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NEWS: CrowdComms/GalaBid Open Hong Kong Office

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new venture. CrowdComms and sister organisation, GalaBid, have opened a new office in Hong Kong to service the burgeoning events and fundraising market in Asia.

The move sees our two brands strengthen their position in the Asia Pacific region and reinforce a successful period, which has seen the combined operation triple its workforce.  The move extends our global presence, which includes operations in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and the US.

Peter Hair, CrowdComms/GalaBid Co-Founder and Managing Director, said, “The increasing demand and sheer scale of the opportunity in the Asian market, specifically Singapore, Hong Kong and China, fuels our decision to open our fourth CrowdComms/GalaBid office in the region. The team have been working incredibly hard and are thrilled with this exciting new step.”

Both CrowdComms and GalaBid will roll out their full range of services to the Hong Kong (and regional) events market. In conjunction with development partner, Entegy, CrowdComms will provide event apps; registration kiosks, polling and lead capture platforms.

The CrowdComms and Entegy partnership has been integral to our ability to enter the Hong Kong market. The Entegy Suite provides event organisers with forward thinking solutions for engaging and immersive events. We’re proud to deliver those services under the CrowdComms brand.

GalaBid will service the Hong Kong non-profit industry with its digital fundraising solutions developed in-house.


Event and fundraising professionals in Hong Kong looking for seamless end-to-end technology solutions that take you from pre-event marketing to post-event analysis can contact Molly Tsang at the CrowdComms/GalaBid Hong Kong office for a personalised demo.

Hong Kong contact, Molly Tsang

t: +852 93880509





Two Partners, One Solution, Amazing Attendee Engagement

We recently announced a market changing new partnership with Brisbane based event tech organisation, Entegy. CrowdComms and Entegy work together to deliver seamless event technology solutions to forward thinking clients.

We’re thrilled with what we’ve achieved together so far.

Read about our work with Australia Post and how we helped them deliver amazing attendee engagement results for their eCommerce Delivery Conference.

The Event

Australia Post held their eCommerce Delivery Conference over two days in February 2018.

The 200 event attendees stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and conference venue in the heart of the New South Wales wine country, the Hunter Valley.

Event Objectives

The eCommerce Delivery Conference included a packed agenda full of sessions, workshops and networking functions.

Senior representatives from Australia Post gathered to share insights and strategies, undergo training and meet with partner organisations.

With a Conference theme of ‘Collaborating4Success’, event organiser Nik Talevski explains that,

“meeting the partners and key collaborators is important to understand how collaboration helps the organisation meet outcomes.”

To facilitate the theme, and encourage active engagment, the Conference featured prizes, networking and engagement games.

Event Tech Solution

CrowdComms worked with Entegy and Australia Post to develop an event tech solution that would deliver an immersive experience for attendees and great engagement stats for Australia Post.

The solution included an event app with live newsfeed, session polls and feedback, badge scanning with achievements and leaderboard. The Entegy Labs team assisted with custom achievements and personalised schedule to create a unique experience.


As a result of over 4000 scans between 200 attendees, each event attendee connected with, on average, 20 others.

“The scanning technology received incredible praise. People took the scanning very seriously,” said Nik.

According to post-event data the event app had a fantastic adoption rate of 95%, however, this wasn’t the whole story.

“Some people didn’t attend. I genuinely believe 100% of people attending logged in and used the app,” said Nik.

The gamification element saw 492,993 points awarded! The fun even continued after the event, as Nik explains. “People were still playing the games and chasing the achievements even after the conference was over!”

Nik says the app improved attendee engagement, “without a doubt!” He also commended the design, “it was fantastic, our design team loved using the app.”

Of course behind all great technology should be a great team!  Nik was equally as happy with the CrowdComms and Entegy service and solution, “the team was very helpful and responsive.”

About the Entegy Suite

The Entegy Suite is a powerful event communication and engagement platform.

Flexible mobile and web apps, attendee engagement, gamification and networking tools, live audience polling, Q&A, chat room style discussion, multi-use attendance tracking, lead generation, promotional campaign management and self-serve badge printing kiosk software. All with an easy-to-use management system called The Core.

The Entegy Suite’s modular elements provide organisers with everything needed to empower staff, inspire attendees and reward stakeholders from a single system.




The Event App Features You Need Right Now!

Is your event app primed for a year of great events? Like any technology event apps are constantly evolving. What was innovative and forward thinking in 2015 may not be as fresh and effective in 2018.

