Balancing Sustainability and Quality: The role of recycled material in event badges

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With a focus on event sustainability and in an age of heightened environmental awareness, the discussion around sustainable event production has transitioned from being a mere trend to an imperative one.

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Event planners across the globe are injecting sustainable practices into their operations, and the event badge should be no exception.  

Some are calling for event badges to be scrapped. Others for more sustainable practices, materials and solutions.  

This article navigates the complex terrain of utilising recycled materials in badge production —acknowledging both the challenges and substantial benefits of such an approach. 

The Environmental Call on Badge Production 

The first step is to appreciate the gravity of the environmental challenges we face.  

As consumers, we are on the frontier of demanding more sustainable products, and hopefully, this surge will lead to more event organizations reassessing their material supply chains. Badges, the unobtrusive artifacts of event recognition, may seem like a small cog in the grand wheel of sustainable event products. Still, their silent ubiquity speaks volumes when it comes to environmental impact. 

Challenges of Integration 

Integrating recycled materials into badge production is not without hurdles.  

Those vehemently advocating for quality flag concerns about the durability of recycled materials. Those supporting green initiatives say the materials available today, are good enough.  

As many in the world has seen already, the consistency and uniformity of recycled materials often differ from their non-eco counterparts. Just take the McDonald’s straw as an example.  

It’s a challenge to find recycled materials or processes that can consistently meet event quality expectations, and this is the first hurdle. 

Meeting Sustainable Event Standards 

So, how do we ensure that event badges still meet high-quality standards while incorporating recycled materials into production?  

One solution is working closely with suppliers specialising in eco-friendly products and processes. They have extensive knowledge and experience in creating high-quality products using recycled materials; however, when you already have 100 things to do each day as an event planner, just to ensure your event is a success, worrying about your badges may seem trivial. Maybe not trivial, but do you have time to contact 20 different badge stock suppliers to find the right eco-stock for your event? 

That’s why at CrowdComms, you don’t have to worry. We source 100% recyclable, custom-made badges from ERS

name badge for events

Iterations to Event Perfection 

To truly straddle the line between sustainability and quality, we need to invest in the refinement of recycled materials. This investment can sculpt them into reliable substitutes for virgin resources, attaining a resilience that shall gradually dissipate present concerns and this is why we work with our suppliers to ensure our recycled badges are of the highest quality and durability and originate from the “greenest” sources.  

The result is a badge made from sustainable materials that meets the same high standards as non-eco alternatives without compromising on quality or design. Your event attendees may see no difference, but you know you are making a positive environmental impact. 

The Event Sustainability Sweepstakes 

On the flip side, the benefits of incorporating recycled materials into badge production are not just superficially green.  

Each ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil , three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7000 gallons of water. This represents a 64% energy savings, a 58% water savings, and 60 pounds less air pollution!  That’s because one tree can filter up to 60 pounds of pollutants from the air each year (Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection: As a Matter of fact – Energy in General – *link below).

 The Bigger Picture 

In the grand scheme of sustainable event production, utilising recycled materials in event badges may seem like a small step.  

But every small step counts towards achieving larger goals, so if you start with changing your event badge stock, event planners can contribute to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability within the industry.  

Think about the bigger picture with your event. You’ll be able to break down sustainable initiatives and practices by 100 at your event. For example, badge stock, lanyards, carpet, stand material, coffee cups, water stations… By changing one thing at your event in that list, something the Ops Nest advocates, you are 1% closer to improving the overall environmental impact of your event.  

CrowdComms Badges

Looking to reduce plastic? So are we. Our pouchless event badge options remove the need for unnecessary plastic (and cost!), whilst still retaining the professional look and feel of quality event badging. 

Evolving towards a Sustainable Event identity  

The narrative of badges, as symbols synonymous with honor and belonging, is evolving. Beyond their emotive role, badges are now emissaries of a company’s ethos, proudly bearing the mark of a sustainable identity. Their eco-friendly metamorphosis is not just fashionable—it’s imperative. By finding the equilibrium between recycled materials and enduring quality, we don’t just forge sustainable badges; we create legacies. 

Want to find out more about CrowdComms eco-badges? Contact a member of our team today! Let’s create a sustainable event identity together.  

Join the conversation on social media using #SustainableEventBadges and share your tips and experiences with creating eco-friendly events.  

Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment through small changes like incorporating recycled materials into badge production. Let’s continue to push for more sustainable event practices and make a difference for future generations.

*Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection 

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