future event agendas (and who doesn’t want to attend an event that they’ve personally curated!).

Let’s Have Some Fun

The lighter side of event management is also a pretty important one. A heavy-duty event agenda needs an injection of fun to make sure attendees aren’t overloaded (or worse, bored).   Event apps are perfect for ensuring attendees are fully engaged with event priorities’.

The app’s gaming option allows planners to incentivise guests to complete a range of activities. Whether it’s collating points from event exhibitors or creating leadership boards to showcase the best networkers, gamification injects events with a (healthy) sense of competition, let attendees bond as a team and connects attendees to the event while having some serious fun.

Tailor Made (Yes, Just For You)

It can be demoralising to feel like you’re just one of hundreds or even thousands at an event. While the collective spirit of a conference can engender a sense of belonging, people can sleep walk through conferences because the material struggles to appeal to both the individual and the collective.

An event app will make the experience personal. Planners can organise conference communication according to specific group interests. Information about speakers and exhibitors can be targeted. Rather than en masse broadcasts, the app allows people to engage with the material that really interests them.

Guests not only maximise the value of their event experience, but also feel like event organisers have worked hard to provide every attendee with a unique experience.

Giving The Feel Goods

An experiential event that sparks an emotional response in attendees is a memorable one. Of course, we’re not looking for negative emotional responses here. We’re hoping to inspire excitement, enthusiasm, passion and energy in attendees.

One of the best ways to inspire attendees is to ensure they leave the event with a serious dose of the ‘feel goods’. Holding a charity auction can be the perfect way for attendees to feel like they have made a positive contribution to a worthy cause.

Using a silent auction platform makes the auction a collective experience. Instant SMS updates, online bidding and consignment galleries mean bidders are an active part of the auction. Closing bids are immediately available so everyone can see how much has been donated to the chosen cause. What better way to turn attendees into inspired advocates and enthusiastic fans?

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Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.