While your tried and tested event app may do a perfectly adequate job, are you getting the ROI you deserve?

Here are the event app features you should expect right now:

Smart and Easy Experiential

Check out any of the 2018 event trend lists in circulation and experiential is up there as a major focus for event organisers. It may feel like a term that is hard to define, but in short it means creating a more immersive and exciting experience for event goers.

Yes, that can include the spectacular and jaw-dropping (which is often the focus of experiential marketing) but it can also extend to a simple exchange of ideas between speakers and attendees.

Forget static sessions where speakers deliver a didactic talk on a given topic to a passive audience. Think about turning audience members into participants.

Q&A sessions or polling via your event app gives attendees a voice. They enable a dynamic learning environment where attendees can actively shape session content and outcomes.

It may not make create a social media storm, but offering attendees the chance to actively engage with your event content delivers meaningful outcomes for event organisers, sponsors and attendees.

Gamification With Impact

Gamification has been around for a while now but it’s moved on from the novelty status it once had.

Gamification is now a hard-working stalwart feature of forward thinking events. In its infancy gamification was a neat way to inject a bit of fun into events via emerging technology. Now, it’s an important tool to deliver a whole range of event metrics including attendee engagement, sponsor ROI and networking.

While gamification is an event app must have, success depends on smart deployment. Linking activities to tangible outcomes, e.g. quality lead generation, will ensure efforts are targeted and measurable.

In addition to gaming specific features, utilise other event app capabilities (such as social media feeds) in your strategy. Photo or wordplay challenges can have a viral effect that delivers widespread results.

End-to-End Communication

How well does your event app communicate with the rest of your event tech? Event apps can now exist as part of a suite or family of services.

Where providers once focused on specific platforms, such as registration or event app or lead generation, it’s now possible to work with end-to-end solutions that can help manage your event from ticket sales and promotion right through to post event data analysis.

The benefits of an end-to-end solution include streamlined processes that minimises downloads and log-ins for attendees.   Data transfer between systems (e.g. registration to event app) also reduces data entry for organisers and ensures information passed through the event tech chain remains consistent.

Even if your event app doesn’t exist as part of an end-to-end solution, having the capability to communicate effectively and securely with the rest of your event tech is important so ask your provider about compatibility and reporting capabilities.

Next Gen Branding

Of course, a decent event app will offer a level of custom branding. Event apps at the cheaper end of the scale may offer custom options in combination with the provider’s own branding.

But for sophisticated and high profile events it’s reasonable to expect that the event app design will be highly flexible, beautiful and customised.

Forward thinking event apps offer organisers a range of creative options that allow the event and sponsor branding to shine. An organiser’s graphic design team should have the same flexibility as a web designer. From animated graphics to pop-up banners, a modern event app will deliver sophisticated branding options that meet aesthetic objectives and wow attendees.

Do You know Your Ideal Event Tech Solution?

Running an event and unclear what event tech solution will work best?

Whether it’s a long standing event or a new addition to the event circuit, it’s always a good idea to re-visit your event tech solutions.

Not only will your needs vary from event to event, but technology is always evolving. Your tried and trusted event app may have been superseded by a more efficient, tailored and cost effective solution.

Here are some scenarios that look at different needs and solutions:

1.Scenario: Public forum for infrastructure change

A government agency is holding a series of public forums to gauge opinion on a proposed light railway line. The agency needs a polling solution that will offer voters a comprehensive selection of questions. The technology must support open and closed questions. Given the broad cross-section of potential voters, the platform must be easy to use. As a government entity cost is a significant factor.

Solution: A stand-alone polling platform with data analysis.

The agency has a specific and clear need. While the event could be supported by an event app, a dedicated polling platform will deliver a more relevant solution. It is also cost-effective as the agency will only have to pay for the solution it needs.

A mobile enabled polling platform will allow attendees to vote via their personal device. It is important comprehensive data analysis is available to enable the agency to review and interpret responses.

2.Scenario: Annual industry conference with multiple speaker sessions and large numbers of attendees

The event organisers of this conference need an event tech solution that will help them manage multiple elements. They have a large number of attendees, some travelling from overseas. The conference is only running for two days. It’s critical that attendees can gain access to the event quickly and efficiently.

There are over a hundred speaking sessions running over the two days. Giving attendees as much information as possible in advance of the event will help them decide where and when to spend their time.

