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Unfortunately, there’s no dating app to help you find your perfect event app provider. Plenty of providers make big promises about boosting attendee engagement or maximising your ROI, but how do you know whether they can actually deliver? Here’s our guide to finding long-term happiness with your event app provider:

1. Will they make your Customers Happy?

The right tech partner will make your customers a priority. They’ll ask lots of questions about your clients and the end user/audience, and look to tailor their service accordingly. Are your customers tech savvy or tech nervy? Will they expect a highly technical engagement or something more basic? Will they need a high level of customer support or are can their queries be satisfied by the event organisers? Understanding your clients and the end user means you will only pay for exactly what you need and your customers get the event app they want.

2. Are they flexible?

Off-the shelf event apps are fine, and can be the right fit for certain occasions. But with planners juggling multiple demands at any given time, most will need an event app partner that can work with changing event dynamics. This might be event size, complexity, location or available software. Your app partner should be responsive and enthusiastic about fluid variables. Ideally, their solution will have in-built flexibity to accommodate differing event needs without having to suffer through endless re-builds.

3. Do they show or tell?

The best assurance any event app provider can give is to put their promises into action. Start by asking to see a demonstration of their service. A good app provider will have a fully functional demonstration module that can be viewed online or in person. The session should allow plenty of time for questions and be open to requests to see non-standard features. Award bonus points to any provider who is happy for you to see their product in action at a live event.

4. Who are their cheerleaders?

Talking to current clients is an obvious way to establish service quality. Your prospective app partner will be happy for you to contact a mix of clients, confident that they will receive a fair and positive assessment of their service. They should provide a range of client contacts, with a focus on those whose needs match your own. Quality brands with a reputation for high customer service will give extra assurance that your prospective partner will deliver.

5. Will it be a simple relationship?

Keen to take the relationship to the next stage? Before you sign-up, make sure you know exactly what on-going support is on offer. Will you have ready access to a dedicated support contact? Is on-site support part of the agreement or will you have to pay extra? How much training is required? Do you need to complete a degree to use the product or is it intuitive and easy to manage? On-going support or lengthy training can eat up a lot of time and money post engagement. Clear communication about the expectations of both parties can save a lot of heartache.

6. Are they confident trouble-shooters?

Whether you’re a well-established event planner or fresh to the industry, you’ll know that every event has its challenges. The most meticulous plans can come unstuck and you need an event app partner who can respond to or anticipate problems before they become a major headache. For example, what will your mobile event app provider do if the event wi-fi fails? How will the registration system cope with unexpected attendees or cancellations? Contingency plans are essential to any event planner and your event app provider.

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