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Wow Sponsors and Exhibitors With Event Lead Capture

Attracting exhibitors and sponsors to your event means providing great ROI.  A major incentive for exhibitors to participate in your event is the opportunity to collect quality leads.

CrowdComms digitally enabled lead capture is the perfect way to gather qualified leads.  Easy to use, our intuitive platform turns any mobile device into an effective lead capture tool.

Believe your sponsors and exhibitors want to covert connections into powerful leads?  Are they keen to ditch cumbersome business card collection? Do they need to spend less time inputting data?

Here’s the low-down:

Mobile Ready & Cost Effective

Our event lead capture app sits neatly on exhibitors’ mobile device, which means no additional hardware to wrangle or purchase.  As attendees visit stands and booths a quick scan of their badge (from any smart device) is all that’s required to gather data.

Quality Qualified

We know all leads are not created equal. It’s why our platform allows companies to include qualifying questions, star ratings and notes to ensure lead information is always meaningful and consistent.

Real-Time Access

Once collated, information is immediately available to view, manage and export by any member of the exhibitor team. And if the Wi-Fi drops out, there’s no panic; the system functions without a connection and will sync when Wi-Fi is available again.

Custom Branding

Our lead capture platform will always look like a part your event. Custom design ensures brand continuity and a strong exhibitor/sponsor profile.

Powerful Data

The event lead capture also delivers powerful benefits for event organisers.  Real-time data allows exhibitors to manage attendee traffic throughout the event, e.g. if their booth needs a visitor boost they can take immediate steps (such as promote a scheduled demo or donut giveaway in the activity feed) to increase attendee traffic.

Incentive Compatible

While general attendee traffic will deliver a percentage of leads, incentives, gamification and achievements will really get the lead capture humming.

CrowdComms digital platform supports digital passports (replacing the old stamp and cardboard), games and competitions. All of which encourage participation, booth visitors and engagement for exhibitors and attendees alike.

If you’re incentivising attendees to visit every exhibitor booth or a series of key stands, make it easy for attendees with a progress bar at the top of their digital passport.

Takeaway:  our digitally enabled event lead capture is the smart way to offer exhibitors and sponsors a powerful ROI that will make your event a must-attend year after year.                   


Discover The Power of Event App Plug-Ins

Sometimes your event calls for a little ‘extra’.

It’s why we’ve developed a series of event app plug-ins to give your app that custom feel…without the custom price tag.

Ready-to-go whenever you need them, CrowdComms plug-ins are the easy way to give your attendees the features they need for a compelling event experience.

1. Coffee

Want to give your attendees great hassle free coffee? Try our new coffee ordering plug-in.  Attendees can request coffee straight from their mobile device.

Whether they want a skimmed flat white, long black or soy latte, our clever little widget will deliver requests direct to the event’s on-site barista (who manages orders from his or her device).

Great coffee, ready in an instant, means attendees avoid the hassle of long lines and make a quick return to the event action.

2. Exhibitor Meetings


Need a comprehensive appointment feature? We’ve got what you need for accurate scheduling that streamlines exhibitor-to-attendee meetings.

A dedicated portal allows attendees to book appointments direct from their mobile device.  A daily appointments screen shows which exhibitor is available and when.  Attendees simply choose their time and book.

Exhibitors also get direct access to their appointment schedule that updates in real-time as attendees make their booking.

3. Digital Passport

Remember the days when attendees carried around sorry looking bits of cardboard to get visitor stamps from exhibitor stands?

We’ve made the card and stamp redundant and replaced them with smart QR codes and meaningful data.   Our passport plug-in makes participating in exhibitor incentives a breeze.

At exhibitor stands attendees tap the event app icon and scan the QR code for an instant stand ‘check-in’.  With their details registered, attendees are immediately in-play for whatever incentives, games or challenges the exhibitor and/or the event is running.

Attendees can chart their visits via a handy progress bar at the top of the screen.

Takeaway:  event app plug-ins are the easy way to custom fit your event app so it gives attendees, exhibitors and sponsors an experience they’ll remember.

Case Study: Event Engagement With Added Caffeine


Have you had your coffee fix today?

The 60% of Australians aged between 30 and 70 who drink coffee every day probably have!

Given coffee’s popularity, it’s no surprise it’s a non-negotiable feature at most events.  While catering to the caffeine demands of a small internal meeting is easy, things can get tricky for large events hosting hundreds or thousands of attendees.

Do you serve filter or barista brewed? How do you avoid long lines and over stretched service?  What happens to a large crowd when they’re deprived of caffeine?!