Solution: End-to-end event tech solution, including event app

For large and complex events, a streamlined end-to-end event tech solution will provide optimum results.   With so many different features to manage, it’s important the disparate elements can connect and transfer data seamlessly.

To get attendees into the event fast, organisers will need a registration system that can process check-in quickly. Profiles that can be completed pre-event will save time at the check-in desk.

Registration details should flow straight to the event app, which means no need for duplicate data entry. Whether attendees are participating in Q&A sessions or networking activities, their event app will have their details ready to go.

Once the event wraps, the end-to-end solution must deliver sophisticated analysis of conference features, from event start to event close.

3.Scenario: New trade show requiring strong marketing push and the means to attract sponsors

The organisers of this brand-new trade show need a strong marketing campaign to create awareness and drive ticket sales and registration. They also need to create sponsorship options that will offer genuine ROI.

Solution: Marketing platform that supports email, SMS and social media campaigns plus additional support for lead capture and gamification.

An automated marketing platform will allow the organisers to schedule communication across multiple channels, including social media. The platform should deliver alerts and updates in real time direct to audience mobile devices.

A lead capture platform couple with gamification will offer potential new sponsors an opportunity for qualified leads. Gamification will drive attendees to sponsors’ stands and web pages to ensure high traffic and engagement.

4.Scenario: An established medical conference wants to trial digital abstract management.

The conference organisers are transitioning from paper based abstracts to digital. To make the change smooth and successful they need a platform that is easy to use and can store over a thousand abstracts. They also need the means to assess how the success (or otherwise) of the digital trial

Solution: Event app with abstract management capability plus data analysis.

New features need to be assessed for engagement and user experience. An event app with the capability to store large number of abstracts is the starting point. Not only should the event app have sufficient storage, its search and retrieval functions must be easy and quick.

The data analysis will help conference organisers establish success points. How often was the material accessed, in what numbers and how long did attendees spend reading. It’s an important way to assess how well the new feature worked and where improvements (if any) can be made.

Do You Know What Your Event Attendees Want?

How do you know what event attendees want? Ask them.

Every event planner wants to create a bespoke occasion that truly meets attendees’ needs. But with event agendas and features often needing to be locked down way in advance, it can be tricky to make the last minute changes needed to deliver the features attendees want.

However, thinking ahead and building attendee feedback into your planning schedule will enable you to gather data on the key things attendees are looking for from your event.

Think like a marketer and use these methods to highlight preferences from a broad or specific group of people:

Focus Groups

Ideal for: lengthy and in-depth discussions to uncover multiple key wants and needs

Focus groups target a specific group of participants to explore a certain topic. Event planners can use focus groups to evaluate the needs/wants of previous or targeted attendees.

Planning a medical conference with a focus on physiotherapy in aged care? A focus group comprising of specialist physiotherapists will help you find out what they need from the event.

Whether you want to determine optimum catering menus or abstract delivery, remember to prepare a list of question areas. The conversation can be informal and relaxed (it should be participant driven) but you will need a framework to keep the conversation on topic.

Pro tip: Skype and other video conferencing platforms mean focus groups can be run remotely which can help expand your range of participants.   However, be aware that you may miss out on important visual clues (e.g. body language) so it’s important to pay close attention to voice and tone.

Email Surveys

Ideal for: short and snappy responses to a few key questions

Email surveys can get you answers, fast. However, remember that most inboxes are overloaded. Short surveys with multiple-choice options will work best.

Unless you have a targeted group of responders who are highly likely to complete your survey, select a large number of (appropriate) target emails to ensure a meaningful response.

Event App Surveys

Ideal for: post event feedback

Sending surveys via event attendees’ event apps is an effective way to get fresh thoughts re event success factors.

Notification alerts are more visible than emails and have a higher response rate.

Participant Profiles

Ideal for: finding out specific preferences re a broader range of topics e.g. meals and session content

A one to two page profile completed by event attendees can help curate event content, style and features. Include forms in the registration process or send them via email or include them as part of the event app.

Offer incentives for profile completion, such as gamification points.

Remind respondents that their input will help shape the content of future events.

Micro Conference Sessions

Ideal for: ensuring the event agenda is covering the issues currently concerning attendees

These sessions are informal meetings that takes place at he beginning of an event, conference or meeting. The less formal environment gives participants an opportunity to highlight timely concerns, pressing issues and hot topics.

