How To Move Sponsors From Paper To Event Apps

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Over the years we’ve met several customers who have said:

We really want to use just a conference app, but we have sponsors who still want to go into the printed conference program. So we still create one – purely for the sponsorship revenue.’

While your sponsor may view the printed brochure as giving good ROI, the exposure from paper can’t compete against a mobile event app.

A printed brochure has a limited lifespan. It harms the environment and creates extra work for event organisers.

A mobile event app offers multiple branding options, with plenty of opportunities for interaction and engagement. It actively encourages word-of-mouth sharing through social media and has a small environmental footprint.

The issue for event planners is to convince the sponsor that mobile offers a superior ROI to paper. This means providing tangible proof an event app will draw eyeballs to the sponsor’s brand.

A clever and easy way to do this is by marrying attendees’ environmental conscience with your need for them to view sponsorship material.

The idea is simple: for every attendee that flicks through all the adverts on the conference app there will be a tree planted on their behalf.

A number of companies specialise in the planting of native trees. We particularly like the work of Australian based, Greenfleet. It costs around $5 per tree planted and that tree cannot be cut down for one hundred years. Even better each tree works towards a company’s carbon offset.

The proposition to the attendees is easy. They get the good feeling of a tree being planted in their name and all because they flicked through a few adverts on an event app.

For the sponsor they get the benefit of receiving a certificate showing that they have planted trees to help offset their carbon output. Plus they get great green kudos from attendees who will see their adverts and be impressed that said company is doing such cool marketing.

The event organiser wins too. They don’t have to spend time creating a printed program and can charge a small premium per tree on top to the sponsors if they choose to.

CrowdComms can do the hard work at the software end. We can make sure there is tangible data to ensure sponsors can see how many people engaged with their ad through the event app. Whether it’s through our gaming module or by targeting a click total, we can deliver the analytics to make sponsors happy.

If you are an event organiser and interested in doing something along these lines, please get in touch and we can work together on planting trees and encouraging sponsors to make the switch to a mobile event app.

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