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Your Guide To The Perfect Event App Pop-Up

If you have a mobile device, and use apps, you will be familiar with push notifications.  These concise messages pop-up on our screens to remind or persuade us to take action.

While push notifications are a valuable marketing tool, they also serve as an important communication channel for event organisers.  Need to get urgent information to your attendees quickly? Push notifications will tell them what they need to know, when they need to know it.

But how do you ensure attendees will take notice when your pop-up hits their screens?  Here’s our guide to getting the perfect push notification strategy.

Enabling Push Notifications

Just because an app supports push-notifications doesn’t mean users will receive them.  Most apps require users to give permission for notifications to be sent to their device.

While this opt-in is fine for general apps, event apps are different because they are often used to communicate urgent updates.  It’s therefore really important attendees have the push notifications enabled within their device settings when they download the app.

To encourage opt-ins make sure attendees know why pop-ups are a key feature of their event app, i.e. they could miss out on valuable information such as travel reports. 

Staying On Point

Pop-ups must be relevant to recipients.   Notifications that don’t offer immediate value to the attendee increase the risk of future pop-ups being ignored.

Last minute updates, such as agenda changes or room switches, have obvious value.  Use that as a guide when you’re assessing the necessity of other notifications and ask yourself:

a) Do attendees really need to know this?

b) Will it add value to their event experience?

For example, a reminder that reception cocktails are about to be served will be useful to busy attendees who may have lost track of time.

Keep it Short

The perfect pop-up can be read in a glance.  While detailed information has its place, updates and reminders are best delivered in short sentences that get to the point.

Make sure your key point can be seen without having to open the notification. Many attendees may see the message on a locked screen while busy with other event activities.

If you’re sending pop-ups with links to additional content (such as video images) keep the text short but use words that will entice the receiver into opening the notification (especially if the attendee cannot open at time of receipt).

Timing is Everything

Relevant notifications will help make sure you’re not bombarding attendees with messages.  Too many notifcations will either distract them from your event or cause them to switch off.

Keep pop-ups to a minimum and use only when necessary. Schedule messages in advance (e.g. reminder for the lunch service) so you can see the notification frequency.

Aim for 1 to 2 messages every 1 to 2 hours.  This still allows for urgent updates to occur without cluttering your notification schedule.  Aim to send during event break periods and avoid unsociable hours or during high-profile sessions such as keynote speaker presentations.



Wow Sponsors and Exhibitors With Event Lead Capture

Attracting exhibitors and sponsors to your event means providing great ROI.  A major incentive for exhibitors to participate in your event is the opportunity to collect quality leads.

CrowdComms digitally enabled lead capture is the perfect way to gather qualified leads.  Easy to use, our intuitive platform turns any mobile device into an effective lead capture tool.

Believe your sponsors and exhibitors want to covert connections into powerful leads?  Are they keen to ditch cumbersome business card collection? Do they need to spend less time inputting data?

Here’s the low-down:

Mobile Ready & Cost Effective

Our event lead capture app sits neatly on exhibitors’ mobile device, which means no additional hardware to wrangle or purchase.  As attendees visit stands and booths a quick scan of their badge (from any smart device) is all that’s required to gather data.

Quality Qualified

We know all leads are not created equal. It’s why our platform allows companies to include qualifying questions, star ratings and notes to ensure lead information is always meaningful and consistent.

Real-Time Access

Once collated, information is immediately available to view, manage and export by any member of the exhibitor team. And if the Wi-Fi drops out, there’s no panic; the system functions without a connection and will sync when Wi-Fi is available again.

Custom Branding

Our lead capture platform will always look like a part your event. Custom design ensures brand continuity and a strong exhibitor/sponsor profile.

Powerful Data

The event lead capture also delivers powerful benefits for event organisers.  Real-time data allows exhibitors to manage attendee traffic throughout the event, e.g. if their booth needs a visitor boost they can take immediate steps (such as promote a scheduled demo or donut giveaway in the activity feed) to increase attendee traffic.

Incentive Compatible

While general attendee traffic will deliver a percentage of leads, incentives, gamification and achievements will really get the lead capture humming.