Think of them as a final check and edit that your agenda is on point.

If any topic crops up that isn’t on the event agenda, think creatively about how it can be addressed. Do you have expert speakers who can weave relevant commentary into their session? It may only need a few additional sentences from your keynote speaker to show attendees you’re across the issues that matter to them.


Give your event agenda some breathing space so you can incorporate additional content. And don’t forget to let attendees know the importance of their feedback and participation. If you can, give real life examples of where a micro conference session or event app survey has helped deliver more of what attendees want and need.



When The Weather Derails Your Speaker Schedule

Extreme weather events are infrequent, but they do happen.

Maybe two or three times a year a weather event will take place somewhere in the world that causes major disruption to travellers.  From bush fires, to erupting volcanoes, to intense storms; if you’re planning an event there’s a chance that it will coincide with something that causes numerous flight cancellations and major transportation delays.

Which may mean many of your speakers cannot get to your event on time. Here’s what to do if you’re faced (or likely to be faced) with a major last minute change to your speaker schedule:

Whatever The Weather

It’s obvious, but keep an eye of the weather forecast 2-3 weeks ahead of your event. Major weather and related events will often be predicted (and tracked) with more notice and visibility than ordinary weather patterns.

Check weather updates using credible sources and watch out for associated updates from airports, airlines and other transport authorities.

N.B. While you may have an idea that adverse weather conditions are likely, flight cancellations will still only take place with little advance warning.

Communicate Immediately

If the worst happens and multiple flights are cancelled (resulting in a large percentage of your speakers being unable to attend) let your attendees know ASAP.   Use your event app to issue real-time alerts and updates to explain what has happened. Advise the time and location for the plan b briefing.

Speakers can be a major drawcard for attendees, so it’s important to secure attendees’ good will and support.  Think about offering complimentary food and drink. Credit vouchers for local attractions or towards the following year’s event will also be appreciated.

What Does Your Plan B Look Like?

For keynote speakers, it’s always a good idea to have a local ‘understudy’ who can step in. If you don’t have one arranged, speak to local talent agents and see if they can provide a worthy/relevant speaker at the last minute,

Technology means you may be able to support session speaker absence with Skype or video conferencing. While not ideal, sessions conducted via video means the content is conveyed and still enables polling or Q&A to take place.

Can The Wi-Fi Cope?

If video conferencing forms part of your contingency plans, ensure you have access to strong and reliable Wi-Fi. It may be necessary to provide complimentary access for all attendees to the hotel’s network.

Make sure speakers are also connected to adequate Wi-Fi. Remind them to check their connection strength before the session starts.

If there is time, ask speakers to modify any visual presentations so they can be clearly seen and understood over video conferencing.

On-Site AV Support

Enlist on-site tech support to help manage the AV and virtual presentations and keep your speaker schedule on track and on time.

Your event app provider may be able to provide a local support tech at short notice to make the virtual/in-person speaker mix seamless.


Major last minute changes to the speaker schedule don’t necessarily spell disaster for your event. Clear and immediate communication combined with a practical contingency plan will ensure the event’s success and the good will of its attendees.


Introducing: Your Very Own Personal Superhero!

Battling the forces of Audio Visual? Grappling with tricky registration set-ups? Facing down the threat of a complex polling session?

Sometimes you need an event tech hero on hand to save the day!

Alex Heath is our Aussie production guru. He looks like an ordinary tech developer but underneath that unassuming exterior is an uber-nerd who is ready to kick your event tech problems where it hurts (he’s also very good at gently helping nervy technophobes to get rolling with all things digital).

His tale of heroic feats started with designing Wi-Fi networks for hotels and corporate buildings. Naturally, this involved attending a lot of conferences and events. With a thirst for finding out about the latest and greatest tech, there was no better place to get his hands on new gadgets than at an event.

Alex believes events and conferences are one of the fastest growing industries, so it’s the perfect sector for him to flex his super nerd muscles!

Not only is Alex a tech guru, he’s also a thoroughly nice guy. He has that rare gift of knowing his stuff but can explain it in ways normal people (like you and me!) can understand.

If you choose to have Alex at your event you can look forward everything running smoothly. You won’t know how he does it all (super hero secrets), but while on-site he’ll be the go-to-guy for delegates with app queries. He’ll liaise with your AV team to produce awesome polling and Q&A sessions. He’ll swoop in and solve any tech headaches you may have and generally make your day super easy!