The coffee conundrum made us dig deeper to find out more about the Customer Engagement and Loyalty Conference that took place in Australia’s coffee capital, Melbourne.

We chatted to event organiser, Elizabeth Hanlon from Global Loyalty, about how they pulled off a caffeine masterstroke to boost event engagement!


CC: Hi Elizabeth, can you tell us a little more about your event?

Elizabeth: It’s the Customer Engagement and Loyalty Conference.  The event has been running for six years and provides information, discussion and networking opportunities.

Attendees tend to be people in senior, decision-making roles in marketing managers, loyalty and data analytics.

CC:  So, people who are very likely to expect, or rather need, coffee at an event?

Elizabeth: Absolutely! In the past we’d serve filter coffee, but we’d find that people were nipping out to get a ‘proper’ coffee.

Given the 2018 event was being held near Melbourne where there is a strong expectation for great coffee we felt filter wouldn’t fly with our attendees.

CC: Did you bring in a barista?

Elizabeth: We certainly did. We hired two coffee carts to cater the event. One would provide a walk-up service like a normal café. The other would deliver coffee orders made via our event app.

CC: Wow! A clever idea.

Elizabeth: I thought incorporating a coffee ordering element into the event app would not only make getting hold of a coffee a lot easier but it would also encourage downloads of the event app itself.

CrowdComms came up with a clean and simple ordering feature for the event app that was exactly what we were looking for.

CC: Did it work?

Elizabeth: It did, almost everyone downloaded the app! We also made coffee ordering part of our gamification strategy.

For every coffee attendees ordered they would receive 25pts and boost their place on the leaderboard. It definitely helped with event engagement.

CC: And how about the in-app ordering, was that a success?

Elizabeth: It went down so well. It was really easy to place an order. People could specify their coffee preference and milk type. The order went straight to the barista who worked from the list of incoming requests.

Attendees could order throughout the day so we had hardly any queuing.

CC: What was the attendee feedback like?

Elizabeth: They loved it! Attendees could order as many coffees as they liked.  I had plenty of people asking me “where can I pay for coffee?” They were delighted to find out it was free!

We planned on three coffees per person and came in just under that for the event.

CC: Did you get any sponsor feedback?

Elizabeth: Mastercard sponsored the coffee cart. While they didn’t give any specific feedback they had done this before so it obviously works for them.

CC: Finally, do you think the coffee ordering gave your event a strong point of difference?

Elizabeth: Definitely. Coffee is an instrumental part of many people’s day. Making sure attendees could get their daily cup easily (and for free!) helped create a lovely, positive vibe throughout the event.

Your Best Event App Notification Strategy

When you need to give your attendees the most up-to-date information, event app notifications and alerts are the go-to communication tool.  Ready to read in real-time they let people know time sensitive detail, such as room changes, speaker swaps and entertainment alerts.

While notifications are a hard working event app feature, did you know you can squeeze even more goodness from these handy pop-ups?

Set and Schedule

Alerts are great for last minute updates, but you can also pre-schedule your notifications.  Think about how they can fit into your event communication strategy.  Do you want to remind guests about the registration process? Or is it important to prompt attendees to complete the post event survey?  Maybe a late afternoon promo of the evening’s entertainment will boost energy levels!

Setting scheduled alerts means you only have to focus on last minute changes that crop up during the event.

Sponsor Messages

Make sure sponsors can maximise engagement opportunities by offering them pre-scheduled event app alerts.  Scheduled messages can include incentives to visit their booth, website links or exclusive promotions.

Not only does messaging introduce added value for sponsors, it is a key feature that differentiates your sponsorship package levels.


Keeping event games fueled and fired is another feature in your alert tool kit. Incorporate notifications into your gamification strategy means attendees will be hungry for new alerts!

Schedule notifications that provide passcodes or maybe send out clues as to passcodes can be found. You can also issue updates on how the leaderboard is looking to ramp up the competition.

Targeted Alerts

Are you running a dedicated reception for first-time guests? Do you want to communicate with event speakers? Targeted alerts communicate with specific groups or individuals

This means you can send information to help drive attendee behavior, provide group-specific information and keep your communication focused to bring more value to your attendees and event guests.

Creative Content

Don’t limit your alerts and notifications to just text.  Digital marketers will always include rich content (such as videos and images) in their communication strategy. This multi-layered approach means information is delivered in a variety of formats to grab attention and keep recipients engaged and interested.

