How to Get Approval for Your Event App

Creating a compelling business case for your event app is essential in order to get your event sponsors and executives on board.

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Creating a compelling business case for your event app is essential in order to get your event sponsors and executives on board.

Although you will already be familiar with the benefits of incorporating an event app at your event, here are some quick reminders! These will be the perfect starting point when creating your business case to show to your key stakeholders.

An event app will…

  • Reduce cost of paper by eliminating the need for printed programmes, surveys and signage

  • Boost event sustainability by drastically cutting paper use

  • Improve revenue by offering additional sponsorship opportunities

  • Increase engagement of attendees, sponsors and speakers before, during and after your event

  • Boost networking opportunities

  • Improve communication onsite via event app messaging and push notifications

  • Allow you to quickly collate feedback from your attendees before, during and after the event

… and so much more!

Your Pitch

When preparing your pitch, consider your key event goals and how the benefits of an event app apply to them. Common event goals include:

  • Engagement

  • Education

  • Branding

  • Revenue

  • Networking

Focusing on a few of these goal, here is an example of how you might break down your pitch.


Break down your event app into the key features which support and encourage attendee engagement.

A well thought out and organised promotional campaign for your event app will guarantee maximum engagement. Launch and communicate your event app to your attendees via your marketing campaign. Including an incentive to download the event app is a proven winner, give your attendees a reason to engage with your app’s content.

Communicate with your attendees via your event app to increase engagement. Make use of in-app messaging, activity feeds and push notifications in the lead up to your event. This will encourage your attendees to get involved too.


If your event has a strong emphasis on session content and educating attendees, an event app is the perfect option. Ensure you highlight the key features an event app can offer in order to boost education at your event.

An event app supports learning in the following ways:

  • Quizzes

  • Live polling

  • Surveys

  • Document libraries

  • Notes pages


For your attendees, one of the key aspects of your event will be networking opportunities. An event app can help enormously with this task, highlight this as a key point during your pitch.

Consider these points:

  • Searchable attendee lists mean that your attendees will be able to quickly find like-minded individuals

  • Appointment booking, these appointments will then be shown on the attendee’s in-app agenda

  • Gamification challenges can be used to encourage networking opportunities, don’t be afraid to get creative!

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