Want to hear from the man himself? Tell us about yourself Alex!


“Hi folks. I’m a massive nerd and love gadgets (can’t resist the latest tech!). I love integrating event tech and problem solving tricky challenges. Getting out in the events field and helping people is a great part of what I do.

Seeing technology in action, and supporting people to get the most out of it, is really fulfilling. Most people I meet have a give-it-a-go attitude and are willing to try something different.

There can be a bit of pressure because most events have a time sensitive element – but I always love meeting the challenge.

Ok, we’re obviously huge fans of our super (nerd) hero, but what do our clients have to say?

Alex was amazing – invaluable doesn’t even do it justice! I wanted to hug him he was so awesome!!” Chelsea Spindler, Frontrow Group 


Want Alex to swoop in and help out at your next event? Contact us now via this dedicated call-a-superhero contact page!


10 Ways to Achieve ROO/ROI for Your Event (Part 1)

ROO (Return on Objectives) goes hand in hand with ROI (Return on Investment) when it comes to measuring the success of your event in the broader sense. ROO allows you to improve your event based on how successfully you met your objectives, while ROI indicates the financial value of your event. All analytics can be measured via an event app.

Return on Objectives (ROO) is a forward-looking plan that focuses on the goals of an event. Below are some tips to consider in order to set these goals.

Return on Investment (ROI) is a model that is based on determining the effect of the event on revenue.

Here are 10 ways to boost your ROO and ROI (based on the Phillips Methodology) to help your events succeed in the future.

1. Develop Event Objectives

The key starting point to the whole planning process is setting the objectives of your event at each level.

This of course means considering the needs of your attendees and what they want to get out of the experience, it could be several elements. Networking opportunities? Educational programmes? A chance to see new products and services?

As well as this you should consider the aims of your sponsors, perhaps you could hold a webinar to discuss this with them. Discuss how much exposure they can expect and the demographic they wish to attract. ROI can be measured through an event app; banner ads are highly effective.

2. Develop Evaluation Plans

Once your objectives are set, use these as a basis for your evaluation questions. Post-event surveys are vital for measuring ROO and with an event app it couldn’t be easier!

Build a post-event survey into your event app in minutes. Use multiple choice or 5 star ratings to make it more attractive to your attendees. Leave a comment box for more specific feedback but be sure to make this optional.

3. Collect Data Before and During

Don’t be shy to ask!

Collecting data and achieving a high level of response is a significant task in its own right. Launching your event app as early as possible is a game changer for pre-event data collection. Encouraging your attendees to log on to the app allows you to launch polls, surveys and games to collect data.

This is the perfect way to make data fun, as well as getting attendees accustomed to the event app early on.

4. Collecting Post-Event Data

Ensure that your post-event evaluation takes place very quickly at the end of the event to maximise the volume and quality of the response.

This is the perfect time to measure ROO. Send a push notification via the event app to remind attendees to fill out the survey. Include a link to the survey within the notification and let the attendees know how long it will take- e.g. around two minutes- this will make it more likely for them to actually click through and complete it.

Your event app will take the data from your survey and create a chart. This gives a clear visual to help with future events and to show to event stakeholders. An event app is a god-send when it comes to collecting and displaying post-event data.

5. Compare the Effects of the Event

Isolate the effect of the event from other marketing strategies, communications and business activity.

Did you see a sudden surge in sales after your event? Did you see a larger number of hot leads? Are attendees interested in coming again?

This way you can effectively compare the success of the event against other campaigns, this will give you a strong indication of the financial gains.

Break the Ice with a Mobile Device (Not Literally!)

Yes, the rhyme was on purpose…

Any good speaker knows the importance of a killer ice breaker, it may be the be all or end all of a speaker session. A mobile event app could be just the thing to warm up your attendees.

Event App Q&A

Get delegates to collaborate and come up with questions for the speaker. Perfect for Q&A or panel sessions and stimulating conversation. With an event app, attendees can anonymously ask questions which can be a real game changer for the introverts in the room!

If you’re a little worried about silly or inappropriate questions (we want to break the ice, not smash social constructs) then you can moderate activity through your event app CMS.

Perhaps you could use this feature to incorporate another ice breaker. For example, play (or ask the speaker to sing) a few lines of a popular song and get your attendees to name the tune!

As well as this your attendees are now familiarised with using Q&A and will be more likely to engage with the event app.