Do likewise with your real-time pop-ups.  Whether its sponsor messages or event entertainment info, a mix of formats will focus attendees’ attention where it’s needed.

Think Strategically

Like any communication strategy, your approach to alerts and notifications should be focused, relevant and timely.

Too many notifications will quickly lose recipients’ attention.  Always think about the purpose of the alert. Ultimately each message should bring value and add to attendees’ event experience.

As a guide, one message every few hours is generally a good frequency but this may change depending on event activities and attendee engagement.


Does Your Event Have Big Screen Power?

Mobile screens are perfect for the hard working event app. However, while small screens are beautiful, big screens can give your event a powerful boost when it comes to attendee engagement and sponsorship revenue.

CrowdComms Live Display provides an exciting focal point that inform, entertain and unite audience members.

Big Screen Power: Increased Sponsorship Revenue

Live Display screens offer an immersive and attention grabbing opportunity for sponsors.

Provide great ROI for your sponsors by showcasing their brand on the Featured Partners screen. The ability to rotate through multiple images or logos means you can create an equal amount of promotional space for different sponsors.

Big Screen Power: Real-Time Information

While an event is in full swing, attendees’ mobile devices may be tucked away in pockets or bags. Keep people informed of important event changes by communicating via the big screen.

Real-time updates, alerts, notifications and information pushed to the Live Display mean attendees can stay in the loop at all times.

Pro-tip: use the Agenda screen to remind attendees what’s currently taking place and what’s happening next.

Big Screen Power: Amplified Engagement


It all happens on the big screen! From social media activity to gamification updates and leaderboards, eyes will be glued to the Live Display for eagerly anticipated updates.

Promote all the smart observations your attendees are making on social media by highlighting key posts and interesting insights.

The Leaderboard screen keeps your attendees engaged with your event games and fuels their (good-natured) competitive spirits!

Pro-tip: if your gaming strategy includes engagement with sponsor stands, don’t forget to include how Live Display will boost game engagement in your pitch to potential sponsors.

Big Screen Power: Smart Content

All this amazing activity has to cost extra time and effort, right? Wrong! Live Display will integrate with your existing event technology.

Live Display retrieves event data from the event app and organises it into sections (gamification, social media feeds etc.) without any manual intervention by the event organiser.

5 Ways to Drive Engagement at Your Next Event

One of the toughest jobs faced by Event Professionals is captivating their attendees. Between juggling venue hire, sponsor prospecting and stakeholder management, there’s a lot that goes into organising an event. A common pitfall can be neglecting or not maintaining attendee engagement leading up to an event. With a little planning and the right event app, driving engagement at your next event can be as effortless and rewarding for you as it is for your attendees.

1. Push Notifications

Keep your attendees in the loop by sending push notifications in the lead up to your event. Advertise speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, key event app elements or new content to keep your attendees checking back and engaged. Bonus points for making use of notification links to direct attendees to relevant pages.

Plan ahead of time, set up a document of all planned push notifications and times for stakeholder approval. You’ll then be able to pre-schedule your push notifications using your event app, leaving you to focus on running the event.

2. Gamification

Level up your event by introducing gamification! An event app leaderboard is a great way to drive app adoption rates and engagement. Attendees are rewarded with points and achievements for completing challenges, driving them to explore the event app and engage with their fellow peers. By providing a platform for friendly competition, you’ll be opening up a whole new means of social engagement, helping to break the ice before the event has even begun. There are also a number of opportunities to further encourage your delegates by offering up prizes for those highest scoring individuals.

3. Activity Feed

Build a digital community within your event app by providing a platform for attendees to share experiences and post photos. Lead the way by prompting discussions and posting images of event preparation to build excitement. By establishing a welcoming social environment in your event app, you’ll create a means for your delegates to network and socialise, ensuring their continued activity.

4. Interactive Sessions

Collaborate with your speakers to organise exciting and engaging sessions. Gather each speaker’s desired questions or event app live polls pre-event. Advertise these sessions through event app push notifications to help build interest and attendance. Couple this with the session bookmark feature to allow your attendees to customise their personal schedule.

5. Promotion

Build buzz around your event app by taking advantage of already established social media channels. Work closely with your sponsors, exhibitors and invited speakers to generate engaging content leading up to the event and share it on social media and within your event app. Consider creating a hashtag to further promote the event app and event. Lastly, get creative! A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth even more – here’s an example to get those creative juices flowing.