CrowdComms digital platform supports digital passports (replacing the old stamp and cardboard), games and competitions. All of which encourage participation, booth visitors and engagement for exhibitors and attendees alike.

If you’re incentivising attendees to visit every exhibitor booth or a series of key stands, make it easy for attendees with a progress bar at the top of their digital passport.

Takeaway:  our digitally enabled event lead capture is the smart way to offer exhibitors and sponsors a powerful ROI that will make your event a must-attend year after year.                   


How To Communicate At A Multilingual Event

A key part of an event app’s success is its adoption rate.  Factors such as device compatibility and app awareness can affect adoption rates. App adoption depends on event attendees knowing about the event app and being able to use it.

So what happens if you have a global conference that needs to communicate with its attendees in multiple languages?

Secure A Multilingual Event App

Event attendees might have the right mobile device to access your event app but the content may be delivered in an unfamiliar language. With over 200 languages around the world, it is important your event app can communicate information in language attendees understand.

A multilingual event app will translate its content into multiple languages according to attendee need.

Choose Your Primary Or Default Language 

Although your conference may need to communicate in different languages, there will need to be a primary or default language.

This should to be the same language the actual conference content is being delivered in. If the conference is being delivered in Mandarin then Mandarin should be the default language.

Research Attendee Demographic

Obviously communicating in the right language means knowing your audience. Pre-event registration forms may be able to give you an accurate account of attendees’ language mix.

If you have a large number of people who are coming from one particular country (and it is generally known the primary event language is not a common second language in that country) then have that language as a second language within the event app.

For example, you may be running a conference where the content will be delivered in English. However, you know the audience will comprise of many Russian delegates. Then you might provide Russian as a second language for your event app.

What If You’re Not Sure?

What if you’re not sure of your attendees’ specific language requirements?  Select the languages that are widely known across the world such as English, Spanish, French, Russian Arabic and Standard Chinese. These will give you great coverage if you are not entirely sure on the demographic of your audience.

Minimise Your Workload

The more languages the more work when it comes to providing content!  Look for an event app provider (such as CrowdComms) that can provide an automatic translation service i.e content is immediately available in the required language.

Pro-Tip:  Do not rely on machine translations for anything other than single words as they are often incorrect when it comes to long descriptions on your event app.


A multilingual event app will ensure all attendees can fully engage and participate in your event content.

Do you need a dedicated event app portal?

If you’re an event organiser or business running multiple events – you should consider your own branded event portal. This is a standalone, branded event app portal, from which attendees can access any number of your event apps, even those running simultaneously.

Personalised branding

Add authority to your brand and ensure a smooth user experience with your own event portal. Brand all the app graphics including the icon shown in the App Stores, download page to link users to the relevant App Store, splash and loading screen which appear upon opening the app.

Extra sponsorship potential

Put your sponsors front and centre by placing their logo and brand on the app store tile, download page and portal loading page. This is great for a global technology sponsor.

Save costs and time

Having this offers a great return on investment. Every app build required will available as an embedded app within your portal. Having a store listing for each event is costly and is subject to app store wait time.

Advertise other events

Use your portal to show other upcoming events and allow attendees to register straight from within the page. This encourages increased attendance and app adoption rates.

Replicate other projects

Why reinvent the wheel if you’ve already created the perfect custom event app. With the Entegy Core you can replicate your projects and content, then tweak for each event.

Better user experience

Easily instruct attendees to download your event page, no need to search for a third party in the app store. If your attendees are going to a number of your events they only need to download the portal app once and select their event, no need to have multiple apps or delete and download a new event app each time.

How do they work?

Event portals serve only your events. Download your app from apple or android app store. Open the portal app on your device, then simply select the event from a list or enter a private event code.

Each time an attendee opens the portal app on their phone it automatically remembers their selection and will open to the same event they left.

Dear Santa….The Wishes On Every Event Profs List


It’s that time of the year when event profs reflect on how awfully nice they’ve been (even that time when the keynote speaker cancelled 30 minutes before they were due on stage).

