7 Tips For A Successful Outdoor Event

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Whether you’re enjoying the Northern Hemisphere’s summer sun or shivering in winter Down Under, event planners everywhere will be thinking ahead to events that will be held outside. Here are 7 tips to think about if you’re planning to take your event into the great outdoors.

1. Plan for a rainy day.

You might be surprised by how many people’s wet weather back-up plan is to keep their fingers crossed.

It can be tricky to find a dry option that can be called upon at the last minute. It’s worth the effort though, as nothing dampens the spirits (quite literally) than being outside getting drenched.

One approach is to have a flexible agenda. Schedule the outdoor event component for the morning or, for a multi-day event, schedule it on the first day. If the sky sends some wet weather your way, then you can slide the outdoor portions to the afternoon or another day.

2.  …or outsmart Mother Nature.

Want to outsmart Mother Nature? Find a venue that has indoor and outdoor options. Reserve the indoor space and use it as your back-up in case of rain.

3.  Let’s get this party…halted?

The greatest outdoor event plans can come unstuck when it comes to curfews. Some outdoor locations that are close to residential areas have curfews so the local community is not disturbed after a certain hour.

Check curfews and build a buffer into your event. If you fall behind schedule, you may have to end the event before the full agenda has been completed.

4. Use protection.

Whether it’s a sudden downpour or searing sun, guests will need protecting from the elements. On hot days or in locations with extreme temperatures, providing cover and protection from the sun is incredibly important.

Think about canopies over tables or a marquee. Remember, marquees generally cannot be ordered at the last minute. Order them in advance and make sure they’re set-up and ready to go.

5.  Weather appropriate wardrobe

Ask guests to come prepared for changing weather conditions.

For example, Melbourne’s fickle weather system is notorious for opening the day in summer and closing a mere 12 hours later in winter. For interstate guests it can be a bit of a shock when a beautiful summer dress is pitched against rapidly falling temperatures.

Remind them that weather can change abruptly and to stay comfortable it’s good to be prepared.

6.  Emergency response!

Being outdoors means bugs, bites and burns!

Pick up extra sunscreen, insect repellent, bite cream, umbrellas and rain ponchos. Remind guests to pack hats and a plastic bag for wet clothing.  Keeping an Epi-Pen handy is also a very good idea but make sure you’re very clear on how to use it safely.

7.  The great outdoors (and indoors).

There is nothing worse than getting a group all pumped up about an amazing outdoor event and then cancelling it. It’s great to have a plan-B, but try and make sure that plan is as appealing as plan-A.

For example, planning on taking your group on a treetop rope climbing adventure? Check out the local indoor climbing walls for a rain-free alternative should the heavens open.

This is an edited version of a post by our good friends at EventMobi. You can read the original here.

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