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Wow Sponsors and Exhibitors With Event Lead Capture

Attracting exhibitors and sponsors to your event means providing great ROI.  A major incentive for exhibitors to participate in your event is the opportunity to collect quality leads.

CrowdComms digitally enabled lead capture is the perfect way to gather qualified leads.  Easy to use, our intuitive platform turns any mobile device into an effective lead capture tool.

Believe your sponsors and exhibitors want to covert connections into powerful leads?  Are they keen to ditch cumbersome business card collection? Do they need to spend less time inputting data?

Here’s the low-down:

Mobile Ready & Cost Effective

Our event lead capture app sits neatly on exhibitors’ mobile device, which means no additional hardware to wrangle or purchase.  As attendees visit stands and booths a quick scan of their badge (from any smart device) is all that’s required to gather data.

Quality Qualified

We know all leads are not created equal. It’s why our platform allows companies to include qualifying questions, star ratings and notes to ensure lead information is always meaningful and consistent.

Real-Time Access

Once collated, information is immediately available to view, manage and export by any member of the exhibitor team. And if the Wi-Fi drops out, there’s no panic; the system functions without a connection and will sync when Wi-Fi is available again.

Custom Branding

Our lead capture platform will always look like a part your event. Custom design ensures brand continuity and a strong exhibitor/sponsor profile.

Powerful Data

The event lead capture also delivers powerful benefits for event organisers.  Real-time data allows exhibitors to manage attendee traffic throughout the event, e.g. if their booth needs a visitor boost they can take immediate steps (such as promote a scheduled demo or donut giveaway in the activity feed) to increase attendee traffic.

Incentive Compatible

While general attendee traffic will deliver a percentage of leads, incentives, gamification and achievements will really get the lead capture humming.

CrowdComms digital platform supports digital passports (replacing the old stamp and cardboard), games and competitions. All of which encourage participation, booth visitors and engagement for exhibitors and attendees alike.

If you’re incentivising attendees to visit every exhibitor booth or a series of key stands, make it easy for attendees with a progress bar at the top of their digital passport.

Takeaway:  our digitally enabled event lead capture is the smart way to offer exhibitors and sponsors a powerful ROI that will make your event a must-attend year after year.                   


10 Ways to Achieve ROO/ROI for Your Event (Part 2)

This is part two, for part one click here.


ROO (Return on Objectives) goes hand in hand with ROI (Return on Investment) when it comes to measuring the success of your event in the broader sense. ROO allows you to improve your event based on how successfully you met your objectives, while ROI indicates the financial value of your event. All analytics can be measured via an event app.

6. What do you Need to Measure?

Figure out what data points you need to accurately measure in relation to the goals for your event.

Everything you do should be part of building your road toward these goals. Take care of everything, of course, but focus most of your energy on the things that lead toward those goals.

Make a list of all the data you need to gather and how it ties back to your goals. This will help you calculate your ROI later.

Here’s a sampling of the types of data you might need:

  • Attendees
  • Leads
  • Qualified sales opportunities
  • Registrations
  • Sales
  • Social Mentions/Likes
  • Survey responses
  • Event website referrals and conversions
  • Search ad impressions and clicks

7. How will you Measure?

Figure out how to measure all the data on your list. Your existing CRMs, analytics tools, social platforms and survey tools should have ways for you to see those statistics, but be aware of quirks! Some platforms only show data for certain time periods or only in certain formats.

The “how” should also include “how to get accurate data.” This means no clipboards full of paper forms for company reps to fill out and forget. We all know that info will never make it into your CRM.

Make life easier on you and everyone else by using an event app to make the whole process a lot less complicated. An event app will help you gather and measure data with ease through polling, surveys and analytics.

Analytics will show click-through rate on sponsor ads, how many attendees logged on and much more. As well as this you can quickly download survey results at the touch of a button. With an event app, no data is ever lost!

8. Identify the Benefits of your Event

Think about your organisation, how did your event benefit it? No matter how the attendees and other stakeholders reacted, it is important to remember the intangible benefits of your event.

A successful event can be great for staff motivation and direction. If they feel like they created something brilliant, and have shown the company in a great light, they will be inspired by the experience.

Marketing-wise, your event gets your company out there and is great for morale. No matter what your company will most likely feel united by the event experience, which bodes well for the future.

Your event will pose many new networking opportunities. Add delegates’ emails to your mailing list to update them with VALUABLE content, you don’t want them to unsubscribe. Most importantly, chase up anyone who you feel you made a strong connection with and could benefit your business in the future.

Be sure to consider these aspects of success when measuring ROI.

9. Planning Ahead

Calculating ROI and analysing data helps you understand how you performed at your latest event and how it stacks up to all of your events. Now put it into action. You’ll be able to plan your future events with a lot more confidence and less estimating.

Maybe the big event you thought was a “must” is really a “bust.” Maybe that small regional conference is an unexpected goldmine of leads and relationships. Maybe being the most-recognized big fish at a smaller conference means a greater awareness boost.