It’s been a year of hard work and great events so surely Santa will reward good (not so little) event planners and organisers and deliver on their wish list for 2018:

Dear Santa,

A few things for our event stockings:

Every Event Under Budget

Oh Santa, this is a tough one but we know you can do it! Every event we spend hours and hours agonising over whether the budget will accommodate Wagyu beef sliders or whether we need to order in the meat pies. If we ditch one or two event branded balloons, can we book one of the Kardashians for our event? Will it be Pol Roger or Prosecco?

It would be so lovely if we could book everything and everyone we want and the whole event slips in under budget (every time).

No Last Minute Cancellations

In fact, Santa, no cancellations at all. No phone calls at 5am from harassed agents who need to pull the star speaker from our agenda…..on event day! No double-booked venues. No live entertainers who come down with a vomiting bug the day before doors open.

Please Santa, next year can we book things well in advance (like the super-organised event profs we are) and then have everything show up just as we planned.

Perfect Weather

We’re not sure how much influence you have over meteorological conditions, but it would be very much appreciated if you could have a word with the weather people and get them to play ball next year.

You see it’s really annoying when we’ve planned a beautiful summer ball complete with pop-up pagodas, canapés in the garden, cocktails by moonlight…and it rains. Not just a light drizzle but a downpour of biblical proportions.

It’s fine of course, because we always have a plan b. But it would be so nice if we could enjoy those canapés under a canopy of stars rather than a ceiling of strip lights.


More please! We know this one is definitely a stretch but if you can’t actually generate more time, could you please put the breaks on it a little.

It’s those last few weeks and hours in the run up to an event where time seems to move at twice its normal speed. We have a hundred and one things to do but time barrels along like it’s late for an important event (ironic, huh!).

Anyway, if you could just give time a tap on the shoulder and tell it to take it easy while we’re in those last organising phases it would be much appreciated.

Reliable Tech

You’re right Santa, we do rely on technology….a lot. But sorry, we’re not going back to paper and projectors so if you could give us this last gift for 2018 we promise to be very good event profs all year.

It’s not much to ask for. Just that the venue Wi-Fi connects first time every time. Oh and if you could see to it that the connection doesn’t drop out just as we’re completing our key poll that would be great.

And if the AV could be crystal clear at all times we’d be very grateful (remember the time the keynote speaker’s mic blasted eat splitting feedback around the room?!).

Anyway Santa, we’re sure you’re super busy so we’ll leave you with those five easy peasy things to fill our event planning sacks with.

Lots of love

Event Professionals (everywhere) x x x





Get Your Matrix On With Me360

We love being part of the event tech industry.   There’s nothing that gets our geeky hearts racing faster than hot new technology. We meet heaps of great innovators with some incredible ideas (that sometimes come to fruition!).

One such innovator is Pete Thompson.   Via Me360, Pete has brought 360-degree photography to Australia and is set to inject all types of events with this revolutionary, and highly shareable, way to capture a moment.

Click Bait


Remember how awesome the fights scenes looked in the Matrix? How futuristic those camera angles felt as they panned around Neo?

Well that’s pretty much what you can expect from Me360 (awesome camera angles, not a fight to the death with Agent Smith).

The Me360 shoots images with lightening speed thanks to 30 hyper quick cameras that capture your image in the 360-degree photo ‘booth’.

Strike Your Pose

You may be wondering how to give the Me360 your best shot. Of course, you can use Neo as inspiration. Or…

How about a dab?


Or mid-air suspension?

However you decide to pose, make it awesome!

What Next?

Well, of course you’ll want those shots to go viral ASAP. Me360 software instantly turns the photos into a 360-degree branded GIF or video that will show ALL your best sides.

Your unique video will then be fired at you via email or fav social media platform for sharing with your adoring friends, family and fans.

Why We Love It

New technology allows events to increase the immersive experience for attendees. While Me360 will make a fun addition to any event, it also offers more diverse opportunities:

1. It presents a fresh opportunity for event sponsors to showcase their brand. Plus, it promotes their brand beyond the event and its attendees via social media.

