Balancing Digital and Human Event Welcome Experiences

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There is an area of an event space where human connection thrives - the onsite welcome experience.

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Events, gathering places of your industry’s community, are perfect opportunities to bridge the gap between the virtual and the real. It’s this space where people may not have seen each other in person since the last conference or event they attended, yet, as we lean more heavily on digital conveniences and communities to thrive, that is changing.  

There is no denying the importance of virtual connections in building and maintaining relationships. However, physical interactions cannot be overlooked as they provide a level of connection that can’t always be achieved through screens. 

That’s why personalising the onsite welcome experience is crucial for creating meaningful connections between attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors and ultimately, for the event organiser, driving more engagement and return on investment. 

In-Person Events

Think back to the last event you attended. What was the first thing that caught your attention?  

Chances are, it was not the pixels on the event registration page nor the snappy email reminders littering your inbox. Nope, it was likely a person – a welcoming smile, a firm handshake, a comforting voice amidst the bustle of an event venue entrance.  

Maybe it was someone announcing “Next please” as you remove your headphones or a person directing you to the registration desk, cloakroom, or the all-important caffeine stop without hesitation.  

These small but impactful personal interactions can set the tone for the entire event experience. 

As humans, we crave connection and personal touch. Being physically present in an event space allows for those moments of genuine human interaction that can be enhanced but cannot be replaced by digital means. 

The onsite welcome, often the first encounter with an event, grounds attendees in a physical experience and sets the tone for their entire visit. This article will explore how to personalise these initial moments to create an experience reflecting the event’s message and values.  

Digital Enhancements of your Event Welcome Experience

Although we talk about the power of the human touch, technology is beginning to rewrite the script for events, offering ways to personalize attendees’ experiences at scale.  

Personalised welcome messages on event apps for example or digital signage bearing attendees’ names have grown in popularity for their efficiency and novelty. 3D characters eye’s smiling and following you around the entrance hall while might be creepy, are a start for organisers finding ways to leverage VR and AR in the onsite experience.  

These types of digital enhancements account for a large part of the welcome experience, often being the first point of contact for attendees. They reflect an understanding of the power of personalisation and create an anticipatory buzz that can’t be discounted. 

Events with the Human Touch

However, as convenient as pre-programmed iPad check-ins, instant event app arrival notifications and automated SMS info might be, they lack the spontaneity and warmth of human interaction. The value of a warm, personalized greeting from a live person cannot be fully supplanted by a digital message. 

Think of it from a different perspective, touching on the sense of smell for a second. Stood in a bakery queue, whilst awaiting your favourite loaf to take away, do you remember what you looked at on your phone during that time? Probably not. Can you recall the smell wafting through the bakery and making you feel warm and fuzzy? Undoubtedly.  

Or, we could look at the “Games Makers” of the Olympics back in 2012. If you attended any Olympic interaction that year, you’d remember their enthusiasm, friendly faces and readiness to help out with a distinct positive memory.  

An event’s most significant digital investment should thus be to empower its staff with the necessary tools and information to engage guests meaningfully. The real connection, after all, is in the nuanced response, the shared smile, the genuine welcome that can only come from a human heart. 

Optimum Event Setup

But what is the right balance?  

To begin, it’s worth considering the event’s goals and character. Is it a small, intimate gathering or a massive conference with thousands of attendees all arriving at the same time?  

The number of welcome staff will vary greatly for these two settings.  

For a smaller event, a modest team suffices. Each member can take the time to engage with guests, offer directions, and provide information about the program. Larger events may require segmenting welcoming teams by registration zones and activities, ensuring that each area has dedicated support equipped with the right knowledge to best direct any inquiries received. 

If you’re unsure of how many staff you need to man your registration or badging kiosk at your next event or conference – give us a call Our teams work on a formula taking into account different venue setups, number of kiosks and attendees to ensure you have enough personnel to welcome your guests. 

The Perfect Event Briefing

The success of any welcome experience hinges on the readiness and knowledge of the staff. 

Briefings on the event’s purpose, schedule, and any updates are crucial. This information enables staff to answer questions, address concerns, and make informed recommendations, enhancing the guest experience and streamlining event logistics. 

It’s also vital that staff are briefed on any guest-specific needs, preferences, or VIPs.  

Details like these can make a difference and illustrate the organizer’s attention to each individual attendee. You might not be able to personalise 1,000 interactions, but you can certainly prepare your welcome staff to engage with guests and ensure they feel valued and seen. 

The welcome experience sets the tone for the entire event, making it a critical element to consider when planning an event. By combining digital enhancements with genuine human touch, event organisers can create a memorable and personalized welcome that reflects their event’s values and leaves attendees feeling connected and excited for what’s to come.  

The Right Badge Kiosk Location

In the midst of everything you have to do to prepare for event day, getting the welcome experience right is a delicate operation.  

The strategic placement of welcome stations and the flow of guests into the event can enhance or impede the process. The same goes for event staff, who should be approachable yet unobtrusive, ready to assist without overwhelming attendees. 

Understanding the audience’s demographic makeup can inform the type and style of welcome that will resonate most. An organizational culture that values the attendee experience will naturally extend that ethos to the welcome process. 

Event Kiosk

The Balance of Human Interaction and Tech Innovation 

The call is clear – in a world increasingly mediated by screens, the human element in event welcome experiences needs to be not just preserved but amplified. Digital enhancements provide novel ways to personalize and excite, but the soul of a warm and personal welcome is irreplaceably human. 

Attendees leave an event not simply recalling the presentations or products, but the whole experience – and it’s the personal engagements that make these moments truly memorable. As we move forward with technology, we must ensure that every event still manages to reflect our humanity.  

For those seeking to make their digital events more human or improve the quality of their live experiences, it’s essential to find partners who understand the harmonious blend of technology and personal touch. Your welcome, after all, sets the stage for how you’ll be remembered.  

If you’re ready to make your digital events more personal, it’s time to rethink your approach. Get in touch with innovation leaders like CrowdComms who specialize in bridging the digital with the human. The event industry’s future belongs to those who can expertly craft these hybrid experiences with care and intention.  

Welcome your guests. Not just into a venue, but into an experience.   

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