Twitter’s New Feature is Exciting for the Future of Events

On the 10th of October, Twitter released a new feature called “Happening Now”. It’s aimed at newcomers to the site, by highlighting groups of tweets about a trending topic. It’s beginning with big sporting events in the US, before expanding to other areas like entertainment and breaking news.

What Does This Mean for the World of Events?

This is exciting for the future of events. As we’ve seen, Snapchat’s ‘story’ feature makes an appearance on most social media platforms now, boosting FOMO through the roof! The future of the combined event is undeniable, event tech means that your event can market itself for the future.

An event app can integrate with your social media channels, meaning that it will be even easier for attendees to share highlights. The future of event apps will most likely include in-app ‘stories’, which could perhaps be downloaded by planners and used to showcase event highlights.

Hasn't Twitter Done This Before?

Much like “Happening Now”, Moments offers a way for attendees to learn more about a given timely topic across a number of categories such as sports, news, and entertainment.

But Twitter Moments are a curated selection of tweets that tell a story, while Happening Now will take users to a dedicated timeline of tweets related to the event at hand. Moments are also often more visual, featuring images and videos, which is why they’ve been likened to Twitter’s version of Snapchat or Instagram’s “Stories.” Who knows, event apps may catch up in the near future.

What Makes Happening Now Different?

In a demo of the new feature posted to the official @Twitter account, there are Happening Now events for large sporting events shown at the top of the Twitter timeline. You can swipe horizontally through these events, each depicted with a title and an image.

When you tap into an event to see more, a customised timeline containing real-time tweets about the event appears.

Twitter already offers ways to tune into live events via its network, including via its live video streams of an event, as well as by following an event’s hashtag.

Happening Now builds on top of Twitter’s understanding of how to sort tweets associated with an event, like live video. The tweets will display algorithmically in these new, custom Happening Now timelines.

What’s interesting about this new implementation is that it’s not entirely hashtag dependent.

In the brief demo Twitter shared, some tweets did reference hashtags related to the event at hand. However, other tweets only referenced the match up in plain text and sometimes only vaguely.


Twitter has made itself more accessible to those who use it as a news channel- following topics, not people. Last year, it updated its homepage so that logged-out users could dive into various categories such as news and sports, plus view Moments and other featured tweets.

Gaming to WIN at Event Tech Live 2017

Event Tech Live is just around the corner and we’ve got some great features lined-up to capture attendees’ attention and imagination.

On the 9th of November, CrowdComms will be at stand 406 and we’re planning to make it our best one yet. We’ll be on hand to tell you everything you need to know about event apps and are offering free trial apps with your event branding.

But you can also get involved with our exciting event app game- with the opportunity to win an even more exciting prize!

Here are a few teasers about what you can expect:

Time to Network

The aim of the game is to showcase how event app gaming can be used to achieve specific goals.

Without giving too much away, there’s a wide range of great challenges. Networking is the aim of the game so we’ll be encouraging you to tell us all about the events you have coming up, and how an event app could help.

Want to see how it can work? Here’s a great example of how another event used gaming to kick their networking goals.

Leader Board

Half the fun of the game is seeing where you are on the leader board. We’ll heat up the competition by projecting live results on a screen at stand 406 and within the game app.

How’s Zanzibar for a Prize?

And of course, no event app game is complete without a prize and this year it’s going to be unforgettable. Simply partake in 6 challenges for a chance to win an amazing holiday!

We are giving away 5 nights for two in the luxury Pong We Beach Hotel in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Pongwe Beach Hotel is set in a beautiful private cove at the back of a stunning coral lagoon in a quiet, secluded part of the island. While staying here you and your guest will enjoy white powdery sands, turquoise waters and shady palm trees on one of one of the finest beaches on the island. You will also enjoy great food, delicious cocktails and helpful friendly staff at every turn.

Happy gaming everyone- may the best event planner win!

10 Ideas to Boost Your Exhibition Fair (Part 2)

This is Part 1, for Part 2 click here.

When you’re organising an exhibition fair, your success depends on the success of your exhibitors- the amount of valuable leads they generate dictates whether they will return.

Attracting lots of attendees is extremely important, but it’s not always just about numbers. Think about the kind of attendees your exhibitors are interested in. If those attending are not relevant to those exhibiting, it’s disappointing. As an organiser, you have to balance both quality and quantity of visitors.

Your marketing campaign must target the right attendees and effectively communicate the whys of your event. Here are 10 ways to do just that and increase the positive results for all event stakeholders.