2. How about incorporating Me360 into event hashtags? The video format is ideal for generating widespread interest in the event.

3. Event attendees will flock to the booth to secure their very own viral video. While people wait their turn, event planners have the perfect opportunity to encourage active networking.

Me360 presents an exciting opportunity for event profs to create a point of difference that will excite attendees and sponsors. And new event tech doesn’t get much better than that!


Does Your Event Start On The Right Note?

The start of your event sets the tone for the whole event. First impressions count. From the moment attendees purchase their ticket, interactions with your event must be efficient, effective and impressive!

So what does a great event start look like?

For starters your brand needs to be present and consistent at each contact point, including copy and graphics. Whether your technology is integrated or not, integrated branding will create a seamless visual link for attendees:


Event ticketing needs to be quick and easy. Online purchasing is clearly a must-have. Look to ticketing platforms like EventBrite that have the scale to support events of all sizes.

Whether it’s a small non-profit fundraiser or a large trade conference, your ticketing option must provide secure, credit card payments and a range of ticketing options (e.g. print-at-home, app-wallet and traditional paper tickets via mail).


Event registration can be marked by long queues, cumbersome paper forms and manually generated name-tags. A frustrating and time-consuming registration process will at best, irritate attendees, and at worst create poor word-of-mouth.

Streamlining your ticketing and registration process will save huge amounts of time – which means your attendees can get more from the event itself. Easy data transfer ensures attendees don’t have re-enter information they already submitted during the ticketing process.

Even with separate ticketing and registration systems, you can keep attendees moving with digital registration platforms that deliver online registration forms in a variety of places. Give your attendees flexibility and choice by offering auto login and forms via the event app, web or registration kiosks.

A Warm Welcome

Your registration point should be warm and welcoming. It should be comfortable but not so comfortable that it encourages attendees to linger there!

One of the final processes attendees often have to undertake before they can get started is the allocation of name-tags or id badges. When you’re itching to get stuck into an event, it can be frustrating to wait in line to collect your name-tag (which is one of hundreds sitting on a designated table).

Make your badge printing as fast and easy as your ticketing and registration. Badge printing kiosks allow attendees to scan their info in via a QR code or SMS/email code (think along the lines of airline auto check-in kiosks). Auto print badges that support double-sided printing and event branding look great.

Once attendees have printed their badge they can dive into your event (which obviously lives up to its great start!).

What Questions Should I Ask In My Event App RFP?

Your event needs an event app. But you have to appoint a provider and you’re not sure what questions to ask in your event app RFP.

What things do you really need to know to make sure you choose the right supplier (and event app) for your event? The following questions are not an exhaustive list, but some of the key things you should ask in your event app RFP.

What Are My Build/Support Options?

The right event app provider should offer flexibility when it comes to build options. If you’re familiar with the technology and have experience working with CMS you may be comfortable with a self-build app.

Need extra support and peace of mind? Your potential provider will be happy to complete the build for you and run easy to understand training to help you manage the event app on-site.

You may also feel that you need someone at the event to help manage the event app. From registration to AV coordination, the right provider will be able to provide a technical expert who can help manage the event app process from event start to event close.

Whatever support option you choose make sure the commitment forms part of the service agreement.

Is the event app web-based or native?

The ability to support web and native apps gives you different options. Native means you can access the app via app stores (iOS, Android etc). Web-based event apps are accessed via a specific URL.

Choosing a provider that offers both will enable to you decide which option is best for your event and attendees.

What data analytics are available and in what format?

Access to comprehensive data is crucial to understand your event’s success factors.

Does your provider’s event app support event analytics? This can take the form of at-event feedback on individual speaker sessions to post event data on page views and event app useage.

Find out if the data can be exported into custom reports and if there is flexibility in presentation formats e.g. pie charts

How Does The Content Get Into The App?

Whether you opt for self-build or an outsourced build, access to a simple and efficient CMS is critical. If you’re self-building the app, content upload should be fast and easy.

