Bite-Sized Case Study: Surfing the Digital Break

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The Event Organisers 

Infor is a global organisation that delivers software and technological solutions for businesses of all sizes.

“With Infor, you can easily find the right solutions for every aspect of your business. We build complete industry suites in the cloud and deploy software that puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily with your existing systems. Over 90,000 organizations worldwide rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.”

Specific forums are open to organisations or groups that have installed or are contracted to install facilities that utilise Infor products.

The Event

Surfing The Digital Break – The Infor Public Sector User Forum.

This Forum is an incorporated entity whose membership is made up of Local Government, Water Authorities and other organisations in Australia and New Zealand who utilise the Pathway PPR & Hansen Asset Management applications developed by Infor Public Sector.

Surfing The Digital Break showcased new and emerging technologies in the public sector, as well as the changing nature of customer relationships with Infor’s Pathway and IPS systems.

Where In The World

QT Hotel on Australia’s ever-sunny Gold Coast in Queensland.

The Gold Coast is a great option for events. It has a whole host of conference venues to choose from and its proximity to huge stretches of beach (plus the country’s best theme parks) make it a fun and relaxing destination for attendees.

Event App Features

Infor packed their event app with useful and concise information.

From event welcome drinks to speaker sessions to maps and weather reports, Infor delivered all the details attendees needed to know straight to their mobile device.

Event App Management

Infor opted for self-build event app with CrowdComms building the app skin.

Things We Loved

1.Push notifications are always useful for alerting attendees to last minute changes, but we also loved how event organisers used the alerts to let people know that an earring had been found and could be collected from reception.

2.Dinner at MovieWorld was a great way to allow attendees to experience one of the Gold Coast’s key attractions. Infor also built a free night into the conference to allow attendees to get out and explore.

3.Infor made good use of the event app’s polls and feedback feature. They posed relevant questions but made sure they didn’t overload attendees. The data will be valuable when assessing event success factors and planning for future events.


1.Conference attendees don’t always get to experience the local area. Building free time into the agenda or arranging excursions away from the venue allows attendees to get more from the event.

2.Your event app is a versatile tool that can help you communicate beyond the event parameters – use it connect with your attendees whenever you need.

What They Said

“Product was very easy to use and any issues we experience were dealt with very quickly by Ed [CrowdComm’s project manager]. We were able to update last minute changes to keep the delegates informed and the conference delegates were impressed.”

Michelle Formosa, Infor Public Sector User Forum

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