Break the Ice with a Mobile Device (Not Literally!)

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Any good speaker knows the importance of a killer ice breaker, it may be the be all or end all of a speaker session. A mobile event app could be just the thing to warm up your attendees.

Event App Q&A

Get delegates to collaborate and come up with questions for the speaker. Perfect for Q&A or panel sessions and stimulating conversation. With an event app, attendees can anonymously ask questions which can be a real game changer for the introverts in the room!

If you’re a little worried about silly or inappropriate questions (we want to break the ice, not smash social constructs) then you can moderate activity through your event app CMS.

Perhaps you could use this feature to incorporate another ice breaker. For example, play (or ask the speaker to sing) a few lines of a popular song and get your attendees to name the tune!

As well as this your attendees are now familiarised with using Q&A and will be more likely to engage with the event app.


Use event app gaming to have a have a bit of fun with your attendees and to promote app engagement.

Hide a code in a special place within the event app, such as in the corner of a sponsor logo. Ask your speaker to give a clue to the audience as to where the code might be. Your attendees will have to look through the app (and familiarise themselves with it) to find the code. To get people interacting, ask attendees to stand up and shout their name and company as soon as they have finished.

There is a lot you can do with gamification, you could also hold a mini scavenger hunt to get people networking and moving round the room.

Live Polling

Polling the audience is an invaluable way to get the attention of your audience, break the ice and gauge feedback and ideas for the session.

Prepare some warm up questions in advance i.e.

What brings you to the conference?

  1. Knowledge

  2. Networking

  3. My boss made me

  4. Food

Once you’ve covered some easy, light-hearted personal questions start gathering your audience’s thoughts and opinions on your session topic.


Event apps can be used in so many ways, the best strategy for getting the most out of your app is to not restrict its uses. Our clients achieve success when they think outside the box.

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