The UK Stroke Forum 2022 – Supported by a Flexible In-Person Event Platform, Badge-Printing Kiosks and Onsite Team

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"By using CrowdComms for our In-Person Event App we knew we could pivot to virtual, with the same provider, with short notice, which was reassuring."

The Stroke Association is the UK’s leading stroke charity. They provide specialist support, fund critical research and campaign to ensure that people affected by stroke get the very best care and support to rebuild their lives after stroke. The Stroke Association are a valuable source of cutting-edge information, backed by the latest evidence and research; which informs their community through various channels, including events and conferences.   

The UK Stroke Forum, organised by the Stroke Association, is a professional education conference and the largest multidisciplinary conference for stroke care professionals in the UK. This important event is designed to bring relevant parties together to communicate, network and benefit from a wide range of CPD opportunities.  

In November 2022, the UK Stroke Forum was held at ACC Liverpool, and doors opened to over 1600 in-person attendees. Partnering with CrowdComms enabled the event organisers to cater for large numbers of delegates using one badging, event app and community tech solution, as well as receive the outstanding support from our teams that we pride ourselves on. It was also essential that this event’s chosen technology partners could provide robust and reliable event tech with the ability to pivot to a virtual offering at short notice if required.  

While the organisers felt supremely reassured at the flexibility of a switch to a virtual model, if need be, the event was a fantastic success and ran entirely in-person as initially planned! 

A Flexible Event App Designed to Support Sustainability Goals

The CrowdComms In-person Event App offers speakers, attendees and organisers everything they need in the palm of their hands, from event information and important updates to meeting booking and networking opportunities. The event organisers at the UK Stroke Forum made good use of the real-time updates to deliver notifications about room and schedule changes. They were thrilled to see attendees confidently using the App to discover where they needed to be and when.  

The ability for attendees to add sessions to their own calendars not only allowed delegates to take ownership over their schedules, but it gave valuable insights into the demand for each session. This allowed the organising team to move sessions to alternative areas to accommodate larger numbers of people where appropriate. 

“The ability to change details instantaneously was very useful.”

With the App being such a game-changer for all involved in the event, the reliance on pre-printed materials was significantly reduced. Only five hard copies of the schedule were given out, and while they could provide the correct information when they went to print, they had apparent limitations when situations changed.   

The Stroke Association have a big sustainability focus as part of their ethos and are keen to make the UK Stroke Forum completely paper-free. The success rate and uptake of the CrowdComms Event App enabled them to reduce the event’s paper usage by almost 100% and has given the organisers the confidence to remove any reliance on printed materials for future events.  

Positive First Impressions with the CrowdComms Badging Kiosks

“The kiosks worked brilliantly, and the CrowdComms team quickly became part of our team.”

With full session schedules and large attendee numbers, the ideal registration and badging solution is one that allows delegates and speakers to move quickly through the registration process and into their first session without any hold-ups. In the cases of people attending in place of others, last-minute arrivals or forgotten documentation, the organisers were able to register them easily. This enabled everyone to enjoy a good (and stress-free) first impression of the event.  

The event organisers at the UK Stroke Forum hugely appreciated the reliability and speed of the CrowdComms contactless registration and badging kiosks. While our kiosks are primarily self-serve from an attendee point of view, they are always deployed with one of our legendary onsite support teams. Our staff are not only there to support the event organisers by welcoming attendees and ensuring registration runs smoothly, but they are experienced and adept at dealing with the unforeseen!  

Event Support – Always Above and Beyond

“What we appreciated about CrowdComms is the honesty around what is possible. They’re really upfront. As an event organiser, that is wonderful.”

It was a pleasure to provide the organisers of the UK Stroke Forum with the correct tech set-up they needed to deliver such a large and important in-person event. The team at CrowdComms aim to support clients in delivering their best events, and we will go the extra mile whenever possible. This attitude was hugely appreciated by the event organisers, and so was our honesty. Our tech is customisable and flexible, and new developments are always on the horizon. Still, it is crucial to be transparent about the full capacity that the technology can deliver so that everyone involved in the event can move forward with confidence. 

Our support specialists are renowned problem solvers with ‘can do’ attitudes. In the build-up to the UK Stroke Forum and during the live event days, the organisers were thrilled with the patience, super-fast response times and team spirit of the CrowdComms staff.  

“We felt very supported. Everyone had a fantastic experience working with CrowdComms.”

Thank you to the Stroke Association for providing us with their feedback for this case study. Please take a look at their website to learn more about them. 

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