Use event app gaming to have a have a bit of fun with your attendees and to promote app engagement.

Hide a code in a special place within the event app, such as in the corner of a sponsor logo. Ask your speaker to give a clue to the audience as to where the code might be. Your attendees will have to look through the app (and familiarise themselves with it) to find the code. To get people interacting, ask attendees to stand up and shout their name and company as soon as they have finished.

There is a lot you can do with gamification, you could also hold a mini scavenger hunt to get people networking and moving round the room.

Live Polling

Polling the audience is an invaluable way to get the attention of your audience, break the ice and gauge feedback and ideas for the session.

Prepare some warm up questions in advance i.e.

What brings you to the conference?

  1. Knowledge
  2. Networking
  3. My boss made me
  4. Food

Once you’ve covered some easy, light-hearted personal questions start gathering your audience’s thoughts and opinions on your session topic.


Event apps can be used in so many ways, the best strategy for getting the most out of your app is to not restrict its uses. Our clients achieve success when they think outside the box.

Case Study: How Event App Polling Tripled Participation Rates

The Event

IPVS, 24th International Pig Veterinary Society Congress. The congress took place in July in Dublin, Ireland at The Royal Dublin Society.

“The 24th Congress will be a truly unique event as we have joined forces with the 8th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management to consolidate the pig veterinary conferences in Europe in 2016 and to create a special event in a special city.

The Congress will be held over four days, bringing together world experts in PED, PRRS, New and Emerging Diseases, and Management and Reproduction.”

The Challenge 

A regular congress feature is to let attendees decide where the following year’s congress will take place (previous locations include, Durban, The Hague, Barcelona and Bangkok).

In the past this meant paper polling, ballot boxes and long queues. Unfortunately the vote is always held at the end of the congress when attendees were keen to get home or had already left.

The IPVS needed a solution that would support quick and easy polling that would maximise participation rates.

The Solution

An event app polling platform contained within the congress event app.

Because the event app could be downloaded onto attendees’ mobile device, every single delegate had ready access to the poll. The app’s security feature ensured a fair ballot of one vote per attendee.

As soon as the poll closed the result was instantly available to show on the Live Display big screen. It was extremely close with a difference of only 1% of the 1,1000 votes deciding that Prague in the Czech Republic would host the 2017 congress. A paper vote that close would have led to a costly and time-consuming recount!

The Logistics

As the event app polling was new to the society, CrowdComms were onsite to promote event app adoption and to make sure delegates were comfortable with using the polling platform.

Things We Loved

The event app polling was seen by the organisers as a roaring success. The poll was completed by over 1,100 delegates, tripling previous poll participation rates.

What they Said

‘At the previous IPVS, I stood as an attendee at the back of the room and watched for hours as people voted for their next destination, and listened to multiple complaints from people disenfranchised from the process due to being unable to attend the final day and the physical vote’

‘When I returned to Ireland, I laid out the problem with Stuart in CrowdComms and we came up with a plan to do it digitally. This wasn’t just a simple vote, it was a multi-million euro decision for the countries involved, so security, integrity and the ability to cross-check through in-built redundancies were vital.

Through Stuart and the CrowdComms team’s flexibility and technical expertise, we put in place a system where the number of delegates voting more than trebled (from around 300 to over 1,000) and the whole process took less than fifteen minutes on the final day. It also – and as a marketing person this is always a bonus – made more people engaged with the process and helped us to do the dramatic reveal to lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’!’

Hugh Torpey, Marketing & Communications manager, MCI



Why a Meetings App Means Smarter Meetings

Think an event app for a meeting is overkill? Think again.

Many people associate event apps with large gatherings, however, event apps are scalable. So whether you’re organising a multi-national conference for 2,000 attendees or a board meeting for 7 people, the event app is always fit for purpose.

Easy to download and simple to navigate, a meetings app is the perfect way to ensure any meeting runs on time and on point.

Here’s why:

1. You’re More Organised

A meetings app can be downloaded onto any mobile device. Like an email linked calendar note, the app will tell you exactly where your invitees need to be, when and why.

Unlike a calendar note, the meetings app will also provide access to maps and travel information.   Important documents (including agenda and supporting material) can be uploaded onto the app.  Which means there’s no need to waste time and money on printed material.