6. Strategic Sponsorship

Sponsorship can not only provide much needed additional funds for your trade show, but it can actually increase its credibility. If you partner with a trusted brand that is well known in your industry, it can act as a seal of approval for your event.

You can also benefit from your sponsor’s network for promoting your event. Of course, they’ll be looking for a good deal in return, so make your offer an appealing one.

Ensure that your sponsorship proposal is impressive, it’s worth putting a lot of time into this. If you’re using an event app, make sure you highlight any opportunities for exposure.

7. Hosted Buyer Model

To encourage valuable attendees at your event, introduce a hosted buyer programme. You cover the attendance costs of those buyers and work with selected exhibitors to identify and screen potential attendees.

In return for having their ticket, transport and hotel costs covered, hosted buyers must choose and attend a set number of meetings. This means that your conference will attract people with a genuine interest in your exhibitors. More leads will be generated as a result of this.

Use personalised scheduling on your event app to make it easy for attendees to keep track of their appointments and find stands.

The model was pioneered by event industry show IMEX in the 1980s and has proved a huge success, with the organisers now hosting thousands of buyers every year.

8. Event App Gaming

Gamification can be used to facilitate meetings and encourage movement around the venue.

Set up a scavenger hunt style game on your event app. Set challenges like “Visit an event app provider’s stand”- attendees would have to go to a relevant stand and have a meaningful conversation with a stand member to get the code.

Offer points for completing challenges and award a prize to the top three scorers. This is a more creative way to generate leads, it may also introduce people who would have never met otherwise!

9. Open up attendance to virtual participants

Many people who may want to attend your trade show will not be able to, whether that’s due to date, location or work commitments.

You can make sure you don’t miss out by providing a live content stream. Ensure your exhibitors benefit by requiring virtual attendees to register their interest with a couple of exhibitors the via exhibitor zone of your website. You will also be able to add them to your mailing list for future promotions.

10. Exhibit at other industry events

If your show is a new one, taking a stand at an existing, well-attended industry event can be a great way to raise brand awareness. There will be plenty of networking opportunities with both potential exhibitors and attendees.

Make sure you are honest with the organiser about what you’re promoting and demonstrate how your show is complementary not competitive.

Depending on the scale and scope of your show, you could also consider participation in foreign exhibitions. This will help open your event up to an international attendance, even if they only become remote attendees.

Networking: Facilitate Meaningful Connections

It’s a well-known fact, networking is highly valued by attendees. Delegates consistently rank networking as one of the top reasons they attend business events. Finding new and novel ways to help them connect can give your event a leading edge.

Here are 7 examples of looking at networking from a different angle, assisting attendees to build meaningful relationships with the most useful contacts, and how an event app can help.

Networking with Gamification

Gaming is our number one recommendation for a different take on networking.

There are lots of ways to use event app gaming, we find that the most successful planners are the ones who think outside the box. Try a scavenger hunt style game where attendees have to ‘Find the Exec’ and have a meaningful conversation with them.

Alternatively, add codes to each attendee badge. Once attendees feel they have made a meaningful connection they should swap codes and enter them into the event app.

Rewarding points for networking (with a big prize at the end) facilitates more interaction and movement.


Attendees don’t just want to ‘network’, they want to make valuable connections. Facilitate meetings that mean something for your attendees- this means match-making.

In advance of the conference, ask your delegates to complete an online profile with three facts about themselves and three things are seeking at the event. This profile and information will then be uploaded onto the event app. Use this information to match attendees with others who they would want to meet.

Personal Agenda

During the registration process, allow your attendees to choose the sessions they want to attend. Having smaller sessions with specific focuses will be much better for facilitating connections, attendees choose what’s most relevant to them.

By using an event app, you can build in personal agendas for your attendees. Only the sessions that they have chosen will be visible in the event app.

Millennials: How to Create Brand Loyalty

Today, millennials have unlimited choices when it comes to what they purchase. Brands can struggle to grab the attention of this highly influential band of consumers.

When it comes to events brands will need to think outside the box in order to establish customer loyalty. Your event needs to abandon the ‘one size fits all’ approach and connect with millennials on a personal level.

Deliver Emotional Impact

Studies have shown that millennials are more motivated by experiences, rather than physical freebies. This has led to the increase in experiential events and marketing campaigns. Millennials prefer to feel as though they are part of something that has purpose, actively connecting with brands and events that give them something to believe in.

Brands that openly share their values will drive deeper emotional connections with millennial consumers. The ability to express themselves through your event brand will gain and maintain their loyalty.

