Delivering Powerful ROI to Event Sponsors

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To make event sponsorship irresistible for organisations, event organisers need to find effective and innovative ways to showcase sponsors' values, services and products.

It’s no wonder sponsors are enthusiastic about supporting events! With valuable access to target audiences in a dedicated environment, there are plenty of opportunities for brands to make lasting connections.

To make event sponsorship irresistible for organisations, event organisers need to find effective and innovative ways to showcase sponsors’ values, services and products.

Connection Overview

Traditionally, sponsors would achieve visibility with printed materials. Posters, brochures, banners and event tickets would carry logos which enabled sponsors to capitalise on a number of ‘touch points’ to introduce, then reinforce, their brand identity throughout the course of the event.

Digital event platforms now offer sponsors even more opportunities to connect with attendees. From rotating banners to branded videos, digital sponsorship is a dynamic way to engage attendees, and boost brand awareness and loyalty.

Whether promoting brand logos on badge-printing kiosks or a sponsor video during virtual event live streaming, event tech is providing organisers with exciting ways to deliver great ROI to event sponsors.

Here are three effective ways event planners can help sponsors make an impact using their event tech hardware and software:

1.  Powerful Visuals

According to Hubspot, visual branding at events is the power move when it comes to reaching audiences,

Developing a strong visual identity comes with a number of benefits. It helps create an emotional connection with customers, which leads 57% of customers to increase spending. Consistent visuals unify a brand’s messaging so people instantly recognise the company across all channels.

This impressive connection between visual identity and brand loyalty is why high impact visuals are the go-to choice for event sponsors.

While printed materials definitely still have their place, digital options complement these with exciting and varied opportunities.


With up to 91% of consumers wanting to see more online video content from brands, it’s important digital event platform providers can give sponsors time on screen!

Adding a short, auto-play welcome sponsor video when attendees log in to the virtual/hybrid platform or event app for the first time is a great way to introduce sponsors to attendees.

Keep the cameras rolling for sponsor adverts during virtual live streaming or up on the big screen for onsite events.  Sponsors can even be invited to introduce sessions live or play pre-recorded messages to camera.

The opportunities don’t end when event doors close! Digital platforms, like CrowdComms’ event app or virtual event platform, allow sponsors to add video content to the post-event on-demand library in the virtual platform or event app.

Design and Pop-ups

While brand identity has many facets, most of us will primarily associate an organisation with its brand logo – including colours, font type and any graphics or images.

An effective brand logo,

..conveys a series of virtues and a set of values without pages of copy and a team of copywriters.

Many sponsors will have made a significant investment establishing their brand identity and creating an easily identifiable logo that’s uniquely theirs. It therefore makes sense to find plenty of opportunities to showcase their logo at an event:

Onsite –  event organisers and sponsors can make an immediate impact by promoting their brand at event check-in.

CrowdComms’ badge-printing kiosks offer a variety of points where sponsors can feature, including:

  • Custom decals on kiosk panels
  • Sponsor banner on the kiosk display screen
  • Custom badges featuring sponsor logos and/or welcome message
  • Sponsor details on the event badge lanyard

Onlinea sophisticated event app, and/or virtual event platform (such as CrowdComms) will complement the kiosk’s high impact visuals with a range of clever options designed for maximum visibility.   

Engaging and dynamic presentations make sure sponsor brands stays visible throughout the event without disrupting attendees’ event experience.

Incorporate a single, main event’s sponsor brand, or multiple brands as part of the event app or virtual platform’s home page design by:

  • Branding attendee networking rooms so sponsor brands are incorporated seamlessly and prominently into the design.
  • Creating banner ads and setting them to rotate within high traffic event platform areas.
  • Considering the backdrop for live streaming. Add one or more sponsor logos for relevant sessions or as a constant presence.
  • Pre-scheduling sponsor alerts to attendees to be delivered as pop-ups on the event platform. These can contain attention grabbing messages such as exclusive event-only offers.

2.  Lead Generation

Acquiring high-quality leads is a motivating factor for many event sponsors. In fact, 68% of B2B marketers say that events are the most effective way to generate leads.

While a powerful way to make lasting connections, lead generation requires a more individual approach than general event visuals and videos. 

Providing sponsors with opportunities to connect on a one-to-one basis with potential clients and partners will deliver valuable ROI.

We’re used to seeing sponsors use branded event stands to meet with attendees and swap physical business cards.

Digital event tech takes the onsite approach and sprinkles a bit of online magic to make the connection process faster, easier and more effective – for sponsors and attendees alike.

CrowdComms’ online lead generation app includes:

  • Digital business cards that can be swapped and stored in moments via QR codes.
  • Electronic meeting bookings that make appointment scheduling a breeze.
  • Virtual expo booths to recreate the personal onsite experience online.
  • Sponsor-hosted networking tables or topic tables during virtual events.
  • Event app gamification that delivers attendee points for sponsor interactions onsite, or virtually.

Data from these interactions is easily accessed post-event so sponsors can keep track of lead progress.

3.  Data Analysis


The final way event tech boost sponsor value is less about brand visibility and more about behind-the-scenes stats. Sponsors who return to events year-after-year know that the event offers them a compelling ROI.

Comprehensive and in-depth data gives them the quantifiable evidence needed to make sponsorship spend a no-brainer!

Digital event tech can deliver a myriad of data that gives sponsors a range of valuable metrics for onsite and online events, such as:

  • URL click-through rates via pop-ups and notifications
  • Average time spent on sponsors’ event app or virtual platform pages
  • Attendance tracking for sponsor branded sessions
  • Number of polls answered and question responses
  • Most popular areas visited in the virtual event platform

This data can be used to understand which elements were a slam-dunk success, and any areas that can be tweaked for next time.

Of course, when it comes to data security, privacy and safety are paramount. CrowdComms provides easy access to our platform’s Terms of Service that enables attendees to opt-in on data usage.

Our commitment to security and safety includes fully GDPR compliant software that features single-sign-on or multi-factor authentication access and rigorous internal audit processes.

In Summary

Event tech delivers an impressive array of options for sponsors to engage, connect and delight event attendees. From badging kiosks to post-event data, sponsors can combine powerful visuals, personalised lead generation and concrete post-event data to ensure sponsorship success at every event.

Want to know how CrowdComms’ event tech can maximise your sponsors’ ROI? Get in touch for more info on our sponsorship features and packages.


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