The ability to make quick changes when the need arises means attendees and guests will have constant access to the right information. A quality CMS will allow you up update the agenda or change the speaker details simply and without fuss.

Who Are Your Clients?

Your potential event app provider’s client base is a great indicator of whether they will be right for you. Established brand names with market and industry credibility is an obvious plus point. Also look at the type of events the app provider has worked on. Do they have experience in the type of event that’s relevant to you? Do they have proven flexibility working with a cross-section of events?

An event app provider should be very confident in providing you with client contacts who will be happy to provide a written or verbal testimony. Don’t be afraid to include this request in your event app RFP.


Introducing: Your Very Own Personal Superhero!

Battling the forces of Audio Visual? Grappling with tricky registration set-ups? Facing down the threat of a complex polling session?

Sometimes you need an event tech hero on hand to save the day!

Alex Heath is our Aussie production guru. He looks like an ordinary tech developer but underneath that unassuming exterior is an uber-nerd who is ready to kick your event tech problems where it hurts (he’s also very good at gently helping nervy technophobes to get rolling with all things digital).

His tale of heroic feats started with designing Wi-Fi networks for hotels and corporate buildings. Naturally, this involved attending a lot of conferences and events. With a thirst for finding out about the latest and greatest tech, there was no better place to get his hands on new gadgets than at an event.

Alex believes events and conferences are one of the fastest growing industries, so it’s the perfect sector for him to flex his super nerd muscles!

Not only is Alex a tech guru, he’s also a thoroughly nice guy. He has that rare gift of knowing his stuff but can explain it in ways normal people (like you and me!) can understand.

If you choose to have Alex at your event you can look forward everything running smoothly. You won’t know how he does it all (super hero secrets), but while on-site he’ll be the go-to-guy for delegates with app queries. He’ll liaise with your AV team to produce awesome polling and Q&A sessions. He’ll swoop in and solve any tech headaches you may have and generally make your day super easy!

Want to hear from the man himself? Tell us about yourself Alex!


“Hi folks. I’m a massive nerd and love gadgets (can’t resist the latest tech!). I love integrating event tech and problem solving tricky challenges. Getting out in the events field and helping people is a great part of what I do.

Seeing technology in action, and supporting people to get the most out of it, is really fulfilling. Most people I meet have a give-it-a-go attitude and are willing to try something different.

There can be a bit of pressure because most events have a time sensitive element – but I always love meeting the challenge.

Ok, we’re obviously huge fans of our super (nerd) hero, but what do our clients have to say?

Alex was amazing – invaluable doesn’t even do it justice! I wanted to hug him he was so awesome!!” Chelsea Spindler, Frontrow Group 


Want Alex to swoop in and help out at your next event? Contact us now via this dedicated call-a-superhero contact page!


3 Common (And Avoidable) Event App Headaches

Event planners have a stressful time of it and are under a lot of pressure throughout the course of the event and getting to know a new event app platform can be difficult. Ideally, everything during the planning process and the event itself will run smoothly with no glitches. But we know that isn’t always the case. Sometimes issues arise with event apps.

Below are three common event tech headaches, and how our event app can solve them:

Learning New Technology

Nowadays, every planner should consider adopting an event app. Learning new tech can be a daunting task, especially for an organisation and their stakeholders. It takes time, money, and effort to learn a new event app platform, its capabilities, constant upgrades, and to understand its worth. For a planner with a crazy schedule, learning new event app software on the fly can be difficult to fit in.


Here at CrowdComms, we can help you build a user-friendly event app. You can make updates to schedules, add attendees, and easily make any changes thrown your way in no time! We’ll provide you with whatever level of event app training you require, our support team will make sure you are never alone.

Utilizing the Event App

“At the moment, many planners have a Mercedes Benz of an event app, but they are driving it like a golf cart” (Thomson, 2014).

With so many exciting features to add to your event app the choices can be intimidating. And often, planners are under a strict time constraint it makes it difficult to learn which features will suit. This may cause planners to neglect their event app, making it a bit of an afterthought.


Our support team are totally committed to learning everything about your event, it’s goals, and your attendees. This ensures that we can provide you with quality advice on how to customise your event app to cater to your audience’s specific needs.