Want to keep invitees updated on changes to agenda items or attendees? No problem. Real-time alert notifications mean everyone has immediate access to important information when they need it (so if you’re stuck in traffic you can let attendees know about the delay right there and then).

2.  You’re More Accessible

A meetings app allows attendees from all over the world to participate in your meeting. Real-time functionality allows attendees to be involved in the discussions as they happen.

3.  You’re More Efficient

It can be hard to keep meetings on time and on track. Discussions can easily get diverted away from the key points. A meetings app will help ensure the conversation stays focused.

Agenda items can be marked off in the app as they’re completed. You can even allocate time to each item. Minutes can be recorded in-app for an accurate account of the discussions and commitments. Attendees can also get access to the minutes in real time.

Want a verifiable summary of people’s opinion on key items? Run a short in-app poll at the end of the meeting.

4.  You’re More Informed

Distributing post-meeting information and action points is easy and quick with a meeting app. Data from meeting polls or Q&As is simple to collate and present in easy to read reports.

Any post meeting questions or queries can be posed via the app for instant access by every attendee. If you need to include additional stakeholders in the meeting notes, that’s easy too. They can also download the meetings app and get access to all the information relating to the meeting.


A meetings app can organise, run and distribute post-meeting information. It’s a simple tool that keeps everything in one place. Plus it makes meeting notes accessible 24/7 via attendees’ mobile device.


How To Connect With Association Members Year Round

Staying connected to your community is a challenge. Regular and relevant communication is the key to keeping association members engaged throughout the year.

But when your members are so busy with the other things in their lives, how do you cut through the noise to make your messages heard?

A great way to stay in touch is to utilise the one thing we’re all constantly connected to: our mobile devices.

If you used an event app at your annual conference, don’t limit the app to the conference duration. Here are five ways it can engage your membership base year round:

1: Get Your Game On

We’re all gamers at heart. Games are fun, motivating and addictive. They can be educational and informative too. Event app games can run throughout the year to keep association members engaged.

E.g. a year-round game called, Know Your Association. Each time a member answers a question correctly they accumulate points. Top members feature on the mobile app leaderboard. The points stack up and by the end of the year the top 3 members with the most points earn a free membership.

Not only is it an effective way to increase member engagement but it also encourages renewals too!

2: Amplify Networking Opportunities

Networking is the primary reason members join an association. It’s also one of the main ways to build a strong community.

While face-to-face meetings are one of the most effective ways to build connections, a mobile event app will boost those encounters by making them last beyond the event.

E.g. using a mobile event app members can see who is attending an event. They can connect privately or within the group chat. They can also start a conversation in group discussions to spark interest in the same topic and chat with other members.

Finally, everything and everyone can be found in the mobile event app. Which means no more time spent tracking down members in the website directory only to find out their email is out of date.

3: Give Your Members A Voice

Everyone likes to feel valued and your members are no exception. Gathering their feedback, acknowledging concerns and asking members (regularly but not too frequently) how they feel about your events, programmes, benefits and overall membership is a good way to allow your members to contribute to the association’s direction.

A mobile event app that extends year-round is the easy way to gather member feedback. E.g. you can set up a permanent Q&A section, send out regular surveys or ask members participate in a poll to gauge their views on a new programme, service or topic.

The mobile event app makes it convenient and quick for members to engage on-the-go. Your members will love that you are making a continuous effort to include their feedback. This increases loyalty and builds a stronger sense of community.

4: Swap Emails for Push Notifications

An average person gets 122 emails per day at work.

If your primary way of communicating with members is via email, you’re competing with an already jammed inbox.

A mobile event app allows you to send push notifications rather than emails to inform members about important updates or events. This allows you to cut through the clutter and reach members where they are: on their mobile devices.

Push notifications typically have a 3x higher click through rate than email, so by including these in your communications strategy you’ll see higher engagement.

N.B. Don’t over send push notifications. Use them wisely and make sure they add value.

5: All Your Events: One Place

While your association annual conference may be the calendar highlight, the smaller gatherings are also important. Workshops, training/educational sessions, fundraising events, networking sessions, board meetings etc. all provide members with incredible value.

Putting your events into one, mobile-friendly place means you can promote all of your events at the same time. There’s less chance an event will bypass members simply because they missed an email.

However, if a member does miss a meeting they can access the resources within the same app and review the materials at a later time.

Everything in one central location which is accessible on-the-go is a more convenient solution than tracking down emails, contacting your organisation, or digging through the website for relevant information.



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