Why A Personalised Agenda Is The Event Must-Have

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What’s the most useful module in an event app? What feature really helps personalise your event? There are so many, it’s hard to pick a winner. For many events it’s live audience polling. For big industry events it’s often attendee messaging or at employee events, it’s gaming.

The most highly prized module of an event app however is the personalised agenda. Hands down. No question!

The Good Event App Agenda

A good event app agenda will include the ability to sort by track or time, along with a calendar view and a ‘what’s on now’ feature. However, one agenda feature stands out as one of the most useful, and that is the personalised agenda.

The Personalised Agenda

This simple tool means your attendees can distil a large agenda down into a completely curated event experience. Once done they never have to scroll through screen after screen to read the details of the next session they plan to attend.

For any event with a big agenda, a widget linked to the personalised agenda on the event app home screen will be much loved and used by attendees.

Pre-loaded Agendas 

If you are using a registration system (and attendees choose the sessions they plan to attend when they register) you can pre-load this data into your event app.

Attendees can then make any subsequent amends from within the app to further curate their event experience. Meanwhile, the Content Management system gives the planner details, at any moment, of how many attendees are registered for each session.

What’s Coming Up 

Another nice feature of the personalised agenda is the ability to see what’s coming up next. This is viewable in a single click on the attendee profile icon.

Paper Beware

Essentially the personalised agenda gets you to the info you need fast. From session details, room name, location and of course the time. And once you are there you can tweet, rate the session, participate in polls, submit and vote up questions for the speaker.

Any paper agendas remaining out there, beware. Given how many useful tools the trusty event app agenda packs in, your days are numbered!

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