The point is, if you have the data, you’ll know what makes sense and why. If you’ve been calculating your ROI, you’ll know what’s worth your time.

10. Communicate Results

Sharing your feedback and overall take-aways from the event is so important. It is vital in ensuring further investments in events and a focus for achieving better results in the future.

All data is easy to download through your event app. Perhaps you could also consider sharing event app adoption rates as another success.

You’ve worked hard for this, now is the time to show off the data!

10 Ways to Achieve ROO/ROI for Your Event (Part 1)

ROO (Return on Objectives) goes hand in hand with ROI (Return on Investment) when it comes to measuring the success of your event in the broader sense. ROO allows you to improve your event based on how successfully you met your objectives, while ROI indicates the financial value of your event. All analytics can be measured via an event app.

Return on Objectives (ROO) is a forward-looking plan that focuses on the goals of an event. Below are some tips to consider in order to set these goals.

Return on Investment (ROI) is a model that is based on determining the effect of the event on revenue.

Here are 10 ways to boost your ROO and ROI (based on the Phillips Methodology) to help your events succeed in the future.

1. Develop Event Objectives

The key starting point to the whole planning process is setting the objectives of your event at each level.

This of course means considering the needs of your attendees and what they want to get out of the experience, it could be several elements. Networking opportunities? Educational programmes? A chance to see new products and services?

As well as this you should consider the aims of your sponsors, perhaps you could hold a webinar to discuss this with them. Discuss how much exposure they can expect and the demographic they wish to attract. ROI can be measured through an event app; banner ads are highly effective.

2. Develop Evaluation Plans

Once your objectives are set, use these as a basis for your evaluation questions. Post-event surveys are vital for measuring ROO and with an event app it couldn’t be easier!

Build a post-event survey into your event app in minutes. Use multiple choice or 5 star ratings to make it more attractive to your attendees. Leave a comment box for more specific feedback but be sure to make this optional.

3. Collect Data Before and During

Don’t be shy to ask!

Collecting data and achieving a high level of response is a significant task in its own right. Launching your event app as early as possible is a game changer for pre-event data collection. Encouraging your attendees to log on to the app allows you to launch polls, surveys and games to collect data.

This is the perfect way to make data fun, as well as getting attendees accustomed to the event app early on.

4. Collecting Post-Event Data

Ensure that your post-event evaluation takes place very quickly at the end of the event to maximise the volume and quality of the response.

This is the perfect time to measure ROO. Send a push notification via the event app to remind attendees to fill out the survey. Include a link to the survey within the notification and let the attendees know how long it will take- e.g. around two minutes- this will make it more likely for them to actually click through and complete it.

Your event app will take the data from your survey and create a chart. This gives a clear visual to help with future events and to show to event stakeholders. An event app is a god-send when it comes to collecting and displaying post-event data.

5. Compare the Effects of the Event

Isolate the effect of the event from other marketing strategies, communications and business activity.

Did you see a sudden surge in sales after your event? Did you see a larger number of hot leads? Are attendees interested in coming again?

This way you can effectively compare the success of the event against other campaigns, this will give you a strong indication of the financial gains.

Don’t Let Your Budget Surplus Do A Disappearing Act!

If you work for, or own, an Australian business, you’ll be well aware that June 30 is rapidly approaching. And for many of us that means End of the Financial Year i.e. EOFY!

EOFY can often feel like EOTW (end of the world). There is so much to tie up before that magic, or maybe, dreaded date. Tax returns, insurance renewals, new business tenders – it’s no wonder our towns and cities can look like they’re manned by sleep deprived zombies come July 1.

With all this furious EOFY activity, budget surplus can often get missed. With many budget allocations running from July 1, any money left over from the previous financial year allocation simply gets re-absorbed back into the business. Which is problematic:

  1. You Miss Out –

Every business department can always make good use of funds. But time can creep up on us and all of a sudden there’s extra cash in the pot that (if not spent) is in danger of being re-absorbed back into the business.

  1. You’ll Miss Out (Again) –

New budget allocations are often based on the how much money was spent the previous financial year.

If you don’t spend your budget from this year, it makes sense your finance department will assume you don’t need as much money next year. Suddenly you find your budget allocation is slashed.

Of course, just because you have budget surplus doesn’t mean it can be spent on anything. And this is the rub…

…with time running out, the pressure to spend budget on something that has genuine business benefit can be just too hard.

But here’s where we can help. CrowdComms event app is an easy purchase to make and a terrific investment for your business. Why an event app?

  1. Buy now, use when you need it. Your new event app can be used at any time during the 2017/18 financial year.

  2. Easy to purchase. Check out the demo, ask us any questions. Your event app purchase can be wrapped up in a matter of hours.

  3. Great ROI. Your new event app will be a boost to the business. With great returns on cost savings, attendee engagement and process efficiencies, you can be confident your budget surplus is wisely spent.

If your budget surplus is in danger of disappearing, talk to us about how we can help you get the most from those last valuable dollars.