Taking The Stress Out Of Event Management

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If you are an event organiser, you’ll be fully aware of the time and energy it takes to put on even the smallest event. Event management is stressful. A recent survey stated it’s the 5th most stressful job, putting it up there with police officers and firefighters in the stress stakes!

Adding further complexity to the event manager’s role is the ever-changing digital landscape. Real life events have to operate in the digital space.

Event managers were traditionally responsible for booking meeting rooms, speakers and logistics. They are now also tasked with keeping the digital presence of the event, including social media, registration and marketing websites – plus the conference app or event app.

This often involves having to double handle the data between all of these mediums. This is a waste of precious time for event managers.

So why isn’t the marketing website and the event app the same thing? Event planners don’t need multiple platforms that show the same information. it’s just more work for already overstretched event organisers.

With technology moving faster and faster, and many technologies working in silos, CrowdComms see the amalgamation of the conference website and the event app as being the inevitable norm.

Currently, the solutions in the market tend to offer separate solutions for a website and the app.

This is an area where CrowdComms will be focusing its energies over the next few months. Our goal is to create tools that make life easier for event organisers and attendees. We also want to enhance the physical event experience using event apps.

We love working with event organisers and believe they are incredibly talented and driven individuals. Our aim is to make their jobs disappear from that Top Ten Most Stressful list!

Pete Hair – CrowdComms, Co-Founder

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