Also, a sustainable event is a good start – millennials are big believers in going green and support industries that are environmentally-friendly. Using an event app allows you to go paperless with your event, saving money costs as well as the environment.

Social Testimony

Millennials tend to seek advice from people that have tried and tested a service. By consulting reviews online, through social media or event apps, millennials can make their own decision as to whether they want to attend your event. With the new word-of-mouth marketing, social media is the generator of customer engagement, reactions and recommendations.

To create year-round loyalty, keep your event’s social media up to date. Post highlight videos and pictures, shareable content always goes down well with millennials. As well as this, an event app allows you to create a hub for attendees. Post alerts with recent news and use the Activity Feed as an internal “social media” platform.

Events that increase their social media presence are more likely to gain organic interest from millennials, motivating other potential customers to follow suit.

Engage with Millennials

The way we interact with brands is no longer one-way; events must adopt a strategy that incorporates a personalised communication with their attendees. Use social media as an interaction tool as opposed to a commercial marketing scheme. Convey authenticity and this will positively boost your event among millennial consumers.

Engage attendees year-round with an event app game. Update your game every month and award points for correct answers. At the end of the year award the top three attendees with a great prize, ideally something experience based!

Ensure that customers can rate your products or services on your social pages and provide personal feedback acknowledging people’s reviews (both the positive and negative).


Millennials can be a difficult generation to please and competing for their attention is only the first step in securing their loyalty. It has never been more important to stand out among similar brands and build relationships with your millennial consumers. Work on earning their trust and respect and they will repay you in loyalty.

How to Amp Up Your Trade Show Experience

As we all know, face-to-face meetings are vastly more affective for building lasting relationships between businesses than any other marketing strategy. Trade shows and other B2B events are extremely valuable, and are therefore worth splashing a bit of cash on!

At a large trade show there can be hundreds of stands for potential clients to choose from, so make sure you stand out! Below are a few tips for promoting and decorating your stand to generate maximum ROI and build strong, valuable business relationships.

1. Quality Over Quantity

There are hundreds of trade shows out there, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is for you. Attending every event that seems relevant to you is not the way to go- some may not have enough attendees, or perhaps not the right kind of attendees. Either way, you do not need to waste your time and blow your marketing budget by attending a trade show every week!

Do your research- contact trade show exhibitors, look through directories, see where your competitors are going. This should give you an indication of which trade show is good for you. Aim to be getting out and about at least once a month, but obviously this depends on the busy season and budget.

2. Choosing Your Booth Space

It’s not always necessary to have the biggest stand out there, particularly for smaller and start-up companies. In fact, larger stands can look awfully empty at quieter points in the event and are therefore sometimes unnecessary. A smaller booth does mean that attendees might have to wait around to have a chat, but that just means you’re in high demand!

Opting for a smaller space could be a better option, there are so many ways to use it to the max! A smaller booth means more room in the budget to spend on design, it’s no secret that a visually appealing booth will attract more interest! Changing up your stand design from year to year is also an effective trade show strategy. Over time you will build a rapport with attendees and trade show organisers, an interesting booth will always be welcome back!

3. Digital Strategies and the Event App

Tech never fails to generate interest and excitement; I know that at any trade show I’ve been to, the booth with the next exciting piece of tech is always the talk of the event.

Virtual and Augmented Reality can be used to engage and (literally) immerse potential buyers with your product or service. Perhaps if you’re promoting a venue for events you could use an interactive ‘street view’ experience, attendees could literally walk around your venue! Of course, this would be very expensive, but it’s fun to think about how VR could be used at trade shows in the future.

If your trade show uses an event app then make sure to get involved with the gamification side of the app. Scavenger hunt style games could be used to get attendees to your stand, perhaps your stand could hold a code that earns the attendees with points. An event app could be a great way to promote your stand, perhaps you could consider sponsoring the event to get your logo on the home screen of the event app.

4. Social Media

Provide teasers and updates of your stand in the lead up to the trade show, be sure to use the show’s hashtag to become a part of the conversation. Incorporate the hashtag into all communications whilst you are at the event too. Most trade shows will use a social media wall, any of your tweets and other activities will be displayed to all attendees. Share real time images and video snippets to show how well you’re stand is doing. As well as this any speaker sessions you attend would be good to shout out, they are often retweeted by the event’s twitter page.

A Snapchat Geofilter can also be a fun way to promote your stand. At recent trade shows I have used them to promote our stand, I included our stand number and the fact that we were offering a free trial event app for any prospective clients.

Be sure to briefly recap your event experience across your social media channels and blog.