Why Should CrowdComms Provide Your Next Event App?

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Good question. Ok, we’re a tiny bit biased, but we really do think we’re the bee’s knees when it comes to event apps and event tech. Here’s why CrowdComms is perfectly placed to provide your next event app:

Small and Nimble

From a headcount point of view, we are relatively small. This is one of our key strengths. Our size makes us agile and responsive. Client requests can be processed quickly, without having to grind though endless layers of managerial sign-off.

Seriously Talented

Our team comprises of seriously talented individuals hand-picked from the event tech industry. We have a great mix of experience and expertise. From graphic design to software engineering, we make sure our organisation has the technical nous needed to design and build the systems our clients need.

Independent Growth

Because we are run exclusively by our business founders, we do not answer to a board. This speeds up decisions and keeps us moving forward fast. We are growing.   Every year we have grown considerably and not by taking on investors but the old fashioned way – doing it organically.

And because we don’t rely on external investment, we constantly review our products, the business and our clients to improve our offerings and services. That way we make sure we stay ahead of the pack and continue to deliver outstanding event apps.


We make stuff from scratch. The majority of our revenue is actually from products that we have built in house and not products we have resold.

CrowdComms is a software manufacturer, and this is where we invest most of our money – to keep making amazing products to power the events industry. We do interesting custom projects for events with specific needs. But we also have a great selection of off-the-shelf solutions for events that don’t require any extra features.

It’s All About The Team

We are a tight team and do cool stuff together. Having fun together as a team makes working together easier.   Enjoying what we do means we want to do our best for our clients.

The team at CrowdComms consists of quality people who are all passionate about event technology.

And that’s why we’d be the perfect provider for your next event app.

Pete Hair – CrowdComms, Co-Founder

In 2011, Pete co-founded CrowdComms from his garage in Sydney. With over two decades experience in event tech in the UK and Australia, Pete’s been involved with thousands of events, large and small. He gets a buzz improving events using the latest technology, and exciting customers with innovative solutions and great technical support.

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