International Confex 2024: Navigating the Future of Events with Visionary Themes and Speakers

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With just 10 days to go to the highly anticipated International Confex 2024, the buzz around the event themes and speaker sessions is intensifying. This year, the conference promises to be a whirlwind of innovation, inspiration, and connection for the events industry.

Event Conference

But what exactly awaits you at this exciting event? Let’s take a look into the themes and speaker sessions that are sure to spark conversation and ignite ideas.

There are 8 themes this year, at International Confex

Event Technology at Confex

As we know the event tech world is constantly evolving, at the same time so are the expectations of clients. The customer journey from start to end, has become a top priority for many event planners, as well as a more streamlined approach to processes and tapping into key insights from data analytics.

This theme explores how to leverage cutting edge technology, from AI powered events to immersive virtual experiences, to create seamless and unforgettable events. Speaker sessions look to cover a range of topics:

    • Empowering Associations: Innovative Tech Solutions for Seamless Events – Association & Corporate Theatre
    • AI Unveiled: Revolutionising Event Planning – Let’s Do London
    • The perfect Partnership: How to Make AI and Technology Your Ultimate Event Planning allies – Event Tech Theatre
    • Mastering the Match: The Art of Curated Meeting – Event Tech Theatre

Sales Excellence at Confex

This theme focuses on sales strategies, trends and best practices from case studies that can enhance and optimise event strategy. A few of speaker session to look forward to are:

    • Impacting the Client Experience as a Salesperson – Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre
    • The Science of Selling in the Events Industry – Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre
    • Unlocking the Future of Event Marketing – Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre
    • Audience as Stakeholders – Designing Events for a New Era of Participation – Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre

Diversity and Inclusion at Confex

Representation and inclusivity are crucial to creating meaningful and impactful events. This theme delves into the importance of having a diverse workforce, fostering inclusive dialogue, promoting diverse voices, and designing accessible and welcoming experiences for all attendees. In collaboration with Diversity Alliance, expect sessions exploring thought-provoking, innovative ideas; as well as practical strategies for creating and promoting events that are diverse and inclusive:

    • Safeguarding: Strategies for Creating Safe and More Inclusive Events – People & Culture Theatre
    • Creating a Culture of Belonging in the Events Industry – People & Culture Theatre
    • Helping you, Your teams and Your Culture to Thrive Not Just Survive – People & Culture Theatre
    • Inclusive By Design – A Glimpse into ‘Accessible All Areas’ – People & Culture Theatre

Marketing Innovation at Confex

In today’s competitive landscape, innovative marketing is key. This theme explores fresh approaches to event marketing, from utilising AI to leveraging social media in storytelling. Discover innovative strategies, best practices and much more at the speaker sessions:

    • Event-Driven Marketing Strategies for Success – Let’s Do London
    • The Science of Selling in the Events Industry – Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre
    • Event Leaders: Leadership and Management Strategies – Let’s Do London
    • Exploring Social Media Trends and AI for Marketing Success – Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre

Event Exhibition

Sustainability at Confex

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword; it is an essential responsibility.  This theme showcases green practices and eco-conscious solutions in event planning and marketing. At the Sustainability Theatre you can learn about the latest software solutions to help track the environmental cost of hosting events, share best practices, and inspire attendees to prioritise eco-conscious strategies in their event planning and marketing:

    • What’s next? What to do with data – Sustainability Theatre
    • Making Events Net Positive – a regenerative approach to carbon footprint management – Sustainability Theatre
    • Eco Excellence on a Budget: Delivering Impactful Sustainable Events – Let’s Do London
    • Designing Events with Purpose – Sustainability Theatre 

Association Events at Confex

For associations, events are crucial for member engagement and community building. This theme delves into creating events specifically for association audiences and effective membership engagement strategies; as well as an opportunity to learn from leading associations on how to tackle challenges and deliver on membership value:

    • Empowering Associations: Innovative Tech Solutions for Seamless Events – Association & Corporate Event Theatre
    • The Key to scaling from confex to exhibition as a member led association – Association & Corporate Event Theatre
    • Mindful Magic: Unleashing Behavioural Science for Unforgettable Events – Association & Corporate Event Theatre
    • Events as a transformational tool: How to revolutionise cultures and change organisations through events and experiences – Let’s Do London

The Future of Events at Confex

The future of events is filled with limitless possibilities. This theme explores emerging trends and new event technologies. Be prepared for thought provoking insights and discussions about the road ahead:

    • The Future of Exhibitions: How organisers and exhibitors work together to ensure our industry thrives? – Exhibition Pavilion Theatre
    • The Future of events: What to expect in 2024 and beyond – Let’s Do London
    • 2024 Global Meetings and Events Trends: Shaping the Future – Association & Corporate Event Theatre
    • A Business Case for Sustainable Events – Sustainability Theatre

Corporate Events at Confex

Lastly, we have corporate events. This theme focuses on the growing demand for personalised, immersive, and engaging experiences. Event planners have the responsibility to not just create events that exceed expectations but also deliver on ROI; it is all about optimising corporate events for maximum impact. At these sessions you will gain insights into effective strategies and approaches to event planning:

    • Brand Experience – Building Better Conferences – Association & Corporate Event Theatre
    • Key Challenges for Corporate Event Planners in 2024 and How to Overcome Them – Let’s Do London
    • How to inject wellbeing into corporate events and why it is important – Association & Corporate Event Theatre
    • Breaking Down the Silos: How Marketing and Event Teams Can Collaborate to Achieve Success and Drive Impact – Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre

These are just a few of the speaker session scheduled on Day 1 and 2, for more details visit the International Confex website and be sure to mark your calendar.

Along with the 8 themes International Confex has carefully curated the themes into 8 venues:

    • Association & Corporate Event Theatre
    • Event Tech Theatre
    • Exhibition Pavillion Theatre
    • Let’s Do London
    • People & Culture Theatre
    • Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre
    • Sustainability Theatre
    • The Power of Events Theatre

More details on specific speakers and sessions can be found on the Confex website.

CrowdComms at Confex

As we look forward to International Confex 2024, these themes ensure a wealth of insight, innovation, and inspiration for event planners.

Be sure to visit the CrowdComms stand D28C for a catch up or a demo of our complete event solution. We will showcasing our new event registration technology, the new mini badge printing kiosk, plus we’ve made updates on lots of other products and the event platform. #SeeYouAtConfex

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