WiFi Connectivity

Nowadays, WiFi is essential. However, a strong connection is not always guaranteed. One of the best parts about an event app is that the majority of the features can still function without WiFi. So, if the network goes down (which is all too common at a conference), all is not lost.


Because content is downloaded into the event app, almost all of the features will still work without a WiFi connection once the app is on a device. In case of poor connectivity, rest assured that your attendees can still perform vital functions like view their schedule, take notes, read documents, and much more.

How Our Multi-Event App Can Detangle Your Event Schedule

If your event’s calendar is busier than Times Square on NYE, you’ll know that keeping everything on track requires some serious effort.

Managing multiple events throughout the year involves varying locations, attendees, themes and budget. It’s no small feat to keep every event on schedule and headache free.

If you need extra help, a multi-event app will give your plans a huge organisational boost.

One App/Multiple Events

Building a bespoke event app for every event can be a time-consuming money burner. A multi-event app can house each event within a single app. Planners simply replicate the template for each event and change the details as required.

Not only does this save time and money, but attendees also benefit from a single download. They can jump from event to event all without leaving the comfort of the original app.

Consistency is Key

A single event app keeps functionality consistent. Attendees don’t have to get to grips with a different platform at every new event.

Event themes may change, but information is accessed and delivered the same way every time. Plus, attendees can access notes, contacts and data across their whole schedule.

Promote the Best Bits

A hallmark of a successful event is happy attendees. If employees’ diaries are packed with events throughout the year, keeping them excited and engaged can be an issue.

The multi-event app’s promotional tools mean planners can target attendees with all the features that interest them. Highlights, key features and speaker sessions can be promoted in advance to get employees raving about forthcoming events.

Staying in Control

With a multi-event app planners take control. Rather than work with an event app developer for each new event, planners populate the event app template when they need to. Not only does this mean a simpler build process, but it also allows planners to work to their own schedule. If they want to create an event app for the company’s Christmas party in July – they can!

Boosting Sponsorship

We know that sponsors love the versatility and prominence of event app branding. A multi-event app gives them even more opportunity to extend their reach.

Sponsors can work with the event schedule to create a promotional campaign that covers lots of events. Whether it’s exclusive sponsorship or one-off ads, each event allows them to deliver the right message to the right audience – all without the hassle of starting from scratch every time.


Gamification + Live Display = An Amazing Event Tech Deal

You know how some things are just better when they’re together? Like the beach and sunshine, or coffee and Saturday mornings.

Our Gamification and Live Display features are great stand-alone features. But we’ve come up with a great way to make them even better…together!

You probably know how Gamification boosts attendee engagement by making things, well, fun.

Whether it’s attendee networking or sponsor engagement, Gamification turns ordinary event activities into a competition. Attendees get fired up to top the challenge leaderboards. At the same time they interact with each other and key event features. Gamification is the fun way to get serious results from your event.

And as for Live Display, what better way to showcase everything your event has to offer?

Live Display means event highlights get the big screen treatment. From top social media posts to upcoming speaker sessions, Live Display gets them front and centre so everyone can stay in the loop.

Yep, you’re right. Gamification and Live Display are a perfect match.

Gamification sets the challenges and Live Display broadcasts the results.

As the competition heats up, Live Display shows attendees how they’re performing and who they need to beat! Live Display turbo charges the energy and excitement generated by Gamfication to ensure attendees are super engaged.

To celebrate Gamification and Live Display’s awesome partnership, CrowdComms is offering a great event tech deal when you buy the two features together.

How It Works

Purchase the Gamification + Live Display bundle before May 31 2017 and we’ll give you a whopping $1,000 discount.

Normally retailing at $2,999, for this limited time you can get the two together for only $1,999!

Excited about bringing Gamification and Live Display together? Us too.  We can’t wait to help you make your next event even better.

Contact us here to find out more about our event tech deal. We’d love to hear from you.

PS. This deal is available in Australia and the UK – for an equally great discount in GBP get in touch for a quote.