Conference App Makes Fundraising Easy

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As well as event apps, CrowdComms is a giving kind of organisation. We devote a significant proportion of time and money to helping others. Because giving is key to our business philosophy, we’re always thinking about how we can help our partners align their business and fundraising objectives. With digital donations becoming more and more prevalent, we’re giving you the opportunity boost your fundraising efforts.

According to the UK’s Institute of Fundraising, digital donations allows people to, “…quickly and conveniently give to charitable causes; using their computers, smartphones and other electronic device…”

The CrowdComms mobile event app can now be customised to include a donate button. The button sits alongside the standard app portals, which means attendees and guests are only a click away from helping your chosen charity. The button can be linked directly from the event app to the charity’s site or your own donation page. The latter works well if you would like to donate a lump sum (e.g. as a cheque) at a specified date.

Making fundraising a part of organisers’ event planning is an easy way to give back. Attendees love having the opportunity to make a contribution to a worthy case. Knowing that time spent with their business network also has an altruistic upside creates a feel good bond between guests, organisers and the event itself.

It’s also a good opportunity for you to reinforce your brand principles by communicating your fundraising objectives to your guests.

The donate button is just one of the ways an event app can help support your fundraising efforts. We’re always happy to talk about your specific objectives and how we can align them with your business goals.

A great example is where we link conference app adoption with charity donations. CrowdComms recently offered to donate $1 to an organisation’s charity of choice for every conference app attendees downloaded. It was the perfect win win. Maximum app uptake, plus money for a worthy cause!

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